What will they be called?


The Washington Football Team needs a new name. This takes time and effort and the time part is kind of off the shelf for this season (IF it is played).

This is NOT about whether it is the right thing to do or not. (I kind of have a clue of who thinks what on that.) This is about the TV market we are in and what the “home” team should be called now.

I have thought about it and came to the following conclusions: Senators has been used and is tied too closely to baseball, and right now NO ONE really likes the Senate. Wizards has been taken by the basketball team, so not a good choice.

Dysfunctional Dinosaurs (which also could describe Congress these days) is kind of too long, but it is fitting.

I would be interested to see what the forum thinks.

(DISCLAIMER: Some of this post is tongue-in-cheek. But the interest in what folks here have to say is always worth the time, even when deeply disagreed with.)

5 thoughts on “What will they be called?

  1. I suggest we honor the administration in the nickname. A little recognition for its leader is what he craves, deserves and might even placate the ignoranti in the GOP caucus.

    The Washington Feather Merchants.

    Just paint over the face on the logo and keep the feathers.

    (To save the effort of googling, this poster will, as a service, provide the definition of “feather merchant”.)

    “one in a position that involves little effort or responsibility or that calculatedly evades effort or responsibility : LOAFER“

    Seems perfect for a president who proclaimed that he takes no responsibility for actions or inactions by his administration in certain cases like the pandemic.

    You saw it here first…IMHO

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