Here is what GOP leadership looks like

Mitch McConnell blocked a resolution that condemned the order by the administration (Barr reportedly issued the order) to use tear gas and rubber bullets as well as other aggressive actions against PEACEFUL protesters.

“The Democratic resolution would also throw congressional support behind the right of Americans to protest peacefully and the belief that “violence and looting are unlawful, unacceptable and contrary to the purpose of peaceful protests.””

Yet McConnell blocked it saying it didn’t do enough to address racial injustice or ending riots. But Schumer’s resolution was specific to what happened at Lafayette Park and in support of PEACEFUL exercise of First Amendment rights.

“”If a senator objects, they should be asked if they believe Americans do not have the constitutional right to exercise the freedom of speech. … Do they support the president’s use of tear gas against people, including families, who are peacefully protesting in a public park?” Schumer said”.

And to highlight McConnell’s leadership, when asked about Trump’s Monday evening speech, he replied, “I’m not going to critique other people’s performances” Seriously? The Senate Majority Leader won’t critique other people’e performance? Abdication of leadership and fear of Trump at it’s highest level.

4 thoughts on “Here is what GOP leadership looks like

  1. Well, yeah, except that it never happened. But why let facts get in the way.

    The park police cleared the park prior to the curfew because of attacks on policemen adding a new fence in support of the coming curfew. Further, activists had climbed a burned out building to gain height for throwing bricks and frozen water bottles at police below.

    The park police were not informed of Trump’s walk until after the clearing had begun.

    Further, no tear gas was used, just smoke markers and no rubber bullets were fired, just pepper balls.


    1. What exactly didn’t happen. Tear gas and rubber bullets. NYPOST.COM got it wrong…again.

      Try The Hill or Reason, but I recommend highly against the Post. As would most people who actually LIVE in NY, unless it is for sports coverage and (sports) commentary.


  2. …”just smoke markers and no rubber bullets were fired, just pepper balls.”

    Yeah, that makes it SOOO much better.

    What attacks on cops took place that day? None Zero nada. Hell, even two priests at the church were smoked out and chased off of their porch … possibly for the “crime” of handing out water and offering prayers to the protesters.

    You got your days mixed up. The fence was not erected until AFTER the protesters were cleared for Trump’s perp walk.

    The NY POST might as well be on the payroll with Trump’s campaign. I’ve told you before, even New Yorkers only read the Post for SPORTS.

    Bill Barr ordered the perimeter moved back the day before and when he saw that it hadn’t been done (police fault, NOT the protesters) he ordered the police to move in and clear the protesters.

    And it wasn’t JUST park police involved. Military police were right there, as well as National Guard members who appeared to be doing the shooting and “smoking”.

    Even Pat Robertson said what happened “wasn’t cool”.

    Gary Johnson just called and disavowed you as a Libertarian.


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