22 thoughts on “‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’

  1. The terrorist activities of BLM, aided and abetted by left wing media and Democratic politicians could not be more accurately described. It is beyond disgusting what the left wing is tolerating at the expense of law abiding society in its quest for political gain.


    1. No more disgusting than what right wing ideologues have done in support of the most corrupt administration in the history of this country. Makes Harding look like he jaywalked across Pennsylvania Ave.

      Keep trying to lie like this and your hair will abandon your head for lack of support.


        1. Actually, I pointed out the one sided wrongness of the statement. It is extremists on both sides who are the issue, not just the magical ANTIFA. Your one-sided focus blinds you to the reality of the situation.


  2. Any truly objectively minded person wouldn’t bat an eye at referring to these terrorist riots for what they are, illegal violent riots.


    1. The continued focus by right wing media on the violence that has erupted during what began as peaceful protests ignores the underlying cause for the protests in the first place.

      So let’s just focus on those who are hi-jacking the peaceful protests and ignore the cause for the protests in the first place. That will solve all of the ills….which I know you think are bunk.


    1. I suggest we sentence all the protesters and rioters to the same length of time as the fraudsters that destroyed our economy in 2008.

      Businesses were destroyed, bankruptcies skyrocketed, savings evaporated, healthcare became unaffordable to the uninsured people, suicides increased.

      Of course the perps lived in gated communities so their hands were clean. The violent financial upheaval was more damaging than any broken windows. But who cares? Nobody really.

      Yes, the rioters and vandals who joined the protests for “fun and games” are reprehensible. Arrests have been made. Charges filed. Not everything is perfect for sure, but we are not China. We will not mow down people or send them all to concentration camps. The camps Trump admired when he talked to Xi.

      The fact is that there is a social issue that lies dormant most of the time. We are a wealthy nation with a high rate of poverty, 11 million illegal immigrants doing our dirty work and low wage jobs that are 42% of the available work. It doesn’t take much for an eruption of protests that can lead to violence.

      We can either address the core issues, or wring our hands every decade or so as we see violence.

      What we are seeing here, and around the world are just like the pustules on the face of a smallpox victim. Symptoms of a much more serious problem.

      I fully expect some to jump all over me for excusing looting. I’m not.

      What I am addressing is reality. It is happening. It is not happening in Church Point.

      PS: you think this is bad? Wait until the money dries up for the unemployed but they still can’t get jobs. Should be over the next few months.

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        1. And you let the actual fraud perps go free.

          The mortgages were fraudulent before Fannie bought them. The ratings companies gave them phony ratings and the bankers duped investors, then bet against them.

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          1. You have that backward.

            Fannie issued mortgage brokers lines of credit to make mortgages they would then buy. The brokers took the applications but Fannie processed them. and bought the mortgages restoring the lines of credit.

            The ratings companies had nothing to do with it until they wee bundled into mortgage backed securities.


          2. “ The ratings companies had nothing to do with it until they wee bundled into mortgage backed securities.”

            And then what happened? The ratings companies either didn’t look at the investments or they committed fraud. And what about bankers selling crap, touting it has gold, and betting against them after they were sold.

            Business as usual in the poorly regulated financial world.


        2. “On May 11, 2015 The Wall Street Journal reported that A U.S. District Court judge said Nomura Holdings Inc. was not truthful in describing mortgage-backed securities sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, giving a victory to the companies’ conservator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Judge Denise Cote asked the FHFA to propose updated damages to be paid by Nomura and co-defendant RBS Securities Inc., which underwrote some of the investments. At the outset of the case, the FHFA asked for about $1.1 billion. The order brought to conclusion a rare trial addressing alleged mortgage-related infractions committed during the housing boom. Over the past few years, more than a dozen firms chose to settle similar allegations brought by the FHFA rather than face a court battle. The settlements have brought Fannie and Freddie $18 billion in penalties. In her decision, Judge Cote wrote that Nomura, in offering documents for mortgage-backed securities sold to Fannie and Freddie, didn’t accurately describe the loans’ quality. “The magnitude of falsity, conservatively measured, is enormous,” she wrote. During the boom, Fannie and Freddie invested billions of dollars in mortgage-backed securities issued by such companies as Nomura. Those investments bolstered profits but, in the bust, contributed to steep losses that ultimately resulted in the companies’ 2008 government takeover. Nomura and RBS were two of 18 financial institutions, including Bank of America Corp. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., targeted in 2011 by the FHFA, which alleged that the companies lied about the quality of the loans underlying the securities. During the nonjury trial, lawyers for the FHFA said that Nomura and RBS inflated values of homes behind some mortgages and sometimes said a home was owner-occupied when it was not.[87]“


          Fraud from the originators and against Fannie.


  3. “… mob-minded are capable of grasping it.”

    Trump had close connections with the Mob in NY and Russia.

    So that’s why the administration is so clueless.

    I knew there was a reason.


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    1. “Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out”. It didn’t work in Vietnam so I’m pretty sure it won’t work here.


      1. Didn’t think it would. But all this yammering about Antifa, Pretty Boys (or was that “Proud”?), Bugaloo Bois, NFAC, 3% ers, and other assorted misfits interfering with BLM protesters gets a bit tiresome.

        So I threw that phrase out as Plan “C”.

        Of course it was meant as sarcasm. 😇

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  4. If you are going to claim these are peaceful protests that are being hijacked by violent troublemakers then you must agree that protests in support of confederate monuments in Charlottesville were also peaceful protests that were hijacked as well. Can’t have it both ways…


    1. The scum in Charlottesville were the protesters. Did you see any Confederate heritage and history buffs there. And if they were, they were marching proudly with Nazi colors.

      Did they march with the Nazis at night with Tiki torches chanting Nazi and anti-Semitic slogans?

      In other words, it was all Nazi, all the time.

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      1. These “protests” are EXACTLY the same thing if that is what you are claiming. You can’t have it both ways no matter how hard you try to justify these extremists terrorists that apparently are your friends. That makes you an extremist terrorist too, you know.


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