The political ad that has Democrats terrified

Klacik for Congress Baltimore

A smart, attractive, conservative Black woman who threatens the Democrat’s lock on the Black vote.

14 thoughts on “The political ad that has Democrats terrified

  1. That’s cool. Good point. Now, complete it. Show me a Republican run city where the black population lives any better than those in Baltimore and the Democrat run cities. You can’t, and if you could, you wouldn’t, because that runs counter to the “Gleaming White Suburb in the Valley”.

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      1. That’s a website run by mostly black women …

        That list is the 10 best cities, judged by them, to be the best places to live and work if you are black, and in response to Ms. Klacik’s challenge, 9 of the 10 are run by Democrats, with San Diego the only exception.

        My update on one of the cities, Dallas. It’s a zoo politically. Reading the Dallas Morning News and the independent weeklies (can’t remember the names) is hilarious. Especially enjoyable is any story about the Dallas Independent School District whose makeup is 1/3 black, white and Hispanic with an alternating superintendent as per agreement. But, despite the political tensions, the city is indeed a great place to live. It’s especially cool because Fort Worth is only 30 minutes away — another racially diverse and neat place 24/7. With a 5-year old in tow, you could easily enjoy the downtown nightlife at midnight and feel safe.

        My favorite impression of Fort Worth occurred one May weekend during Main Street Days, a week long celebration of, well, cowboys. Downtown, hot as begeezes, hungry, my family ducked into a small restaurant, a cafeteria style place. The girl who took our order was clearly of Asian descent. The cook was equally discernible as Hispanic. Behind our table was 3 or 4 men of Middle Eastern origin, speaking in whatever language was native to them. The family who were behind us in line were Jamaican and had just moved to the city. Hmmm, Cowboys, eh?

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          1. No, they are systemic in Democrat run urban districts.

            As for Blaxit, it would be interesting to see our urban Black population try to live as they do anywhere else in the world. But why should Americans of any race want to live someplace else? It would be a lot easier to join the greater American society by doing three things.

            Finish high school.

            Get married before having children.

            Build a favorable work record.

            Those are practically a guarantee of entry into the middle class regardless of race.

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        1. Chesapeake, but even so, the statistics for Chesapeake, the 2nd largest city n VA, are far better than for Richmond, Petersburg or any of the Northern VA cities.


  2. That ad is for a Congressional seat. What in the world would she do to improve Baltimore?

    If she were truly interested in helping inner cities that are distressed she would run for mayor.

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      1. Maryland has a popular Republican governor so I doubt that tactic would have any traction.

        Besides, except for Virginia, number one in receiving federal money, and Maryland, number ten, all the rest of the top recipients are deep red states. I doubt the GOP wants to grab that alligator by the tail.

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