12 thoughts on “YouTube: Candace Owens – I DO NOT support George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr. PLEASE SHARE!!!

  1. Quick question. You have posted several videos from YouTube lately. I wonder where you are getting them from. What websites are you finding the videos on to use here?


    1. RE: “What websites are you finding the videos on to use here?”

      What does it matter? I watch the videos before sharing them. They are published on YouTube.


        1. I often intentionally separate the container from the content in hopes of avoiding the problem of shallow commentary.


  2. Let the trashing of the murder victim begin.

    Yes, Floyd was not a model citizen. He committed a violent crime a couple of decades ago. He served his sentence. He moved and still dabbled in minor offenses.

    But then hedge fund operators, surgeons, professors and other stalwarts of the gated community crowd don’t have the same number of daily run ins with police. If they are black, they probably do have some tales of being treated as suspects at some time, but not the norm.

    Several of the murdered victims had rap sheets. But many did not and they add to the grievance, if not necessarily the catalyst.

    55 years have passed since the laws of apartheid were finally erased. Progress has been made, but cultural norms don’t disappear in a generation or two. Children are taught what the parents know.

    Violence solves little in civil unrest. It punishes the innocent disproportionately. Unfortunately the perpetrators are using legitimate protest to shield their actions. But a lot of arrests and charges filed have been made in most places.

    Meanwhile you can bet that by the time some resolution is made, our partisan divide will surely take sides on whether the victim deserved his fate or not. And one can wager that the search will continue for the handful of blacks who will trash Floyd.


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    1. RE: “Let the trashing of the murder victim begin.”

      Your virtue signaling is overwrought. A) George Floyd is not a murder victim, except in your characterization. Until the courts render a verdict in his case, your glorification of the man is non-factual. B) Candace Owens doesn’t “trash” the victim. She says, carefully, that she will not join people like you in pretending he is a martyr.


      1. Like I said, let the trashing of the murder victim begin.

        If you are shot to death during a robbery, you are a murder victim whether or not the killer was caught, tried and/or convicted.

        Floyd was murdered. There is no “stand your ground” case here. No self defense either.

        “Martyr”. Probably not. Just another black man among many who deserved better than being a murder victim at the hands, or knee, of the police.

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        1. Your elite superiority is peeking out from behind the bubble.

          There is no rationalization, just the facts.

          Do bad actors, seemingly mostly from the right, but across the spectrum take advantage?

          Sure, always have and always will. Can we shoot them all and let God sort them out. I’ll bet there are some who would suggest that.

          I am glad you are awed.

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        2. Being accused of rationalization by the king of such activity is truly an honor (See your post about “Leadership”. Holy crap, complete and total rationalization by you).

          I have not joined a mob. I have always been in favor of fair treatment of ALL peoples by those in power. Extrajudicial killing by cops is wrong, race be damned. You just keep whistling away until it happens to some you you know or care about.

          And your lack of outrage concerning First Amendment stifling by this administration is baffling. There was no reason whatsoever for what happened to PEACEFUL protesters being attacked by LE for exercising their 1A rights. No one in this country who believes in what this country is about should stand by and say “ho-hum” when shit like that happens. I would surmise you probably cheered when the CNN reporter in Minneapolis was arrested for….doing his job, with credentials and vocal identification of being with the media.

          You scream about the 2A being attacked, but when PEOPLE are physically attacked because they don’t hold your views, you are just fine with that. It is disgusting, but it appears to be who you are.


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