We have a president who attacks our own businesses when it suits his petty, imaginary grievances.


Most of our elected officials like our companies. They provide jobs, tax bases and really do try to stay politically neutral because they want customers from all corners.

That’s not good enough for Trump  They have to kiss his ass too. 

Goodyear employs 63,000. Let’s put a few thousand on the street during a time of very high unemployment because a phony tweet that implied corporate policy (which it was not) to dislike the president. 

Or Amazon that Trump tried to raise shipping costs on because he doesn’t like Bezos. 

Or Harley-Davidson. Or Toyota. Or GM. All  big employers and big contributors to our economy. 

Coming from NYC in the Mafia days, like Trump, I am familiar with the corruption of extortion.

It sure would be nice to have a president that looks out for our country other than just himself. We certainly don’t have one now. He praises Q-anon and its followers looking for votes instead. Trump’s own DOJ has declared that a terror organization and our president embraces it while pooping on Goodyear. 

You just can’t make this stuff up. 

10 thoughts on “We have a president who attacks our own businesses when it suits his petty, imaginary grievances.

  1. Every day is just one more hot, steaming pile from ‘djt’ and his fellow scumbags.

    Who in their right mind would vote for four more years of the daily toilet-stool this faux leader drags Americans through?

    You are correct – no one would ever seriously make up this daily assault from the White House.

    President Obama nailed it in no uncertain terms what Trump has done and continues to do to this country.

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  2. RE: “I am familiar with the corruption of extortion.”

    Good. Then perhaps you can explain to the rest of us how a president exercising his free speech rights has committed extortion.


    1. “Play my game or pay the price.” In a nutshell, that describes what Trump did by calling for a boycott of an American company. I wonder how it’s gonna play in the battleground state of Ohio?

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        1. Anyone? Trump isn’t just anyone. He is El Presidente. Calling for a boycott of an Amrican company by POTUS because his widdle feeling got hurt is just another example of the pettiness, immaturity and lack of any sense of decency or leadership. And you eat it up.

          You got trolled by Trump in November 2016.

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        2. RE: “Trump isn’t just anyone.”

          Does being president mean he has no first amendment rights?

          I don’t think so. But you have yet to show how his tweet amounts to extortion.


          1. Then you don’t understand how extortion works. Not my problem.

            I did not say he didn’t have 1A rights. But with rights comes responsibilities. Something he is incapable of taking for any words, actions or decisions. The power of POTUS utterances is very strong.

            So I ask, are You going to boycott Goodyear?


        3. Sure it is extortion. Either let people campaign for me in your business space or I will tell my 85 million followers to boycott.

          Simple, plain extortion.

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