“Anti-Racism” Is Racism in Disguise

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

This commentary has generated considerable discussion at Bacon’s Rebellion. I side with the author.

I remember growing up in Norfolk a half a century ago that virulent racism was common. It was part of the fabric of daily life. It is hard to imagine now, but not all racists were bad people, and not all rednecks were racists.

Under the circumstances it was impossible for a white boy to not form racial opinions in many things. But for that very reason white adults in my circles strongly emphasized the difference between racial views and racial prejudice. It was one thing to assume that blacks in general were inferior to whites, but it was entirely something else to assume that a particular black person was inferior just because of skin color. One couldn’t avoid the consequences of racism, but one could avoid the consequences of prejudice.

It is in this context that I agree with the author of the BR piece. Today’s anti-racism ideology makes no distinction between racial views and racial prejudice. Because they are effectively the same, the common ground for seeing others as equal to ourselves is wiped out.

2 thoughts on ““Anti-Racism” Is Racism in Disguise

  1. Essentially the author is arguing against affirmative action.

    The origins of that policy were simply to close the endless loopholes in non-discriminatory hiring. Or more precisely, to reverse the previous affirmative actions favoring Whites.

    Nothing is perfect, of course. But after a century of legal apartheid, just saying we can’t discriminate was not getting anywhere.

    It may be that affirmative action is no longer needed. Progress, for sure. Those pushing for more may need to rethink whether we have reached the end of its usefulness.

    A good description of White Privilege was heard a few months ago. It goes something like this:

    It is not that Whites don’t have tough lives or serious problems. It is just that skin color isn’t one of the reasons.

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