This is a new wrinkle: a president that is purposefully sabotaging the election. And brags about it.

Not only that, but he is cool with mail in voting in red states like NC, which has a history of fraud in voting perpetrated by the GOP. Hey, practice makes perfect.

Knowing we have to use mail for voting in the pandemic, he appoints another lackey to slow delivery and threatens to veto any additional funding for this crucial election.

38 thoughts on “This is a new wrinkle: a president that is purposefully sabotaging the election. And brags about it.

  1. So, Trump is not only supposed to let the Democrats steal the election, he is supposed to fund the effort?

    Already, thousands of false ballot requests have been sent to VA voters, with false addresses to send them to. Generalized mail voting is practically a guarantee of a stolen election

    A better solution would be to extend the election to facilitate social distancing. Republicans and Libertarians can vote on Nov3 and Democrats and Green Party members can vote on Nov 4

    Parump pump


    1. You might consider that Trump isn’t funding anything. His con acts throughout his sordid history was more about not funding anything and screwing his vendors and investors.

      He is deliberately slowing down the USPS.

      Treason, thy name is Trump, pure and simple. He is aiding and abetting enemies who would like to see us torn apart from within.


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    2. …”let the Democrats steal the election”…

      Seriously? Allowing citizens to participate in a free, fair, and SAFE election is now considered “stealing”?

      Good grief, the desperation is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

      And your disenfranchising idea for those who don’t follow your ideology is disgusting, even in a joking manner. Trump tries crap like that all of the time and then some poor staffer has to clean up on aisle “Trump Bullshit”. Who is gonna clean up your mess, Don?

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      1. How about the postal union disenfranchising those in Republican districts by simply losing ballots from those areas?

        Or vote harvesters sending ballot requests out with bogus return addresses so those people think they have voted, but the votes are never counted? Or changed before being forwarded to the correct address?

        There are no safeguards in mail in voting.


        1. Any proof of your allegations? Seems to me you just described what happened in NC-9. And that was a GOP operation.

          “There are no safeguards in mail in voting.”

          Tell that to the states that have been doing it for years already…with nothing close to what you are suggesting occurring.

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          1. And how many of those states are battlegrounds where a few thousand selectively “lost” votes could turn the election?

            There are ways to safeguard voting by mail as we do with absentee voting, where the voter requests the ballot and positively identifies himself to do so. But that is not what is being proposed.

            Simply mailing ballots to everyone on the rolls, many of whom have moved or died, invites interception and fraud, and there would be no way to know if it had happened without years of litigation.


          2. I suggest you look into the states that do mail-in balloting. Oregon mails ballots to all on the rolls.

            What you are trying to do is deny the right of American voters to exercise their rights. It’s called voter suppression and if Obama had even suggested any of these things, your head would have exploded all over the compound.

            The protections used, including signature matching, PINs and bar codes are already used to prevent the bullshit you think may happen.


          3. Sure, they’re going to match signatures on 100million ballots. We should get the results in time for 2024.

            It’s not voter suppression, it’s fraud suppression.

            Oregon? Look at how that is working out. But there is no need to steal an election in Oregon, as it is reliably Democrat. But a few thousand lost/stolen/zombie/fraudulent votes votes could tip PA, MI or OH


          4. The Democrats have been trying to get voter security bills passed for at least a year. That included plenty of money for mail in procedures.

            They have also tried to get more funding for this election since mail in voting will be much more in play.

            Verifying 100 million ballots, probably not nearly that high, but is very doable with the funding the GOP is denying.

            Also, they have inserted funding for the USPS that a Trump says he’ll nix because he wants to rig the election. Meanwhile he has put in some jerk water lackey to slow down the mail service.

            Bottom line is that those who are complaining about security are also refusing to fund that.

            Of course if the goal is suppressing the “wrong” voters, then all these easy and safe solutions are a problem.

            Trump cheated all his life, just like papa taught him. And he trying to do that for the election.

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          5. You seem to think that all of the votes in the country are going to one place. Each state counts its own votes. You know that.

            And throwing the “postal union” card is a cagey attempt to call into question the ethical conduct of postal workers. Try this one on for size: The Trump-Master General has told states to say they can’t handle things. That order came from the top AFTER an Oval Office meeting with Trump.

            Instead of cutting back on service, how about Congress reverse the law passed in 2006 (Thank you GOP) that forced USPS to fund pensions and medical care for 75 years…IN ADVANCE!!! Take away that requirement and there is plenty of revenues to do the job the Constitution calls for.

            It IS voter suppression when you do everything legal (and illegal) to prevent people from participating in an election.

            Your concerns are so misplaced all in the name of re-electing a president that makes Harding look like a Boy Scout.

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          6. I am unaware of any requirement to pay for medical care for current workers in advance, but conversion of retirement benefits on an equity basis is what the private sector has been doing for a long time.

            Expecting future postal employees to fund retirement of past employees in the face of increasing automation and competition from electronic services was a doomed plan. It should have been ended in the 90s.

            Oh, and postal employees “lose” mail they don’t want to deliver all the time.

            Again, it’s not voter suppression, it’s fraud suppression.


          7. “ Oh, and postal employees “lose” mail they don’t want to deliver all the time.”

            All the time? A few instances of some worker pitching junk mail is hardly “all the time” in relation to the volumes involved.

            “Fraud suppression” in elections? BS. All the changes to remove polling places, increase the difficulty of casting ballots, etc., are all new and in the face of any credible evidence of voter fraud. As the judge said in the N.C. case, “Blacks were targeted with surgical precision” for voter suppression.

            Republicans and especially Trump are sabotaging our election systems. That is criminal. But the felons are dressed in fine suits and live in gated communities.

            And you support them?

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          8. No, I don’t, If you can prove those cases, they should be prosecuted.

            But universal mail voting is bad for the same reason that everyone having the same password on Amazon is a bad idea. There is simply no way to to check 100million mail in ballots to see is every one of them was cast by the person whose name is on it. There are dozens of ways to cheat without getting caught.

            Selective loss by the uber-partisan postal workers union is only one.

            Look at the thousands of bogus ballot requests sent out in VA, with false addresses to return them to. How many people who respond to those will have thought they had voted but their votes were simply discarded or worse, intercepted and recast as the vote harvesters choose? We can’t prove in advance it will happen, but there is no way to prevent it or check to see if it happened.

            Voting has to be accountable.


          9. “ If you can prove those cases, they should be prosecuted.

            But universal mail voting is bad for the same reason that everyone having the same password on Amazon is a bad idea. There is simply no way to to check 100million mail in ballots to see is every one of them was cast by the person whose name is on it. There are dozens of ways to cheat without getting caught.”

            Those cases were prosecuted.

            There are dozens of ways to cheat. So?

            Unless we can show that cheating is a problem, we can’t keep legislating “solutions” to non-issues. That is voter suppression. Just like 5 polling places for all of Milwaukee. Or closed polling places in minority districts in Georgia.

            You have no problem loosening gun regs so even the mentally disabled SS disability recipients can own guns and march down the street in pajamas and a loaded Glock. Yet you fret about fantasies of voter fraud that doesn’t exist. But might, just might happen if Soros can bus in all of Guatemala to vote.

            Again, your boy is sabotaging the USPS specifically to hinder voting. And verifying millions of ballots would be no problem, as has been the case so far, if funding for states is available to ramp up personnel. And your boy is against that too, along with McConnell, to prevent safe and secure voting by any means.

            That is so egregious and corrupt it boggles the mind.

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          10. “The Trump administration said the president did not direct USPS to slow down its deliveries, and USA TODAY found no evidence of that claim being true either.”

            You mean they did not find a memo posted on FB to slow down the mail?

            Didn’t have to. His lackey was appointed to do whatever it takes to screw up the election.

            Otherwise why make the OT changes right before the election?

            Password on FB? Come on, there have been plenty of data breeches in which passwords are stolen and used. Bad analogy.

            Trump has been bad mouthing our election system since 2015. Rinse, repeat, rinse. He is trying sooo hard to delegitimize our elections that the strain is showing on his girth.

            His history of fraud, lying, lawsuits, tax evasion, money laundering, illegal immigrant labor, payoffs, bankruptcies tells any reasonable person that he could not care less about America or our values. So trying to cook the election process is just his modus operandi. And his supporters are in agreement about destroying our nation.

            Simple it seems.

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          11. Look it up. In 2006, GWB signed the law requiring the USPS to pay, for 75 years in advance, for pension and medical care for workers, including those not even born yet. What other private or public entity has a law like that foisted on them?


          12. I have looked it up. Medical benefits for retirees must be funded up front, much like a 401K.

            It is the only system that makes sense for an organization which will have a declining work force. The prior system was like Social Security in that current workers were funding retiree’s medical care. That can’t work with a declining work force.


          13. That’s what happens when everyone eligible to vote is allowed to vote. That is Trump’s (and apparently your) only argument.

            And you still have not provided any proof of the allegations you made. I think I know why: There Ain’t none!


          14. There will always be ways for unethical, criminal-minded people to cheat any system. I mean, really, who ever dreamed that even a pathetically lacking presidential candidate would come up with publicly requesting help from a long-time foreign adversary of ours on national TV?

            “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing . . . etc.,”

            I have heard relatively smart people stupidly insist that ‘djt’ was just making a joke; he was not. In a very short time emails were flying into WikiLeaks.

            If Trump wants to lie and cheat his way into the White House again, why not just give another shout-out to his BFF in Moscow like before, rather than SCREWING AROUND WITH THE UNITED STATES’ POSTAL SYSTEM. Millions upon millions of good, decent Americans need, use and depend on the postal system daily and have for years and years.

            This sad little man is maniacal. He must go.

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    3. RE: “So, Trump is not only supposed to let the Democrats steal the election, he is supposed to fund the effort?”

      Yes, and if he wins he must permit the military to escort him off the premises. It all makes perfect sense.


    4. I also ask that you look at my post concerning the actions in Iowa. Why is it that the Trump campaign is suing democratic leaning counties, but not republican leaning ones for doing THE EXACT SAME THING?

      But its OK with you because it helps your side. More voters helps the Dems. You know it. Trump has admitted it . And he is doing everything he can to prevent people from voting…unless they are voting for him.

      For someone who believes so dearly in the rights of the individual you sure do have a funny way of showing it.

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      1. One of my rights is to not have my vote cancelled out by one fraudulently cast on behalf of a dementia patient in a nursing home, or by a non-citizen, or by a voter who lives elsewhere but once lived in VA, or by a postal worker simply losing votes from Republican neighborhoods. And there is no way to prevent any of those using universal voting by mail.


        1. Good Lord, you are so convinced that every vote is crooked. Voting is done in thousands of districts with 10’s of thousands of volunteers and paid personnel and both Democratic and Republican Registrars and Secretaries of State.

          You are just like Trump. Complete BS to make sure only Republicans count.

          We have one of the most secure election systems and Trump, with support from his fans, is trying hard to screw it up.

          Personally, I should demand an investigation into those 77,000 votes in MI, WI, PA and see if Koch and other billionaires who inherited their wealth messed with the votes.

          But even those scalawags couldn’t pull off what your fantasies are projecting.

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          1. The bad ballots were disqualified. As they should be.

            So that means the vetting process for valid ballots works.

            In other words, the fraudulent (or incorrect for a variety of reasons) failed the checking procedures.

            So what is your problem?

            Voting in a pandemic has to allow for alternative methods. 5 polls open in Milwaukee tells any reasonable person that in person voting will be affected. They can’t get the volunteers, mostly senior citizens, to risk getting sick by working polls as in normal times.

            The Constitution says the term ends in January and only Congress can move the election.

            So what do you want? If the states had gotten the funding the Democrats asked for a year ago, this would not be an issue.

            So blame the GOP for screwing this election process up in an effort to squash participation. McConnell flexed his spaghetti muscles and lost.

            At this point, we have no choice but to do the best we can to get participation. If some don’t like that, like you and Trump, that is just kind of too bad. You had the opportunity to make things better, but decided to do nothing.

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          2. The bad ballots were disqualified because the overseers of the election either had integrity, or more likely, were on the side cheated against, but that will not in every instance be the case.

            But what is very clear is that the methods to cheat are there, and were attempted.

            So, there is very definitely a problem, no matter haw much you wish to deny it.


          3. If the problem ballots are caught, the system works. Period.

            Your delusional rants, along with those of Trump, are just maniacal in pursuit of maintaining power. And they are disgusting.

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          4. The problem ballots were caught, but that i s no guarantee that a Democrat registrar will catch Democrat cheating, or that a GOP registrar will catch GOP cheating.

            The only safe method is to make the voters themselves the protectors of their own ballots, and allow no opportunity for cheating either way.


  2. And in Iowa:

    Notably, …”the Trump campaign is not suing a Republican-leaning county in Iowa that did the exact same thing.”

    I just cannot understand how people still support this criminal who actually IS trying to steal the election. Voter suppression is his only hope, it appears. Flimsiest of records, corruption throughout his cabinet over time (not to mention his own), and completely unfounded attacks on Harris’ credentials as a natural born citizen.

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  3. Horse hockey.

    Here’s an article from 2017 that the Richmond-Times posted.

    Notice the years discussed and the problems the USPS was dealing with back then?

    The USPS is still dealing with them and they’re not related to whomever our President happens to be.


    1. Like I said before: It all stems back to the 2006 law that the GOP Congress passed and GWB signed into law forcing the USPS to prepay 75 years worth of health and retirement benefits. Prepaying is fine, but 75 years is ludicrous.

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