Just another dose of Trump-related corruption


And another shoe drops in Trump-world. And the Trump heads will just say “It wasn’t Trump.”

To that I say “Yet!”

19 thoughts on “Just another dose of Trump-related corruption

    1. Yeah, well, guess what?

      “”As alleged, the defendants defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors, capitalizing on their interest in funding a border wall to raise millions of dollars, under the false pretense that all of that money would be spent on construction,” acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said.”

      And Trump fired Manafort too. But again, too little too late.

      I just don’t understand how someone who has a love of law and order (and in a good way) can continue to defend the corruption of, by, and around this president? It amazes me that every time someone close to him gets indicted, pleads guilty and/or goes to prison, you go to bat for Trump. Disgusting – IMO.


    2. RE: “How many non-profits have expense ratios that low?”

      Apart from that, we only know the charges at present. Until we know more, innocence is the correct assumption.


      1. While innocent until proven guilty is correct, may I offer this for your consideration:


        Most notably, Napolitano said “As for the likelihood of a conviction, Napolitano predicted that Bannon, who will reportedly plead not guilty, won’t be able to mount much of a defense. “The problem that he confronts is the publicity that they issued and the means they used,” he said. “They had hundreds of thousands of donors who donated this money believing that all of it would go to building the wall and ‘not a penny’ would go to those who are organizing it.”

        The fact that they used a third-party in an effort to “cover their trail because they knew they had misled donors,” he added, “doesn’t look good for him right now.” “

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      2. It’s not that the misappropriated money represents a “small” expense ratio, it’s that they solicited the money on the basis of a 0% expense. Now, you can argue that a donor should have known that was an exaggerated claim, but they made that claim.

        These prosecutions of persons, who operate legitimate purpose enterprises (an argument for another day), and then use their fiduciary charge into a private piggy bank, are numerous and, as white collar crimes go, wildly successful.

        The success of these prosecutions is because, in the end, even Joe Sixpack understands, you can’t throw toga parties for your wife’s birthday in Rome with stockholder money.

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    3. Trump was critical? He sure showed it in a funny way.

      “ “I talked with the president, and the We Build the Wall Effort came up,” Kobach said. “The president said ‘the project has my blessing, and you can tell the media that.’”

      Somebody was fibbin’. In this administration. I am shocked.

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        1. He was mad because he could get Mexico or Congress to pay for it.

          And that was this past July? From the article:

          “President Donald Trump said Sunday that he did not approve of a section of border wall in Texas that was privately constructed and partially funded by a group of his supporters in Texas, claiming “it was only done to make me look bad” in response to a report that it might be unstable due to erosion. ”

          His supporters were trying to make him look bad? WTH? It was poorly built by those who agree with him on the idea of a physical wall, was in danger of falling (I think it ultimately did), and they did it to make him look bad.

          Got it. The man is so paranoid, he thinks even those who support him are out to get him.

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        2. Also, his election fraud czar, Kris Kobach, state the full throated support BY Trump of this idea when it was first hatched.

          Sorry, but his criticism in July was based on the idea because it was being done so poorly, t was being done to make him look bad.


  1. How exactly is this “Trump related”? If your next door neighbor or someone you know breaks the law, are you somehow “related” to the crime? Get a grip…


    1. Bannon was his campaign manager AND special adviser. That is a lot closer than next door neighbor or someone known.

      Bannon used his ties to Trump to sell the Trump heads and they got defrauded.

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        1. You have asked the question clearly. It isn’t my fault you don’t get the answer.

          Bannon was part of Trump’s campaign AND administration. He started a bogus “charity” to help use private funds for Trump’s signature campaign item. Trump- RELATED.

          Your denseness on this is an issue to be discussed with a professional.


    2. Bannon is just one in a long list of felons, con men, cabinet heads who stole from us, assorted nutjobs and whatever.

      The accused are thieves who stole from a purported charity to fund a wall.

      Trump was forced in court to shut his “charity” down because he stole from it to fund lawsuits, pay fines and get portraits of himself hung in country clubs.

      Mutual attraction society.

      It is just part of the Trump package.

      Now that he has embraced Q-Anon, the ultimate conspiracy monger of seriously looney tunes, I think we have a mentally unstable and dementia addled man in the White House. All this in addition to being a crook who craps all over corporations in America that have millions of jobs but offended his sensibilities.

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  2. A friend told me about Bannon’s arrest while I was on the golf course. I said, “WHAT?!”

    Everyone ‘djt’ has been connected to are as crooked and sleazy as he is.

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    1. It was on a yacht owned by some Chinese businessman who was tossed from the country for his shady dealings.

      And the USPS Inspectors assisted in it. No wonder our mail is getting delayed.

      ALL very Trumpian, doncha think?

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  3. When someone asked, “Did you hear about Steve Brannon?”, I immediately Googled “Bannon obituary”.

    Not that. I wished him dead, but because I’m always interested in a short, pleasurable read.

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