Democracy without Integrity Is Impossible

Posted without further comment, as I believe no further comment is necessary.

18 thoughts on “Democracy without Integrity Is Impossible

  1. Democracy is indeed impossible without integrity. But it is not the integrity of elected officials that is of most important. Dishonesty in an official can be corrected at the next election.

    But when the people are corrupt, either expecting to live at the expense of others, or to compel others to care for their objects of charity, that is much harder to correct, as in that situation, the majority is made up of thieves and can make their plunder appear to be noble right up until the whole system collapses.

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    1. Universal healthcare and affordable higher education are attainable goals without burdening the elite too much. Both of those goals are not just good for the ever present “leeches” and “parasites” (God forbid someone should possibly get something you don’t approve of), but also for the nation’s workforce.

      It boggles the mind that conservatives will jump on “socialism, communism…OMG” just because people can afford to go to the doctor or get a good education without breaking the bank or astronomical debt. And, again, to be a better source of labor. Why do you think we have to go to India or Asia to get good tech folks?

      We have some corruption in this country. But it is at the gated community level. Wall Street’s casino that damn near took us under in 2008, or 3/4’s of a Trillion dollars per year in defense contracts, or more pertinent, the blatant effort for USPS reforms just before an election dependent upon mail.

      Integrity starts at the top.

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      1. Do you not understand the principle of something just being wrong?

        Yes, everyone having access to health care and whatever level of education they can use would be nice, but at the expense of making us thieves? If you can find a way to do those things through voluntary charity, there would be no harm, but if you do it by the force of government, you have corrupted both the government and the people.

        Take it a step further. If you can force some minority to provide higher education to all, so they can earn better livings, then by the same authority, you can force them to provide that better living to the recipients without their bothering to become educated, or even work.

        How do we benefit from becoming a nation of thieves?

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        1. Sorry, but when you have a nation there is more to living in it than just as individual islands who ignore everyone else.

          There are common goods and in the modern world that includes health and education.

          You ideology would discount public roads unless built by private companies. Or public safety unless through individual contracts.

          And calling people thieves who live in a common nation seems to be to be a favorite insult against your fellow citizens.

          Here is the thing in my opinion. There is no such thing as a Libertarian government. Never was and never will be. The reason is simple. All you want is a huge courtroom and individual businesses. So who is going to appoint the judges? You? I don’t think so. Not in my nation you won’t.

          But aside from that, if we stick with the idea of elected officials to run the meager government you dream of, we have run into the problem. The concept of campaigning relies on funding. Funding that you and your conservative brethren worked hard to get in the Citizens United ruling in the current mess. Money is speech and corporations are people.

          So, since it now require millions to get elected, tiny donations won’t cut it. So the big money gets Don elected. Now Mr. Big Donor wants the interstate to run 5 miles east of the proposal. It helps his business. Don says no. Great. Don is voted out because of the lack of financing.

          And the whole cycle starts over again. Money is power in our country. Period. Power you cannot control in your greatest fantasy.

          So we are back to here. No Libertarianism.

          Now, you can squawk about your taxes paying for Medicaid. Call those recipients thieves of health care they could not afford otherwise. If that floats your boat, fine. But it will not fly in a modern industrial nation.

          We need a population, and its workforce, to be free of poverty, be healthy and be well educated. If you don’t believe that, then believe this: companies are screaming because they are getting immigration cuts. They need smart people and we don’t have them.

          It is simple. We live in nations not to occupy space while we invent. But to provide resources, workers and stability. And this costs money. You can’t abide by that, they try to find another nation that will let you live like a Libertarian and see how far that gets you.

          All this IMHO

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          1. Yeah, I know. I am wasting my time.

            Sorry, but affordable healthcare and education are ideals. It is not communism.

            I think you are blinded by some fringe novelist who espoused some sort of elite haven that will never exist.

            I get the feeling that you are disappointed that all these uninsured and poor are being treated for COVID. Your nickel paying for that, too.

            Vaccine for everyone? Pshaw, screw them.

            Seems cold, but I understand.

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        2. Oh, as far as my being wrong, that is where you are wrong. I don’t think you understand the principle of why people form nations.

          Think about this. You are a great proponent of forming large organizations to buy health insurance. Fine. That means joining a few hundred thousand or a few million with a common interest however tenuous, and getting a product. You might or might not agree with the plans offered, and you are certainly welcome to shop around. But in the end you will compromise and get with a group, warts and all. That means your premiums will be paying for people who live unhealthy lives, take drugs, drink too much, etc. You don’t get to pick and choose who gets to spend your premiums. You abide or you are free to leave.

          That group has banded together for the common good. Even if some folks are costing you money, that does not make them thieves unless, a big “unless”, you make the rules, you finance the group and you decide who gets care.

          If you think that is wrong, then, again, I think you are wrong.


    2. “Dishonesty in an official can be corrected at the next election.”

      Categorically speaking, that is horseshit. It is something that needs corrected, not 2, 4, or 6 years later, but immediately. When the corrupt are protected because of the initial after their name, it is an issue. Unless of course you think that “our people” cannot be corrupt and only “they” can be.


  2. I don’t think anyone in Washington can claim the moral high ground in integrity. It’s a circus right now. All one can do at this point is evaluate agenda and policy and make a decision based on that. Trump has a few questionable policy proposals but the Democrat’s agenda and policies seem pretty insane to me.

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        1. No we don’t. You, being a “life long Democrat” should be able to tell me EXACTLY what is in Biden’s platform/agenda that is insane.

          Or are you just saying it because Trump said it?


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