Government overreach has officially gotten out of hand

I beleive the move is unconsitutional, unless the local authorities request the assistance.

The stories out of Portland, OR were disturbing enough: Unmarked vehicles, unidentified law enforcement agents (meaning WHICH agency, not the individual’s name), apparently clandestine operations against American citizens (potentially only) exercising thier First Amendment rights.

Even Rand Paul takes issue with it:

And Trump supporters will, once again, let us listen to the crickets when questioned about it.

12 thoughts on “Government overreach has officially gotten out of hand

  1. Who cares about a bunch of unlawful violent squatters that the local government is afraid of? What is even sadder is the local government actually enjoys politicizing lawlessness in response to fiction as an admirable movement.


      1. Um, the squatting jackassrs are unlawful and violent. That is NOT exercising 1st amendment rights. You have NO rights to do what they are doing.


        1. …” unlawful and violent.”…

          No more so than the gun-toting idiots who invaded the Michigan legislature.

          And reporting is that the agitators of the violence are the federales themselves.

          And it is apparent you don’t understand the First Amendment. It works for ALL, not just those you agree with.


          1. “What planet are you from?”

            The one that doesn’t focus only on the violence. The one that doesn’t live in the Fox News/Breitbart/Limbaugh bubble. The one that doesn’t deny there are racists in this country and they now have a hero in the Oval Office. I do not deny that violence has taken place. It would be idiotic to ignore it. It is also idiotic to focus only on it, as you seem to be doing.


  2. Ah, the phrase “jack-booted thugs” from the government, a favorite phrase by conservatives when discussing ATF and others during a Democratic presidency.

    Anonymous armed men, unmarked vehicles, random kidnappings, that is “arrests”, without probable anything.

    Every tinpot dictator would be proud, as they should be. They have a supporter in the White House.

    Plus Trump, who wanted governors to take all responsibility and all blame for COVID responses, is now ignoring their handling of local protests and their demands that he butt out, in favor of modern day squads of “federales”.

    What about asking our Dear Leader to march at the head of his little army with a Bible raised and wrapped in a flag.

    (A ring of familiarity courtesy of Mr Sinclair Lewis and his book “It Can’t Happen Here“.)

    Klansmen are so delighted.


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    1. Len, Where all the “states rights” folks now? This gross overreach should have them screaming at the top of their lungs. Now it is crickets. If Obama had come close to anything like this, Todd and, especially Don, would be screaming for his head. Now that Trump is doing it, it is just fine.

      Go figure.


      1. In 2015 when President Obama was in office, they were running a military exercise, “Jade Helm”, that involved bases and towns in Texas and other red states. The word was out that martial law was being declared.

        Texas was being invaded.

        The Chinese were stockpiling guns in empty Walmart’s.

        Gun sales skyrocketed. Militias panicked. Conservatives were aghast. Men swooned and women wept.

        And this was a military exercise, pure and simple.

        But because Mr. Obama was President, yahoo conspiracy nuts exploded.

        Now that our current president is a conspiracy nut and tweets incendiary, sometimes racist, tweets or retweets and he had a conspiracy media day at the White House, the loonies have their own man.

        So you are correct. Still, Trump only has the support and some approval of less than 2/5ths of America. I think the jack-booted thugs will be returned to their cages soon.

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        1. ” I think the jack-booted thugs will be returned to their cages soon.”

          I hope you’re right. But the threats to other cities like Chicago, New York, and others may still come to pass before the public outrage, and that of his supporters in Congress, grows loud enough to “call off the dogs”.

          Maybe he’ll hear Napolitano and change his ….what am I thinking?


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