Disturbing numbers


Over 97,00 new cases among children. Opening the schools appears to be a use of children as guinea pigs. 97,000 children. Let that sink in for just a second.

That does not include staff members who were exposed to those children and are now positive for COVID-19.

I don’t claim to know the right answer on this. I do know my daughter, a school teacher and mother of 2 (1 starting kindergarten this fall), is very concerned about how we are going about this. Yes, VB schools are going full virtual until numbers come down. But will the numbers go back up after starting in-person classes again?

I am just not all that high on the idea of using our children as test subjects. Israel tried opening their schools and had to shut them back down after a rash of new cases.

Testing, tracing, masks and social distancing help prevent the spread of this disease. Why do some people insist on doing any thing else?

One thought on “Disturbing numbers

  1. “Why do some people insist on doing any thing else?”

    Because since Reagan, conservative thinking, such as it is, dismisses government, science, media, Democrats and about 55% of the citizens as being wrong.

    Gingrich based his political career on that. The Tea Party rose up on that. Trump was elected on that. And now the administration is dependent upon that line of thinking to stay in power.

    Fortunately, Republican defectors are realizing that the safety and security of the nation is dependent upon a government that will protect the citizens in times of serious crisis. States and localities have neither the resources nor the finances to handle major catastrophes like war and pandemics.

    And the reason they are defecting is because this administration is pure chaos and led by a man whose leadership skills are just plain absent.


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