6 thoughts on “Now They Want to Ban Tear Gas

  1. An important point of Bacon’s commentary is the police do need non-lethal tools for control of riots. And I do agree with that. What is not addressed is how peaceful protests become riots. Sometimes it is the actions of folks with bad intentions who join the peaceful protests to initiate the actions. However, on some occasions (see Lafayette Park) it is the actions of the police in the first place that trigger the violence.

    All sides need addressed. But I do think the proposal goes too far.

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  2. There’s a psychology behind it. If there is a “non-lethal” tool, then the decision to use it is easier, albeit it may be more lethal than thought, i.e., tazers.

    There’s an interesting dual problem to non-lethal force too, body armor. The police discovered back in the 80s and 90s that the use of body armor resulted in more cops getting shot. A false sense of invulnerability was causing cops to take chances they normally wouldn’t.

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    1. Like California’s East Coast. Yep, can you say Democrat left wing extremist insanity? Honestly, they don’t know when they shoot themselves in the foot so after buying some votes they keep on shooting.


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