Why does Trump keep retweeting racist posts and videos?


It is not like we need more goading for the racial problems we have…unless you are a president who thinks it will help his re-election. Oh, I forgot, Trump is not a racist. He just plays one on TV.

11 thoughts on “Why does Trump keep retweeting racist posts and videos?

    1. How is this retweet racist?

      “ President Donald Trump retweeted on Sunday a tweet that falsely blamed “Black Lives Matter/Antifa” for a random 2019 crime in which a Black man shoved a White woman into a New York City subway train.

      The assault, captured in a video embedded in the tweet, had nothing to do with either the Black Lives Matter movement for racial justice or with Antifa, a loose collection of anti-fascist activists. The man shown in the video has a long history of offenses on New York City’s transit system; he was arrested again last year over this incident.
      The tweet Trump retweeted was from a Spanish-language pro-Trump account. The actual video used in the tweet, though, had been posted by a White nationalist user who goes by the handle “I’m With Groyper”; “groyper” is an identifier often used by the racist “alt-right” and others on the far right.”

      Let’s start with the source.

      Then toss in the fact that the subway assault was a Black man.

      Then that the Black man was linked to BLM, not in reality, but by the tweet. But, true they are both Black.

      Jeffery Dahmer was White. Are you a cannibal?

      The tweet was as racist as it can get. Almost A perfect update of the old Willie Horton ad by Bush the Elder in 1988. A video designed to scare suburban housewives that Trump is focusing on with moving minorities into your split level. . “Look out, the Negro is gonna rape your ass, then kill ya“.

      I think you are twisting yourself into knots defending the president.

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      1. People who act like you are acting with this post cause far more problems in our world than Donald Trump.

        You haven’t even seen the actual tweet in question, but — like a sheep — you just repeat what CNN has to say about it. You are in no position to know what you are talking about, but that doesn’t stop you from offering an opinion and doubling down on it

        Someone with a background in photography might be expected to appreciate how visual media communicate. In this case, it might especially occur to a photographer that video of a young black man shoving a white woman up against the side of a subway car may be a metaphor for the effect BLM/Antifa is having on our culture. Being a metaphor, the video wouldn’t mean that BLM/Antifa literally shoved the woman against the train, or that the tweet said any such thing.

        But the key fact here is that neither you nor I have seen the actual tweet. It is a shame you chose to act as if you had.

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        1. I didn’t actually see the moon landing. I stayed in earth. But I do believe it happened.

          Sorry to have upset you, but I do believe the tweet was sent as a retweet by Trump.

          And you know why.

          So quit the sanctimonious BS.

          We thank you for your understanding and forthcoming apology.

          PS: you missed the simple point that the racists wanted to get across. “Blacks are burning your cities because Blacks are violent people…see the mean Black shoving that woman.“ or, like I wrote, Willie Horton all over again.

          Or, like you posted, a racist metaphor.

          PPS: so how many Antifa agitators have been arrested compared to White supremacy gang members and their followers? You have already put Antifa and BLM in the same group. You are part of the problem and the target of GOP racist appeals.


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  1. Oh brother. So everything you liberals disagree with is “racist”. What a crock. I’m guessing “white” bread and “white” rice is somehow racist now so better rid our grocery stores of it. If this liberal garbage wasn’t so pathetic I’d laugh my butt off….wait, I think I will…HA HA HA HAR HAR HAR and so on…..


      1. There is no intelligent insight when responding to total BS from a bunch of liberal trolls trying to foment conspiracy after pathetic conspiracy. You guys are killing me….


        1. …”total BS from a bunch of liberal trolls trying to foment conspiracy after pathetic conspiracy.”

          How many people are secretly running me and Len’s lives? How many “agitators” were on a flight either to or from Washington DC.

          You seriously want to accuse of us of throwing around conspiracies when Trump does it regularly? Dangerous territory for you to tread in.


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