Brilliant, recommended reading

If you haven’t signed up for The Bulwark newsletter (free, babay!), you are missing out. It is not some left wing, namby-pamby, MSM website. Conservatives, including Bill Kristol, are part of it’s masthead. (OK, it’s Never-Trump conservatism, but hearkens back to better days, in a way) I strongly recommend it for it’s content and insights. It has given me a modicum of respect for the remaining conservatives out there.

8 thoughts on “Brilliant, recommended reading

  1. Thank you Mr. Green! No, seriously, THANK YOU.
    Would have hated to miss this piece; and, in particular those last two paragraphs.
    Leave it to the Aussies to deliver the shots of THAT evening.

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    1. Read it and remove your orange colored glasses before you do.

      It actually reminds the rest of us who haven’t been suckered in by Mr. Trump that there are still decent folks on the Right side of the discussion

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    2. RE: “so the Deep State has its own newsletter now.”

      The Deep State is pursuing a new demographic: 2 year olds.


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