from Attorney Tim Anderson

State Senator Louise Lucas inciting riot

If our State still has any adherence to the Rule of Law, she should be charged. And probably the Portsmouth Chief of Police as well.

14 thoughts on “from Attorney Tim Anderson

  1. There was a controversy as to whether the monument was on private or public property. The police had arrested 2 people earlier who were inside the fence for the monument.

    I don’t know that Lucas was complaining while the vandalism that toppled the stature took place. Or that she was complicit with the vandalism.

    If she was correct on whether you can arrest people for just being on city property or not might be the debate. That she incited a riot is a huge stretch.


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    1. Did she influence Chief of Police Angela Greene to order her officers to stand down and not engage? According to the chief she was told by an “elected official” to not get involved . Did she encourage the protesters to destroy the monument? The police had arrested two people the day before for trespassing. A lot of questions that deserve to be answered. I’m a resident of Portsmouth and my neighbors also want answers. Politics have nothing to do with it. The video does not present the senator in a very good way.


      1. Lucas does owe the people an explanation. And I agree it looked bad.

        I don’t think as a State Senator she has any authority over the mayor or police chief when it come to public safety.

        I think she was grandstanding.

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        1. She doesn’t. But she decided in this case she can over rule state law. I give Chief Greene credit for having to consult legal stuff to find out if she could order the stand down. She does not have that legal authority to do that.


    2. Listen carefully to the video.

      She told the police ‘if the city council had taken down the statues, these citizens wouldn’t have to do it themselves.’ thus authorizing the unlawful destruction,

      She previously told the rioters that she would call off the police for them. That is exactly inciting a riot.

      She belongs in jail. not the State Senate.

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      1. “… thus authorizing the unlawful destruction,…”

        That was just a statement explaining why the protestors were dismantling. How you get authorization out of that is hard to believe.

        Her “calling off the police” has no legal standing. She is a State Senator, not the mayor or the police chief.

        I am not praising her actions, but they don’t rise to incitement.

        Now #LIBERATE is a whole ‘nuther story. That is incitement for insurrection.

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        1. She has no legal authority over the police, but she has sufficient political power in Portsmouth to have any of them driven out of the department.

          With power comes accountability.


          1. As a friend told me tonight that has been in Portsmouth all his life. Louise Lucas owns Portsmouth..


        2. Sir, you are on very shaky ground with that statement. You’re not dumb. That statement contradicts the my second statement.


        3. Lennart, you are a moron if you think that when Louise Lucas says jump in Portsmouth that the cretins don’t jump. She’s a plague on all the folks in Portsmouth.


          1. I admit I don’t know Portsmouth politics. But that does not make my statement wrong. If she exerts extra-legal influence beyond her authority, then that is a problem.

            I sounds like perhaps there are too many “cretins” in Portsmouth if her words are so feared.

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      2. …”thus authorizing the unlawful destruction”…

        But Bill Barr claimed he didn’t order the LE and NG officials to clear the area around Lafayette Park. he did tell them to “get it done”. Semantics sux.


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