The Bulwark: Trump’s Presidency is about to enter Chapter 11

Nicholas Grossman posits two choices for Mr. Trump. With all of his pre-election planning for non-existent fraud, he seems to be leaning toward choice #1.

Personally, I am hoping for choice #2. The country would be better off.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

6 thoughts on “The Bulwark: Trump’s Presidency is about to enter Chapter 11

  1. RE: “Nicholas Grossman posits two choices for Mr. Trump.”

    Which is a silly thing to do. We learn, accordingly, that Mr. Grossman is a fool with an active imagination and a penchant for rhetorical contrivance, but not much more.

    No one I know who voted for Trump last time is even considering the possibility of voting for Joe Biden. My circles represent only the smallest slice of life, but then I’m not crazy enough to pretend that I can predict the future.


    1. When speculation fuels YOUR beliefs, you jump all over it and spread it as gospel. For you to take the position you did with this post shows that you fit in fully with the hypocritical Trumpist circles you seem to travel in. And according to your own words, maybe you might want to consider your circles as they just keep trying to spin and spin. My grandkids do that on their sit n’ spin.

      And before you say anything about my circles, I would like to point out that The Bulwark is not some left leaning, MSNBC clone. One of it’s editors is a guy you may heard of; Bill Kristol. And the Editor-in-chief is Charlie Sykes who gained prominence in Wisconsin as a right wing talk show host. I have suggested that folks check out the site for themselves. I forward that suggestion to you again.

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      1. RE: “I have suggested that folks check out the site for themselves. I forward that suggestion to you again”

        Suggest all you want. I’ve seen enough of The Bulwark to see that it is Bullshit. Every time you post, you provide more evidence to support the observation. Its failures of reason are easy to document and describe, as I did today.


        1. Gee, and the posts from you that I have actually plowed through.

          You really don’t want to leave the security of the nice, safe, cushy, bubble do you?

          Maybe you can help Don research Bugaloo. They apparently hang out at place like 4chan. Q-Anon Territory.

          That might be more familiar.

          Just suggesting.

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        2. Funny how you think anything that is anti-Trump is bullshit, yet you post conspiracy bullshit at least twice a week.

          Get out of your fucking bubble. I did. The Bulwark is only one of the sites I refer to these days. I explicitly avoid posting from CNN or NYT because so many of you and yours see the site and automatically refuse to read the information because of where it came from. I also plow through your posts and call them for what they are. Not suitable for fertilizer manure.

          I also look to,, and You live in the world of FPM, UNZ, and other far right wing, ONLY pro-trump sites to feed your narrative.


    2. As we have found out in the two elections that Republicans won the presidency, your and your Virginia friends’ votes mean little.

      A handful of key swing states decide the winner.

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