An interesting suggestion to prevent “cancel culture” from overtaking the work place

This is from a new community I came across this morning’

Zaid Jilani proposes to end “at will” work agreements. This could go a long way to ending indiscriminate firings for having the “wrong” political beliefs. An interesting read that could appeal to all, regardless of political bent.

3 thoughts on “An interesting suggestion to prevent “cancel culture” from overtaking the work place

  1. I am not sure I agree. Most businesses try hard to avoid political and cultural controversy for the simple reason they don’t want to alienate customers of any beliefs.

    Sure, there are exceptions among the millions of businesses we have, but they are just that, exceptions.

    A small, non-union shop cannot afford a disruptive workforce. Yet having to jump through a lot of hoops to release someone who is not conducive to harmony creates a system ripe for abuse. Sort of like the old divorce laws when the parties had to lie about some mental abuse or illicit affairs to fulfill the legal reasons to split up.

    Ideally, everyone should keep religion and politics out of the workplace unless it is part of the job description. Pray and campaign on your own dollar, not an employers.

    Of course, we are now learning that some folks think they have a right to literally infect others with a dangerous disease because of “freedom”. So maybe keeping ideology out of the job is just “un-American”.


  2. It was a suggested read that was interesting. The constant complaints about ‘cancel culture” need to be addressed. This is just one way to get the discussion going.


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