LA Times: Column: I had COVID-19, and these are the things nobody tells you

Sports columnist Bill Plaschke, tells his story.

A compelling reminder to not let your guard down.

Yes, he is 61, but has no comorbidities. Yet here is his tale.

“I’m the first person I know who has had the coronavirus. I would occasionally hear acquaintances wonder if it was truly that awful. I can now offer indisputable confirmation. Yes, it really sucks.”

Good enough for me.

8 thoughts on “LA Times: Column: I had COVID-19, and these are the things nobody tells you

  1. Note that one of the things Plaschke wrote concerned him was being told by his doctor that there wasn’t anything he could do, and he got no treatment unless he became ill enough to be hospitalized.

    That is a big problem with the FDA controlling doctors treatment choices. There were things his doctor could have done, but the FDA and state health departments won’t let them.

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    1. Since the FDA is part of the administration I would look at that as another failing of Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

      At this point, 3 1/2 years since taking responsibility for running the government, it is the “Trump flu”. After all, the country with about a quarter of the world’s cases and deaths does retain naming rights.

      Trump would not mind. His name attached to anything, good or bad, is just more publicity. And like most of his business ventures in products, a failure. Failure unless one recounts screwing investors as success.

      For that matter, his presidency is a huge success after applying the “screw factor”.

      On a more serious note, any presidency is judged by the ability to weather crises. It matters little how it got started. The important part is how it was handled. And if people suffer, the political winds do not blow kindly for those in charge.

      Face it, if the person in charge denies any responsibility, then the time is ripe to get someone who accepts responsibility and acts accordingly.

      It is that simple.

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        1. …”the FDA, by act of Congress, has a large degree of autonomy.”

          So does DOJ, but he uses that all of the time to attempt to attack his opponents.

          Again, deflecting from the fact that Trump cannot lead. He is incapable of it. Having worked for numerous leaders in the military, good and bad, it is my humble opinion that leadership was not taught at the Wharton School. Or if it was, Trump didn’t take it.

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  2. Even if not bad enough to seek medical attention, it sucks. You don’t want it. It was the worst “flu-like” respiratory illness I ever had.

    Now, 6 months on, there has been one (at least) long term effect. I cannot smell or taste coconut. Seriously. I fixed a drink with coconut rum this weekend, and thought, “this ain’t right.” It tasted sweet but no coconut. The spousal unit was astonished when I told her it didn’t taste or smell like coconut.

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    1. First hand experience!

      I am going to wash my hands for two rounds of Beethoven’s Ninth (just the third movement, let’s not overdo it) after using my iPad to reply to you.
      I actually like coconut as a flavor. Peter Paul Mounds were one of my favorites.

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