From a self-proclaimed conservative

Damon Linker explains why he has voted for Democrats since 2004, even though most people who know him also say he is a “conservative”.

Just an interesting opinion piece that I thought worth sharing.

10 thoughts on “From a self-proclaimed conservative

        1. You should re read VERy CAREFULLY, and without your jaundiced eye, the first 2 paragraphs of what he wrote.

          Yet you are still a hypocrite. I noticed you lay claim to Marky Mary status, but don’t deny the other.


  1. “From Otto von Bismarck to the advocates of the American New Deal and beyond, modern reformers have understood that preventing the rise of radicalism requires a robust social-welfare system along with regulation of the economy to help foster the flourishing of a large, dynamic middle class. In this respect, the economic policies pursued and enacted by the Republican Party since the election of Ronald Reagan — ever-greater tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations, support for trade policies that have contributed to the decline of the manufacturing sector and the communities that benefitted from it, the thinning out of regulations on business, the shrinking or elimination of welfare benefits, opposition to the expansion of access to health care — have actively contributed to the struggles of the middle class and the growth of political extremism on both the left and right.“

    I have posted numerous times that a broad based middle class is critical to protecting the capitalist economy. In addition, a strong social safety net for unemployment, affordable and accessible quality healthcare and education and pension support are the capitalists’ best friends. These should be part of the cost of doing business in our country. A country that has abundant resources, a relatively corrupt free governance and court systems, and a good defense is worth paying extra for.

    Right now, as evidenced by the boasting of Trump during the campaign about not paying taxes (not to mention the tax evasion schemes of Fred Trump and his offspring), the top percentiles have been doing their best to avoid paying for all the privileges and security of living in the US.

    We are a low wage economy. Almost half (42%) of our jobs pay $15 or less per hour. This includes the bulk of what we now are “essential” jobs. That is not a route to middle class by any standards.

    The opinion of the writer is right. The Democrats are not perfect for sure. But the Republicans have totally lost their way.


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  2. I’m unsure of the sincerity. Clearly harsh on Trump and the MAGA movement, especially the muckrakers who like their increased revenues from conspiracy theories, but swings at the left too.

    Then there’s the picture. Scratch MAGA and you see blue?


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