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  1. RE: “Nailed it!”

    Not for me. I found the president’s walk across Lafayette Square to stand in front of St. John’s Church hugely symbolic of leadership. It showed that our executive stood for freedom, faith and country. It was, in the words of an American Thinker writer, “akin to President Bush standing in the ruins of the World Trade Center following 9/11. It was like President Reagan (defying the ‘advice’ of his spineless State Department) standing in front of the Berlin Wall to demand that Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ‘tear down this wall.'”

    I watched a three-hour video of the protests at Lafayette Square which the web site The Bulwark offered yesterday. If I have to choose between the demonic children protesting at the police, ankle-biting commentary like the political cartoon promoted here, and the president who took the trouble to make a point about American values and tradition, I’ll go with the president.

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      He went under the pretense of inspecting the damage to the church and NEVER LOOKED AT THE DAMAGE TO THE CHURCH. He waved a Bible in the air like an awkward, first-time on TV televangelist. And it wasn’t even HIS Bible. He took a bunch of pictures with his sycophants. (And the question has to be asked, Where was Ben Carson, the only Black cabinet member?). He made no statements. He answered questions like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The only symbolism was that of a weak, ineffective President who makes Jimmy Carter look like a brilliant leader (while in the Oval Office).

      What Bush did post 9-11 was excellent. And no peaceful demonstrators had to be harmed to do it. In fact, he even embraced the workers at the site. He delivered a real message. Trump’s message was “Look at me! I’m went to church! I held a book in the air.” Oh and we had to gas the clergy at the church because they were such a threat. How dare they offer comfort to those who are hurting. There was nothing in his photo-op that had anything to do with TRUE American values and traditions. Unless you know believe that bullying, greed, contempt for others and grabbing women by their privates are American values and traditions.

      I used to get angry about some of the crap you post. Now I just feel sorry for you.

      And you are more than welcome to go straight to Hell with the president.

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      1. Why exactly is it liberal media and you lefties are so focused on who’s bible it was? Who cares? Just another shallow faux complaint from phony rabble rousers.


        1. Not a fixation, just a point among many about the hypocrisy of the visit. I am actually focused on the facts. 1) Church inspection? Nope. 2) Cares about what is going on? Nope. 3) Showing emapthy for the Floyd family? Not even close. He didn’t LISTEN to the family, but kept speaking over them during the brief phone interaction.


    2. “…American values and tradition…”

      Americans have a tradition of protest and civil disobedience when rights are violated. That is enshrined in both the Declaration of Independence and in the very first amendment of our Constitution which guarantees the rights of freedom of assembly, petitioning the government for grievances, and speech.

      The rights vote for women, civil rights for minorities, miners and workers rights, and a slew of changes for justice are what Americans protested for in history. Many shed blood for rights we take for granted.

      In order for this president to make his “symbolic point“ he had to shoot and gas his fellow citizens into submission.

      To me and the majority of Americans, that is hardly supporting and defending the Constitution.

      If any comparisons are to be made it would be the ludicrous “Mission Accomplished” fiasco of Bush the Younger. Or perhaps Dukakis driving the tank.

      The election will be a referendum on the president, as it should be. He has had to deal with 3 crises: the pandemic, the economic impact of a serious recession, and now the issue of mass demonstrations and civil unrest.

      In my opinion he gets failing grades for all three. But the fact is my opinion doesn’t mean squat. The electorate will decide if he is the right person for the job.


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  2. I don’t see anyone on the left seeking to fill the void. Now would be their moment to tell us their great ideas.

    Trump has been hit with two black swans simultaneously at the worst possible point in the election cycle, but he is still here.

    Now, the Democrats best hope is that people will continue to die and violence will continue through election day. They are terrified any of our problems might be solved.

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    1. 3 black swans, actually: pandemic, recession, massive demonstrations here and throughout the world.

      Presidents are made or broken by crises. That is just a fact of life. It comes with the job.

      Bush the Younger was inspirational and well supported after 9/11. He handled it well, people were reassured and his approval ratings skyrocketed.

      (Then he blew it all with invading Iraq, but that is another story of government lying gone ballistic.)

      Trump never got going on the pandemic, even effectively acknowledging it for that matter, until we’ll into March. By then it was kind of late to ascertain our preparedness. I think that killed any crisis management creds.

      Economic response is still yet to play out. I think the underpinnings of our economy are weak. We discovered that our most essential jobs pay low wages. And that 42% of our jobs pay at or less than $15/hr., which is the new minimum wage. Yet the almighty DOW was the thermometer for checking our nation’s economic health. As such, it overlooked the need to take a healthy economy in 2017 and start paying some bills, getting interest rates up and generally start shoring up the “levees” to handle future recessions.

      Finally, gassing Americans to clear a path for a 10 minute photo op may have appeased the hard core base of the president’s supporters, but it was not a Churchill moment by any stretch.

      In my opinion, three crises, three failures to rise above the fray are not encouraging for the administration.

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      1. The Pandemic response will be seen as a triumph, I just don’t know if it will be before the election.

        In spite of the FDA/CDC testing fiasco, Trump’s ‘reasoning’ with the FDA and marshaling of the private sector will have a vaccine available in 1/3 the projected time.

        Regarding the economy, your concerns for the lower wage workers is unwarranted. The poor in the US consume more than the middle class in Europe and have more living space as well.

        It’s really time for you to let go of the false narrative on Trump’s visit to the church. That has been debunked here and elsewhere enough already.


        1. “That has been debunked here and elsewhere enough already.”

          You REALLY need to go back a couple of threads concerning your statement. Here, allow me to help.

          Your “debunking” has been debunked. Good effort, but you are wrong.

          And using your buddy Williams’ op-ed piece from this morning is a nice touch. But as I read it, I found that he spins more than a dreidel at Hannukah. The Trump DOL CHANGED the formula for wages 2 years ago. And the rest of his rant was spin to the max. How many of the “poor” homeowners live in rural areas? How many of those folks live in RED states who get more back from the federal government than what they put in and, by your usual reasoning, steal from Blue states?

          William’s piece was just his usual load of crap.


          1. “The park was ordered cleared due to violence and visible preparation for violence, prior to the park police knowing Trump was coming.”

            Your lies notwihtstanding, that is NOT what happened, no matter how many times you say it. I backed my info with a source. You appear to be echoing the BS from the NPS Chief who has a habit of….talking like Trump.


        2. “What is the total compensation that I receive from my employer?” If you included only your money wages, you would be off the mark anywhere between 30% and 38%. Total employee compensation includes mandated employer expenses such as Social Security and Medicare. Other employee benefits include retirement and health care benefits as well as life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, vacation leave, tuition reimbursement and bonuses.”

          Most of our essential workers get few of those benefits.

          Living space. Compared to our major cities, living spaces are not that much different. Try an apartment in or around NYC, LA, San Francisco, etc.

          What’s been debunked? Police admitted to using gas. For a 10 minute photo op showing what? That he can use violence and military might to move Americans from where Trump wanted to be.

          “Make way for the King under penalty of death. Make way, infidels, make way.”, Wm. P. Barr, AG.

          OK, he did admit to saying “get it done”, not “do it”. What a distinction.

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          1. Regarding these peaceful protests, so far, 15 people, mostly Black, have died in the course of these peaceful protests, and the violence they mask, over the death in custody of a career criminal.

            How many dead policemen and innocent bystanders will be enough?


          2. “…over the death in custody of a career criminal.”

            You mean the intentional torture-murder of a man in handcuffs in broad daylight while in the care and custody of police.

            There is a difference. That is Third World policing.

            The looters have used the vast majority of protesters as shields. They are coordinated gangs and need to be stopped. The problem is that they mingle with the demonstrators.

            The hard part is finding the few dozen or so out of a crowd of 5,000 or more, at night.

            I have not met or talked to anyone who doesn’t agree that the perpetrators need to be identified, caught and sentenced to years in prison. I believe that is being worked on.

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          3. Everyone in that crowd has a cellphone.

            If they don’t want to be used as shields for the criminals among them, they need only take the looter’s pictures and forward them to the police.


          4. And you don’t think out of the 100’s of thousands of protester this has not happened? Police also use undercover cops in the demonstrations.

            Of course this happens at night. Gas, horses, batons, shields and other assorted distractions make videos a challenge.

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          5. Did you read the Guardian link about the police union head?

            The man is a loose cannon who essentially says that the four police did the right thing by torture killing Floyd.

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          6. Well, of course, he is the union guy, and they never admit wrongdoing.

            But no one else is saying that.

            What I am saying is that they did wrong, but it was not 2nd or 3rd degree murder.

            What it was was reckless ‘street justice’ that unfortunately ended in death. which meets the criteria for manslaughter.


          7. As the article pointed out the arresting officers didn’t know the criminal history of the murder victim. So how could that be “street justice”.

            The government is supposed to secure the rights of the individuals. It failed. Again.

            Choking a handcuffed man who is not resisting and doing it for 9 minutes constitutes intent. Second degree is warranted. The other officers were obviously complicit, and like any felony murder case, they did not have to pull the trigger to be guilty.

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          8. Floyd did not initially resist arrest, but when put in the rear seat of the police vehicle, went out the other side(which should not have been ajar) and fought being put back in, claiming claustrophobia. That doesn’t justify what was done, but it certainly pissed off the cops,


          9. No doubt, and that will be wrong.

            But that still doesn’t justify charging 2nd or 3rd degree murder. It’s manslaughter, and that is what the charge should be, not murder because the public wants it.


          10. “ Second degree murder is generally defined as intentional murder that lacks premeditation, is intended to only cause bodily harm, and demonstrates an extreme indifference to human life. The exact legal definition of this crime will vary by jurisdiction.”


            You don’t think a knee on the neck for nine minutes long after the detainee was handcuffed and held on the ground was a wanton disregard for life? Or that the intent was to harm?

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          11. I would suggest that asphyxiation for 9 minutes long after the detainee has been subdued by handcuffs and police holding him down shows intent to kill.

            What is the other reason? That the killer was just resting a sore knee after a hard day?

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          12. I don’t think you understand the physiology of what happened.

            The knee on the neck isn’t likely to be what killed him. it was hypoxia from not being able to fully expand his lungs due to the weight on his back,

            Floyd was able to move air, as his speech demonstrates, so his trachea was not occluded. But shallow breathing, complicated by recent COVID-19 and sickle cell trait likely gradually dropped his O2 level enough to trigger a fatal arrythemia complicated by methamphetamine in his system.

            But as long as he was talking, Chauvin may not have known he was in dire trouble.

            That said, it’s still manslaughter as it was reckless and brutal.

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          13. There are blood vessels to the brain, spinal cord in the neck, etc. May the technical aspect of strangulations did not fully apply.

            But nine minutes…no excuses. Police torture with intent to commit grievous bodily harm resulting in death.

            This is like the Chesapeake murder by the police when they smashed in the door of a young man based on crap information. The cops killed their own by reckless behavior but an innocent citizen was sentenced to prison.

            Police brutality by any other name is just that.

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          14. Yeah. No one can become a better person. No one deserves the chance to reform. No one, unless they vote GOP or Libertarian is, in your view, capable of rehabilitation.


          15. How many peaceful protests across the country are YOU ignoring because they aren’t protesting 2A issues? You jump all over the agitators who overtake the peaceful protests without acknowledging those who are peacefully exercising their 1A rights.

            How does your knee feel?

            Your bias is blatant and hypocrisy on full display.


        3. “ The Pandemic response will be seen as a triumph…”

          Of course this remains to be seen. But even the kindest assessments would have to answer why we have 30% of cases and deaths worldwide.

          Vaccine research is worldwide and some of the most promising are not ours. Besides, any president would have taken the reins off in January instead of March, checked the SNS stockpile tears earlier and a slew of other precautions as warned by Obama administration in 2017.

          So Trump’s mad scramble to catch up is not leadership, it is panic due to ignoring the pandemic.

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    2. …”but he is still here”…

      Two reasons for that. The election isn’t until November. And the GOP led Senate has no backbone to stand up to him.

      And your assertion about Democrats needing people to die and violence to continue is ludicrous and shows how completely blinded by hate for them you really are.


  3. All Lives Matter, rioters be damned. The economy is doing quite well considering and will do much better once people continue to go back to work. Stock market is down some but recovering well. Pandemic cases are trending down very well except in a few high density liberal urban enclaves. The leadership void is squarely in the House since all they have managed to do for almost 4 years is try to bring the president down with no success. Baby whiny losers.


    1. Too bad you don’t pay attention to what the House has actually done. Instead you say they do nothing, but ask yourself this: How many House passed bills are sitting, untouched, in Mitch McConnell’s black hole of a desk drawer?

      Your contention about the House is Cow manure, suitable for fertilization.

      Can’t wait to see your crocodile tears come the 4th of November. Or wait. You’ll follow the lead of the liar-in-chief and say the election was rigged, there were MILLIONS of fraudulent votes cast, and the other drivel that spews forth from the Oval Office.


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