Homeschooling in Chesapeake

Chesapeake school reopening

Chesapeake schools are reopening online only, but their remote learning plan is totally unworkable. 4 45 minute online sessions spread through the day. So, we might as well homeschool the grandkids until things are back to normal.

Anyone have any experience with that, or have a recommendation for a package, preferably not a church based system.

14 thoughts on “Homeschooling in Chesapeake

  1. As a retired dentist you should be adept at daily drills…painless but filling. This opportunity could be your crowning achievement. Of course you may have to brush up a bit, but make sure to tell them the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but…and brace yourself.


    (PS: I know zip about home schooling other than I admire the patience and discipline required. Like house breaking puppies I think. I am sure there are plenty of resources on line for both secular and sectarian teaching. Bonne chance.)

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        1. Yeah, well when I try some of that with my kids, they tell me that Grandpa David (my dad) already used it and I need newer material. One of the drawbacks to close relationships.


  2. Don, I believe there are several resources that can be found with a simple GOOGLE search (or BING, or Duck Duck Go) and you can vet them through rating sites that are also available.

    My daughter’s situation is a bit more daunting. She is a HS teacher and her oldest is supposed to start Kindergarten this fall. Dad works as well, so home schooling is not an option. We are waiting to find out what kind of accommodations are going to be made for teachers in VB in similar circumstances.

    I wish you well in your endeavors and seriously hope and pray that this is temporary in nature and not for the full school year.


      1. I’m sure that is true, but can I suggest you pick the top 10 that do not appear church related, and vet them for your best options?

        Not having even considered the option, and the only folks I know that home schooled used the religious models, I can only offer what I have offered. I seriously wish I could give you more insight.


  3. RE: “Anyone have any experience with that, or have a recommendation for a package, preferably not a church based system.”

    No experience with home schooling, but if it were me I’d look for materials that emphasize “Trivium-based” instruction or “classical approach.” These are selling points in some Christian home schooling products, but secular products that mention these terms may also be to your liking. See Wikipedia for an explanation of Trivium.

    Bruce Dietrich Price, who posts here occasionally, may be worth consulting, as he writes extensively on education issues.

    You might also seek inspiration from the education writer John Taylor Gatto who, notably, was named Secretary of Education in the Libertarian Party Shadow Cabinet in 1992. Gatto died in 2018. His web site:

    You can also find numerous Gatto videos on YouTube.

    Speaking of Gatto, you might also consider preparing your own curriculum for the school year, perhaps based on something you’d like to teach, or something your students are interested in. I have in mind a biology project, but it could be anything. Perhaps someone at school could help you formalize an acceptable plan.


    1. …”based on something you’d like to teach, or something your students are interested in”…

      Good, interesting info for Don to consider.

      HOWEVER, keep in mind that home schooled children still need to meet the basic education requirements in order to advance/graduate. So I would be hesitant, until finding out the requirements before expanding into “electives”, for lack of a better word.


        1. My grand daughter is the one starting kindergarten this year. My daughter has been working with sight words over the summer to get her jump started on reading. Not sure where yours is with that, but if you would like to know where she got the idea from, just ask.


  4. Try googling Va homeschool 2nd grade curriculum or Va 2nd grade curriculum for starters. Saw quite a few packages available but most were from VDoE links provide good insight. At that age, math is very basic, English is read, read, read, science is mostly natural science and PE is PE. Call your local school and ask if they have any resources for you. My kid is 10th grade so a little easier to manage with virtual learning.

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  5. My wife has been researching homeschooling options for a few weeks and narrowed it down to three choices: Moving Beyond The Page, Build Your Library and Torchlight. I don’t know the details of each, but I think one or two of them require a math supplement.

    Good luck to you and your grandchildren!

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