SHADOW GATE – FULL FILM by Millie Weaver – 2020

Source: BitChute.

This video has a complex back story, which you can easily Google to explore. I’m sharing it because the story it tells seems plausible to me based on technology and programs I have seen with my own eyes as a proposal writer for DoD contracts in war gaming projects. That is to say, I have seen large-scale collaboration platforms like the ShadowNet application, and know for an experienced fact that such things have been commoditized for private, commercial use.

It is interesting that the Senate released its 1000-page report on Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election the same week this video was published, then banned, on YouTube. Section J of that report essentially — though obliquely — validates the video’s basic message.

33 thoughts on “SHADOW GATE – FULL FILM by Millie Weaver – 2020

  1. “ InfoWars is an extremely far-right conspiracy theory website founded by Alex Jones that has been widely denounced as spreading debunked claims including that the government carried out the U.S. government is behind a host of tragedies including the September 11 terrorist attack and the 2012 killing of 26 students and teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Parents of eight children murdered in the Sandy Hook attack have filed defamation lawsuits against Jones and InfoWars.

    Jones has also claimed the government uses “weather weapons” to create natural disasters including tornadoes and also puts chemicals in drinking water in an attempt to turn people gay.

    Weaver, a former aspiring actress, joined InfoWars in 2012.”

    Somehow the credibility of this video and it’s producer stinks.

    Conspiracies are always around. A fringe will deny the moon landing, but our president rants about a non-existent “deep state” that would require a blood oath to keep quiet among the millions of government workers.
    He needs to expand conspiracies, as any autocrat does, to both get votes from the faithful and shed any responsibility for his own catastrophic presidency.

    Yes, I am shooting this messenger. In my opinion, just posting this crap is fueling the embers that Trump has been doing all is life for personal pleasure and gain.

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    1. RE: “In my opinion, just posting this crap is fueling the embers that Trump has been doing all is life for personal pleasure and gain.”

      Don’t-tell-me-I-don’t-want-to-think/know-about-it reactions to Weaver’s video are predictable, and ironic, considering the subject matter. In fact, such shallow, knee-jerk reactions are a main reason I posted it: To bring them out in the open so they can be seen for what they are.

      If I refused to read a New York Times article posted here because I find the paper’s credibility dubious, I would be accused of willful blindness, or worse. How is your comment any different?


        1. Len, he does this to get a rise out of folks. I have tried not to comment on the conspiracy driven posts of Mr. Roberts. I suggest sane people just ignore him. If he doesn’t get the comments, like Trump’s desire for attention, maybe, just maybe he’ll stop. I doubt it, but one can hope.


          1. I did put my standard sarcasm emoji 😇. I hope that he understood.

            My declaration of superiority barely works with my buddy Max, a mutt and great companion of 13 years.

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      1. ‘If I refused to read a New York Times article posted here because I find the paper’s credibility dubious,”…

        IF? IF? You’ve done that so many times, I’ve lost count.

        As far as credibility goes, give me the NYT over ANYTHING from ZeroHedge, FPM, and especially InfoWars. All conspiracy based bullshit, tin-hat garbage.

        Every conspiracy has an inkling of truth. Your problem is you believe the inkling instead of the full facts of any discussion.

        Yes this is an ad hominem attack, but it is fully deserved. IMO


        1. RE: “IF? IF? You’ve done that so many times, I’ve lost count.”

          That’s a lie. I actually read most of the NYT pieces posted here. When I object to them, I explain why and how.


          1. Numerous times you have not even read them because of the source. I actually read your “information” and verify the author and sites credentials. Too bad you don’t do the same because the writers disagree with your narrative. You object, not based on fact, but your view, regardless of how truthful the stories are or opinion base on confirmed facts.

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      2. And your reactions are the same every time. They are predictable and ironic.

        Please stop the tin-hat garbage. There are enough right wing sources out there, you don’t need to assist in feeding the conspiracy bubble.

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          1. RE: “Because it clouds the ACTUAL truth and tends to be dangerous.”

            Are you in possession of “ACTUAL truth”?


          2. RE: “Probably not, but I’m a lot closer to the tin hat bull pucky you post and claim as truth.”

            Everything I wrote about the video is 100% true:

            • The back story is complicated.
            • The story the video tells seems plausible to me (for the reasons I gave).

            • Section J of the Senate Intelligence Committee report validates the premise of the video.

            It’s not possible to be “closer” to the truth than 100%.


          3. “The story the video tells seems plausible to me ”

            Plausible to you. Fair enough. I think it is tinfoil hat, conspiracy bullshit.

            The “premise of the video” is to take facts and twist them in to some bullshit narrative that feeds into your and Trump’s delusions.


          4. RE: “The ‘premise of the video’ is to take facts and twist them in to some bullshit narrative that feeds into your and Trump’s delusions.”

            Your comment describes an action, not a thought. Do you know what a premise is?


          5. Yerp. And YOUR premise is to try and spread bullshit conspiracy crapola that only Trump True Believers will love. The rest of the sane world sees it for what it is.


        1. RE: “And YOUR premise is to try and spread bullshit conspiracy crapola that only Trump True Believers will love.”

          I explained my reasons for sharing the video. Why don’t you address those things I say, instead of things you only imagine?


          1. Ok, so I imagine and you address? In actuality I have addressed the things you say. You just don’t like it because deep down in where your soul used to be you know I ma right. But you are too weak to acknowledge it.

            You don’t like my thoughts or opinions, ignore them. I could care less.


    2. Ad Hominem is the best you can do?

      Yes, Infowars does post some dubious stuff, but that doesn’t mean none of it is true. So long as the MSM decides to refuse to report items that don’t fit the liberal narrative, we will need Infowars and others who will post those articles that refute the liberal narrative.

      So, where is the article in error?

      And no ‘blood oath’ among the deep state actors is necessary, only groupthink.


      1. Weaver’s video does a nice job in several respects. Its top-level allegation (that a “shadow government” uses psychological warfare technology to shape public opinion and events in the U.S.) is far from proved, but is well described in a way that makes the concept accessible and easy to visualize. As allegations go, it reminds me of the John Edwards story for which the National Enquirer (of all places!) became eligible for a Pulitzer prize.

        Hence, an object lesson in the fallacy of assuming sources confer credibility.


      2. …” refute the liberal narrative.”

        If the refutation had truth involved, and not just the touch of truth involved in all conspiracies, I could see your point. But they don’t. Sources that peddle in conspiracy theories cannot be trusted to tell the truth. -IMO

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      3. “ Yes, Infowars does post some dubious stuff, but that doesn’t mean none of it is true.”

        You do realize that most looney conspiracy theories have a kernel of some truth or close to it.

        That becomes the basis for propaganda and misinformation. Trump does that all the time in his volumes of lies.

        And it draws people in who are confused. Which, as I have pointed out time and again, is exactly what Trump wants when he attacks his critics. Keep his fellow citizens confused like all good presidents do. 😇

        One of the star sources in the movie tried to disrupt the Kentucky governors election with charges of fraud. ProPublica outed her.

        The whole premise of the movie is to sow doubt and distrust with few real facts.

        “Groupthink” is assuming that government workers and contractors are all in for some nefarious reasons. I don’t believe in conspiracies among many folks.

        The right wing in this country is a huge threat if they keep up with Q, Trump retweets of lies, racism and conspiracies, Infowars, Hannity, Limbaugh. In my opinion, they are doing their best to destroy the nation and its values. The GOP even has two, among about 70 or so office seekers who all believe in Q, that are running for Congress. One is a shoe in. These folks are certifiably nuts, or, at best, ignorant.

        The messanger and her message are lying enemies of the state.

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        1. You misunderstand the nature of groupthink.

          The participants need not have any nefarious motives, on the contrary, they most likely believe themselves to be on the side of the angels.

          Nor does it require any conspiracy.

          It simply requires that people be socially isolated from contrary views among their peers. Employees of big government naturally believe big government solves problems or they wouldn’t be there. And since all of their peers believe the same thing, their believe is supported.

          And that’s how, for example, you get an FDA that seas itself as the guardian of science when in reality it smothers real science and kills 1000 people by blocking effective treatment while saving one from a dangerous drug.


          1. Honestly, that sounds patently ridiculous. And more than a bit paranoid.

            Do you think all government workers live in barracks next to their jobs? Of course not.

            They go home, live in various neighborhoods with friends and neighbors across the political spectrum. They have activities, families, beliefs than are as varied as the US population.

            Employees of all government levels have jobs because they pay well, are often interesting, have good security and benefits.

            Like our military, government employees are us, live among us, eat with us, play with us and go to the same churches and clubs.

            Do you think people work for any large private company primarily for ideals or a paycheck? At higher levels in can be a balance of both. But they still don’t necessarily form cabals for evil unless it’s a crime syndicate.


          2. Really?

            How much diversity of political opinion do you think there is in Northern VA? How many of your neighbors in Stafford or Arlington work for private enterprise, other than as lobbyists?

            The Federal government dominates the society as well as the workplace for 60 miles around DC.

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          3. You have a very jaundiced view of Americans, especially government employees. If you think they are all mindless automatons then I understand your view.

            But they are not. I guarantee that there is a hell of a lot more diversity in NOVA than in Northern Louisiana.

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  2. Well, the irony is not lost on me. For most of the lives of most of us here, we fought for control of the free world against an authoritarian government that walled its people in. Then we elect a buffoon who instilled an autocracy on the promise that he will build a wall to keep the others out. And so, here we sit, all dressed up with no place to go because the rest of the world won’t let us out.

    Yea! We won.

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