OK, I’m fine with Biden and Harris!

I would say ‘let’s get this show on the road’, but since that’s not quite possible with Covid-19 being what it is, at least we now know who’s the Democratic team. Kamala Harris will hold her own when put up against Mr. Pence, I think. And, I like her.

29 thoughts on “OK, I’m fine with Biden and Harris!

    1. Bama, Georgia, and probably Texas, but by an eyelash.

      Not really. It will be competitive in many states that normally wouldn’t be. When places like Georgia and Texas and Arizona are listed as “battelgrounds” @realclearpolitics” one does have to wonder.


    1. 1) Tulsi Gabbard is MUCH tougher than Mike Pence.

      2) Her record can be overcome by current legislation adn work she has done since coming to the Senate.

      3) If they win, and Biden drops dead on January 22, 2021, she is ready to step in. – IMO


    2. Tulsi Gabbard? Huh?

      I keep up pretty well with who’s running, who’s lagging and who just isn’t serious enough to do what it takes to be ‘prime time material’. As a person, she may be better than sliced bread, but she obviously wasn’t into the whole ‘campaign’ thing. There never seemed to be any enthusiasm FROM her or FOR her, from what I recall.

      I have nothing against her, and if Biden had chosen her his running mate I’d have done all I could in support of that ticket; but she needed a lot more than a cult-type following to make the ‘bigs’.

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    1. There are better choices in the wings for that position. Yes, Harris would have been a good Justice or AG, for that matter. But she brings youth and energy to the ticket.

      She was my second choice after Klobuchar. Amy would have been a good choice as well, but her baggage is even heavier than Harris. And I think Harris can handle her own luggage.


  1. Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate smells fishy to me. She’s not very popular or inspiring, which is why she performed so poorly as a candidate for the higher office. Plus, she and the former VP don’t seem to have much chemistry for one another. Neither is the talcum to the other’s powder.

    As a result, Harris strikes me as the party choice, a running mate named by power brokers behind the scenes. But why?

    If I were a power broker in the Democratic Party, I’d be expecting a big loss in November. My ideal ticket would consist of controlled losers whose ultimate loss, if it can’t be prevented, can be blamed on the candidates personally, not the party.


    1. Your wishful thinking is noted. The plurality of Democratic voters wanted Harris as the running mate. She is smart, savvy, and can learn a lot from Biden to take the next step in 4 or 8 years.

      Your ideal ticket would have been Abrams or Rice on line 2. Easier to attack for overly liberal ideas (Abrams) or questionable standards (Benghazi; Rice). Harris is the right person at the right time.

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      1. RE: “Harris is the right person at the right time.”

        Yes, all the things you mention make Harris the perfect choice for an Oh-well-at-least-we-tried ticket.


        1. Keep trying. your failing, but you do keep trying.

          And it would not have mattered who Biden chose; you, Trump and the right wing media would be saying the exact same things. I would not be surprised if the pundits and Trump campaign had already written their dismissive missives and just left the name blank.

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  2. A socialist is a socialist is a socialist. Who cares? What is pathetic is pandering where am I Joe choosing her not because of her vast business or economic acumen, clueless actually, but only because she is female and half black. Liberals buy into that kind of phony garbage. Porky Pig would have been a great “historical” first too and a much better choice actually.


      1. Cluelessness duly noted.

        The best way to lift up anyone is to help them become competitive for a J O B. Socialists promise lifting people up through other people’s money, in short, buying votes. The later has been proven time and again that the collective model only makes everyone poor.


        1. Yeah, things like education reform, job training for people who have lost jobs due to technology, and environmental justice for those most effected by fossil fuel transmission, are no good at getting people become competitive for jobs.

          Those on the right keep saying people need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps while at the same time cutting the bootstraps from individuals.

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    1. “… but only because she is female and half black.”

      Pence was picked by a sybaritic, sexual predator to snag the right wing Christian voters. So it is not just the Democrats who try to balance the ticket for votes.

      Biden is the septuagenarian White centrist that the Sanders wing was fighting against. So at least a Black woman will go a long way to appeasing and energizing most of them.

      There are a lot of moderate Republicans who have been saying that given a reason to vote for a Democrat they will to get Trump out. Biden might do the trick for them.

      VP choices used to be pretty non-consequential. In the original founders races, the candidate with the most votes became president, the runner up was VP.

      Not anymore.

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    1. I read that earlier and the following paragraph was the most important in my opinion:

      “Obviously, Biden prioritized winning in November over depth, legislative savvy, presidential heft, or unquestioned loyalty. But his foremost responsibility is to depose the most destructive and malign president in modern American history. Harris’s campaign skills, and the relative unlikelihood of hidden baggage, mean that she is unlikely to prove an impediment to victory—and may even help.”

      While I liked Rice, also, the thought of losing another election with a competent, prepared candidate who happened to be hated by the know-nothings like in 2016 was not something I want to see again.

      So, I am happy and enthusiastic with this ticket. Yes, 1st and foremost the little boy currently in the Oval office MUST slither on down I-95-South and work on his golf game, forever for all I care.

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  3. Cluelessness duly noted.

    The best way to lift up anyone is to help them become competitive for a J O B. Socialists promise lifting people up through other people’s money, in short, buying votes. The later has been proven time and again that the collective model only makes everyone poor.


  4. Speaking of disasters, the truth about mankind is the “kind”. Unlike the distorted view the Right has of the behavior of people in NOLA in the aftermath of Katrina; the killing, looting, and mayhem, Americans, not just the government, came together, rose up, and rendered massive assistance, jobs, money, food and opened their homes. Even the Mexican army crossed into Texas and helped with refugees in San Antonio.

    People rise up in times of disaster. Which will explain why Trump will lose.

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