Barr unable to testify before Congress

C-span of clown show

Barr was there but the Democrats only wanted to make speeches and wouldn’t let him answer. The phrase of the day is “I reclaim my time.” made dozens  of times to prevent Barr form answering the thousand word “questions” posed to him.

You Democrats should watch this and then go hang your heads in shame.

31 thoughts on “Barr unable to testify before Congress

  1. After a Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi no Democrat need feel ashamed.

    I did not watch the hearing. Invariably both sides just follow talking points. Jim Jordan is the perfect example of why it is a waste of time. He just puts on a show of belligerence for votes.

    To be fair, some Democrats do the same.

    I’ll read about this tomorrow, or tonight. I’ll go from FOX to CNN to WSJ to NYT to WAPO to…

    Somewhere I can extract what really happened.

    But ashamed? No way. Not with this GOP in charge of the Executive, the Judicial and 1/2 the Legislature. They have been, are are trying still, to make hash of our nation, our citizens and our Constitution. I think voters will remember who was in charge when the poop hit the prop and how well it was handled.


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    1. I don’t think you’ll appreciate the full stench unless you watch it and see Barr try to give substantive answers to 10 minute speech/questions only to be cut off after a few seconds with “I reclaim my time”

      Over and over, with the same phrase, to prevent an factual answer from being heard.

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      1. I watched it and it was one of the most rudest displays I’ve ever seen. I felt for the guy when he stated that this was supposed to be a hearing but they wouldn’t let him be heard. And these people are supposed to running the government. After todays exhibition, that is a really scary thought. “I reclaim my time.” If I hear that again I’m going to vomit.


      2. I forgot to mention one of many things that made me want to throw a flip flop at the TV. Late in the day Nadler initially denied his request for a five minute bathroom break. If they treat the Attorney General of the United States like that I can only imagine what they think about us common folk.


      3. Like I said, if anything, precedence was set by Benghazi. Maybe the details of how the hearing went differ, after all, Hillary Clinton was a much stronger person than Barr. But the point stands.

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          1. I did not see it, not did I try. It’s all theater.

            I won’t contest that it was a show with bad reviews.

            But memories are short if one forgets that Benghazi was repeated 7 times, Or was it 8? 6?

            The whole reason was to destroy Clinton. And it failed.

            So I will withhold judgement until Barr is brought to at least 5 more hearings.

            After reading Barr’s Notre Dame speech a year or two ago, I have lost all respect for that toadying pig. He is a king in queen’s clothing who would set up a theocracy in a Pope’s heartbeat.

            Did the Democrats handle it well. According to you, the answer is no. And, true, even Jeffery Dahmer deserved civility in a trial.


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          2. “Nothing excuses today’s display.”

            maybe. But to go high and right on yesterday and to say that the Benghazi debacle was just fine proves how hypocritical your thinking is.


          1. …”all cut him off with the same words, which have not been previously in general use.”

            You cannot be serious! (Thanks to John McEnroe) Basic phraseology used in BOTH houses of Congress on a regular basis.


      4. OK, I caved and watched online a bit. Democrat Johnson did not let Barr answer fully, I concede. The Republican Buck came in and read a boilerplate anti-liberal statement that blamed Antifa for every single act of looting and violence around the country.

        I cut it off.

        Like I said, political theater. From both sides.

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        1. If you only saw the Hank, Guam is tipping over, Johnson questioning you didn’t get the full impact of the farce that the hearing was. There is no defense for some of the behavior I witnessed today. Your attempts to deflect is as asinine as the behavior that was exhibited today. Hillary Clinton is a stronger person than Barr is like saying Hank Johnson is smarter than Barr……in other words laughable.


          1. You disagree. I didn’t expect to get cheers from the right, and that’s fine.

            Hillary was pilloried for 10 or 12 hours. 1/2 dozen investigations. Barr is a two-faced ideologue, but he only had a relatively short, if seemingly, raucous time.

            But like I said this hearing, like most, is all political theater. Was it bad to cutoff Barr? Of course.

            I have said it’s all theater several times, what do you think it was?

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          2. “Hillary Clinton is a stronger person than Barr”…

            I’d take Hillary to ground Barr to a pulp in three rounds or less. With her eyes closed.


  2. RE: “Barr was there but the Democrats only wanted to make speeches and wouldn’t let him answer. ”

    I watched for a couple of hours. The behavior of the Democrats reminded me of the unhinged protestors who made the Kavanaugh hearings into a bedlam, but I doubt any of the pols I saw today are even capable of remorse.

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    1. …”any of the pols I saw today are even capable of remorse.”

      That could easily be said about either side of the aisle. See Jim Jordan’s out-of-context mash up for proof of that.


      1. #Green
        “I’d take Hillary to ground Barr to a pulp in three rounds or less. With her eyes closed.” Now that’s funny. If looks could knock out someone then she may have a chance. The only other way for that to happen would be if she were to hit him with one of her used Depends.


        1. That’s the best you got? Seriously?

          Barr is a panty-waisted Trump whore who thinks that POTUS is king. He has become the political hack that Trump wanted as an Attorney General. The problem with that is the AG is supposed to be the PEOPLE’s lawyer, not the President’s.

          Hillary, while occasionally repugnant is still stronger in character and spirit than Bill Barr could ever be.


  3. At the same time, frontline physicians were speaking on the steps of the Supreme Court explaining why no one else needs to die from the virus. These are wonderful people, the country’s best. As opposed to Falci and the media.

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    1. They are desperate so they’re taking down a lot of stuff. Keep looking for frontline physicians, Monday or Tuesday, This is an historic shift.


        1. I think Dr Immanuel went way over the top and hurt the other physicians message.

          Most of them simply said that HCQ was beneficial when used very early, on an outpatient basis. Not a miracle cure, but useful for reducing the severity of the disease.


      1. The Frontline Doctors merely confirm and extend the work of Dr. Zelenko. Hydroxy works. More than 100,000 people have died unnecessarily.

        Taking down posts shows how desperate the situation is for Falci and gang. I think this censorship will backfire as more and more people understand the reality.


        1. The “doctor” getting the most pub is the one who says that gynecological problems are related to having sex in dreams with demons, alien DNA is being used in medications, and that a vaccine is being developed to prevent people from becoming religious. AND it was reported this morning she was sued for malpractice in 2019. If that is who you want to hang your hat on, then so be it.

          As far as Zelenko goes, we covered that the last time you attempted to promote how wonderful he is. He was expelled form his community for his lunacy.

          And his name is spelled FAUCI. If you’re going to criticize someone, at least spell his name correctly.

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    1. Yeah it was disappointing.

      Democrats need to take the “high road” over the loudmouth clowns on the right.

      Like I said, most hearings are all political theater.

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