Trump is really a piece of work. Not only lies, but dog whistle racist lies.

““Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!” Mr. Trump posted on Twitter on Monday.” D. Trump

It wasn’t a hoax, just a door pull that was put in last year. No way to know that Wallace was going to get that garage. He reported it, and to this day the drivers and NASCAR still support him. Wallace himself has said he was relieved when the news came out that it was not an intentional threat.

But Trump just has to fan the flames. Not that we don’t have enough problems without having to listen to his rants, racist hints and lies in general.

He is really useless as a president and as a man. Actually, worse than useless, he is trying to tear this country apart for his own gratification.

Treasonous would be a better word for Trump.

IMHO. of course.

15 thoughts on “Trump is really a piece of work. Not only lies, but dog whistle racist lies.

  1. And Mr. Wallace, in response, took the high road (pun only slightly intended.)

    “”Love over hate every day,” Wallace said. “Love should come naturally to as people are TAUGHT to hate. Even when it’s hate from the POTUS.. Love wins.””

    Also, (from The Hill story): “After the FBI released its findings, Wallace said that he was “relieved,” noting that he’d “gladly take a little embarrassment over what the alternatives could have been.” He also said that it didn’t take away from the “show of unity” NASCAR showed after the incident. ”

    “Multiple NASCAR drivers voiced support for Wallace on Monday following Trump’s comments, with Tyler Reddick tweeting that NASCAR didn’t “need an apology.”

    “We did what was right and we will do just fine without your support,” he said. “


  2. So it is a hoax if you jump to conclusions and make a racial case out of nothing. Oh wait, that is what BLM is all about. A bunch of whining children making baseless claims of racism and then destroying everything around them including their own backyard. Pathetic to its core. At least Wallace admitted he was wrong while NASCAR have to prove they aren’t a bunch of racists that BLM and the left constantly babble about. They shouldn’t have had to do that at all.


  3. “ Wallace admitted he was wrong”.

    He did not know the origin and was relieved it was a leftover door pull. The rest of the response was NASCAR. including dumping the Confederate colors at its races.

    And that was a smart business move. They would like to expand its flagging fan base and Confederate ties are not going to do that. What is interesting is that even though the noose was not a threatening effort against Wallace, NASCAR still supports Wallace, as do all the drivers.

    One of the drivers answered Trump’s accusations:

    Shortly after Trump’s tweet, another driver responded in defense of Wallace. Tyler Reddick, who drives the No. 8 car for Richard Childress Racing, called out the president for his divisive rhetoric.

    “We don’t need an apology,” Reddick wrote, in a tweet accompanied by a GIF of Denzel Washington slamming a door. “We did what was right and we will do just fine without your support.”

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  4. I don’t do Twitter, so someone tell me, did Trump post that himself, or did he retweet something someone else said?

    The reason I ask is that I have been seeing the same thing, in the same words, on Facebook for days.


    1. I am sure it was an original tweet. It has been shown everywhere.

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    2. Send the Facebook reference. A screen shot would do.

      Now we know that Trump copies crap
      from the web via retweets, but this did not carry the hallmarks of those.

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    3. …” did Trump post that himself, or did he retweet something someone else said?”

      What difference does that make? Whether he said it first or second or 33rd, makes no difference. He posted it to his feed. And if you can’rt see trump’s own words and twitter-syntax in this post you really have not been paying attention.

      Not to mention that his …”lowest ratings EVER!” is factually inaccurate. Seems pretty clear to me that Trump originated these words all by his lonesome.


      1. I am not excusing retweeting something that is wrong, I asked about the source.

        I asked because I had seen the exact same words show up on Facebook before Trump tweeted, or retweeted, it.


        1. The actual tweet does not reference a previous author. So either Trump took the trouble to copy your FB version verbatim, or it gave him the idea.

          Neither of those two options says much about our president.

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  5. LITTLE ‘djt’ having the you-know-whats to suggest that ANYONE apologize for anything is the stupidest thing I ever heard of, since HE doesn’t DO apologies. Gotta admit, he is good for a laugh but not anything else, as he proves every day.

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