Saturday Morning Irony

Played 18 holes of golf with my brother Saturday morning at Sleepy Hole Golf Course. Played terribly, but one thing I saw had my laughing behind my mask.

While awaiting my brother’s arrival, I was hanging around the bag drop and practice green, a gentleman walked by wearing his mask (as most were. YAY!) It was the logo on the mask that caught my attention.

Gadsden flag.svg

8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Irony

  1. Why would that seem odd?

    The Gadsen flag is a symbol of Liberty, and responsible liberty involves doing the right thing without the need for government intervention.


    1. I don’t disagree, as you have made that point several times.

      However, a number of people are screaming that slogan, or others akin to it, while NOT wearing masks. Thus the irony.


    2. “…doing the right thing without the need for government intervention…”

      True enough.

      So why are most of the mask averse people Trump followers. Dose #LIBERATE have any impact?

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    1. Ironic, no?

      BTW, an often discussed topic when we were commenting the Virginian Pile-Up, and here, were Robo-Calls.

      I have found the solution. I may even publish this as a posting.

      On this page, you will find a recoding. When your CID indicates an “unknown” caller, or an 800 number, answer the phone and play the recording into it instead of saying, “Hello.”

      We used to receive 3 to 4 robo-calls per day. After just TWO applications of the treatment, these have ended — completely. These arses obviously share call databases.

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