White House Announces New COV2 Treatments

Pictured with an unidentified product spokesman, the OTC products are “amazing” in effectively combating the virus.  Like bleach and UV light, these products kill the virus inside and out of the body.

Speaking about some of the products, the spokesman said, “For example, an open can of coconut milk, left on the counter, will kill 100% of airborne corona virus in a house within minutes.”

“And this, this single dose bag of suppositories, will cure a patient in the time it takes to insert them.  They work at preventing the disease too.  I’ve been taking them daily for two weeks,” he said.

Wow, and the GOP went nuts when Clinton’s guests slept in the Lincoln Bedroom.

12 thoughts on “White House Announces New COV2 Treatments

  1. I really don’t see your problem.

    The rabid Cancel Culture called for a boycott of Goya simply because the CEO made some gracious and complimentary remarks about President Trump when they appeared together, just as he had done when he appeared with former President Obama.

    Trump simply made an appeal for decent Americans to choose Goya products to make up for the damage.

    If you’re going to be fair, where is the condemnation for the extremists who demand lockstep condemnation of the President for participation in the marketplace?


        1. RE: “And keep in mind that Mr. Trump’s Twitter account was NOT one of the hacked ones.”

          The photo doesn’t appear in Trump’s Twitter feed. It was published on his Instagram page.

          But if you don’t like the word fake, think put on, hoax, or lampoon. You’ve been trolled.


          1. “It was published on his Instagram page.”

            I am on neither, so I could care less about where it appeared. But I do see that it is on a verified page, so again…

            Yet you still have ZERO cite for it being fake. Exactly what I thought.


          2. “You’ve been trolled.”

            1) I did not post this on here.

            2) There has been ZERO claim of fake or hoax or put on form the WH.

            3) Not one media source has reported this as being a fake.

            4) Your claim of spoofing is, in a simple phrase that even a man who lives in the grand world of semantics can understand, “horse shit”.


          3. Todd? You still there, Todd? Don’t see you coming up with any more semantic laden BS, so I guess you are still trying to find an inkling of someone, ANYONE, saying that this photo, from realdonaldtrump on IG, is a fake, put on, hoax, lampoon, or any other word you can pull from your pocket thesaurus.


      1. Was it an ethical lapse when former President Obama promoted Boeing jets? How about the 80 or more books he recommended, many without have read them, while he was in office?

        There is nothing wrong with a President celebrating an American success story, and Goya foods is certainly worthy.


        And especially so when that company has come under attack for political reasons.


        1. God only knows what you’d have said if it was Airbus… was he picture with a 747, aside from the one that circles my house every week.

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    1. Did you see a problem when a Trump called for a boycott of Harley-Davidson?

      OK for Trump to pick winners and losers?

      Boeing is an American company which competes directly with Airbus, a European consortium.

      More like a “Buy American” effort.

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