Persuasion: Why I Refuse to “Educate Myself”

“Telling people that there is only one way to think is a sure-fire way to stop them from thinking at all.”

Made me think. I wonder if anyone else here will think about what this essay says.

23 thoughts on “Persuasion: Why I Refuse to “Educate Myself”

  1. Who am I to go to for education?

    A bunch of mindless Marxists who don’t know enough about history to know where that always ends?

    Or nihilist libertines who live only for their lusts with no concern for the consequences for their progeny?

    Certainly not liberals who have created this mess with their sanctimonious soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

    If I am to educate myself about race, I will be guided by Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams, who apply experience and data to the problems of bettering the lot of American Blacks, because married, middle class Blacks don’t have these problems that plague the inner cities.

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    1. When earlier immigrants like the Irish, the Jews, and the later Southern Europeans arrived, they were relegated to the inner cities. Crime, addiction and poverty were the norm.

      It took several generations for those groups to gain acceptance in our culture.

      Blacks “arrived” in 1965. Before then, they were a country within a country that refuse to accept them as Americans and codified that disdain for centuries.

      So now Blacks are full citizens and can join us, but that will take time to happen, just like the earlier immigrants.

      A difference that makes this a bit more of a challenge is that unlike European immigrants, the African-Americans are a different skin color. Blending in and being accepted is tough for some White folks.

      It will get better if we let it. Unfortunately we have an administration that is trying so hard to not let that happen. The “Democrats will destroy your suburbs” if we let Blacks move in. Really? In the modern era we are still debating this?


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      1. Where did anyone say Blacks could not move into the suburbs?

        What Democrats have proposed, and is in their platform, is to bar localities from excluding high density housing in the suburbs.

        Since the suburbs lack the infrastructure to support education and other services required by such high density housing, that would indeed crash housing values in the suburbs.

        Blacks who want to buy a house consistent with the neighborhoods they wish to live in are perfectly welcome.


          1. “You are so obsessed with race that you inject it everywhere.”

            This discussion concerns race, so to say I injected it makes no sense.

            I did call out your comment as it came off as the old style argument about good and bad people of color. Maybe YOU should try harder not to take offense.

            By the way, lots of white people live in dense developments regardless of location. But the mindset is that dense development will bring Black people to the suburbs. That is what Trump is trying to push. Whereas the Democratic plans are for people to be able to move to affordable housing regardless of location.

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          2. ” But the mindset is that dense development will bring Black people to the suburbs. ”

            That is the explicit purpose in the Democratic party platform, to bring integration by building high density developments in the suburbs.

            It is their presumption, not mine.


        1. “Yet just a year ago, the Trump administration itself embraced a plan to use the federal government to push local governments, including in suburban areas, to overhaul zoning rules that prevent the construction of high-density apartment buildings. That plan was intended to address the increasing shortage of affordable housing for Americans that has spurred homelessness and sent home prices skyrocketing.

          Trump issued an executive order in June 2019 establishing a White House Council on Eliminating Barriers to Affordable Housing and appointing Carson — the only Black member of his Cabinet — as its chair. He directed the group to “address, reduce, and remove the multitude of overly burdensome regulatory barriers that artificially raise the cost of housing development.”

          At a meeting the council held with housing industry representatives at the White House in November, Carson repeated his longtime plea that Americans abandon the “Not In My Backyard” mentality that lies behind the support for exclusionary zoning rules, according to attendees.”

          So why the 180º turnaround? Racial unrest in the urban cores suddenly gave the president a good scare tactic for the suburban housewives.

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          1. It’s not NIMBY.

            If you live in a neighborhood of $300K houses and someone puts up an apartment building at the end of your street, you are suddenly living in a $150K house, if you could sell it at all.


          2. Destroying property values isn’t NIMBY. It’s an economic issue. Equity in their homes is the primary store of wealth for most middle class families. Destroying that equity is theft.


          3. What you describe can already happen in many places depending upon the clout of developers over local governments. There are plenty of instances where housing density is much more than local roads, schools and public safety can handle.

            Try Sandbridge or OBX that have “single family” homes with 2 dozen bedrooms and are used for rental.

            In case you hadn’t noticed, many big cities have a problem with affordable housing for those that work in the lower and even middle wage jobs. So much so that these folks, essential too, have to commute several hours to get affordable places to live.

            Trump is just trying to scare the White suburban women. These are the voters he lost in 2018.

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    2. …”because married, middle class Blacks don’t have these problems that plague the inner cities.”

      Just because Sowell and your evangelical Black Libertarian leader, Williams, claim to use THEIR experience and THEIR skewed data does not mean they are the end all be all of Black issues in this country. To say that middle class families in suburbs don’t have problem, regardless of race, is disingenuous and wrong headed and shows blindness to reality.- IMO


      1. Bubble mentality on your part, Don. Using phrasing as “Marxist” and “libertine” shows your unwillingness to listen and be FULLY educated because you prejudge based on ideology. As someone recently pointed out to me both MLK and Malcom X had the same goals in mind, just different approaches. (I hope to share her full comment when she gives me permission to do so)


      2. RE: “Just because Sowell and your evangelical Black Libertarian leader, Williams, claim to use THEIR experience and THEIR skewed data does not mean they are the end all be all of Black issues in this country.”

        Sowell and Williams are exemplars of a black intellectual movement that dates forward from Frederick Douglas through Booker T. Washington to the present. They don’t deserve the bigoted disrespect your comment implies.


      3. I lived in a suburban neighborhood and and now live in a rural area. I had black neighbors in my old neighborhood and they had no problems. Here, my neighbors are too far away to see what race they are.


  2. Well, Northam had the right idea, but he really needed to take the road trip. I’d suggest that grease paint and a drive around the compound with a broken taillight could change an opinion of others experiences.

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  3. I sent this to my daughter, the HS English teacher for her thoughts on the essay. She is trying to educate herself, not because someone told her to, but because she knows she should in order to understand ALL of her students better. Here is her reply:

    “That’s an interesting take, and I think one that is important to consider. The same could be said for any issue. We have politicians fighting to better our economy, climate change effects, and health care system, but there are different approaches on both sides of the party line and on both sides individually. The same could be said for pedagogy in education– the best way to handle disciplinary issues, grading, and reassessment. For all of that, racism included, we have to be willing to look at the discrepancies in those approaches and make an informed decision, not a one-sided decision because that “side” just so happens to align with my current thoughts. If we aren’t open to learning about different sides of the ways in which we want to make our society better, then we won’t really be able to achieve anything. The other side might have an approach that is different from our current beliefs, but we should still consider it as an option. MLK and Malcolm X were both fighting for the same thing, but their approaches were different. It didn’t make one right or wrong, but they both made strides in the civil rights movement that can’t be denied by either side. Again, thank you for sending this over. I am all about it, and in my pursuit to educate myself, I want to do so in the best way, which is looking at all arguments.”

    I am going to try and take her advice to heart. Maybe we ALL could.


  4. Liberals try to convince everyone that there is some widespread “systemic racism” being inflicted on black people and to think or prove otherwise is racist. The common theme is “educate yourself” but the widely available analysis, studies and facts don’t support that theme. So, no, I will not dumb myself down to the liberal level. Sorry….

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      1. What you consider a step up is in fact a dumbing down. Go figure why you think dumbing down is a positive attribute. In addition, can you not recognize sarcasm when it is slapping you in the face? Oh, there is that positive dumbing down affect you cherish so.


        1. “What you consider a step up is in fact a dumbing down.”

          Instead of being hateful towards you, I will just say that we disagree.

          But you’re still very hypocritical, as most on the right are.


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