OK for me, but not for Thee?


COS Mark Meadows says it is wrong for Dr. Anthony Fauci to compare the current pandemic to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Yet his boss has made similar comparisons repeatedly since April. The only difference is that Mr. Trump has used 1917 as the year in question. Maybe if Dr. Fauci used the same year, he wouldn’t get rebuked in such a manner?

1917 was an excellent movie depiction of WW I. Maybe that is where Mr. Trump gets confused.

One thought on “OK for me, but not for Thee?

  1. What is just astounding to sentient humans is the political effort to trash Fauci in favor of votes. Republicans already doubt most science, so now let’s confuse them even more.

    This administration will go down in history as the one that tried really hard to destroy America. The “shining light” will be a whale oil lamp if Republicans had their wishes.

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