15 thoughts on “RCP: What the ‘Obamagate’ Scandals Mean and Why They Matter

      1. That is a false equivalance . Trump is, at worst, careless in his words, but Obamagate is an organized and systematic assault on the rights of citizens done with full understanding of their unlawfulness and ethical wrong.


        1. Unbelievable. Even with all of the facts presented, you still believe that Trump is merely “careless in his words”. Just by firing the numerous IG’s, he has thrown the idea of the rule of law under the bus. And you keep driving it.


          1. Not denying that Obama (or Bush for that matter) fired IGs. He didn’t do it while they were in the middle of investigating SECSTATE, and at his request, for potential wrongdoings, as the most recent example. Getting fired for doing one’s job is not good enough. Hell, even Chuck Grassley said the explanation was unsatisfactory. It is not the firing that is the outrage; it is the timing.

            and I wish you would have used a better source than Malkin. No true conservative trusts here any more. And the Pilot stopped carrying her because of how malicious her commentary had become.

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          2. There are lots of references to Obama firing IG’s I selected Malkin’s piece because it assembled them into a pattern. If she is in error, show me where.

            It is kind of amusing that you would commit the appeal to authority fallacy and then the adhominem fallacy in successive posts.


          3. Still only one IG fired.

            The list is “scandals” is impressively pathetic.

            IRS: at the level of the IRS, plus it turned out to be a general audit, it’s just that the right wing was flooding the market with phony tax exempt organizations.

            Benghazi: no scandal except by the Republicans and 7 or 8 endless hearings.

            VA: been a mess since it was founded. Obama fixed it and Trump took credit for it.

            ETC., ETC., ….

            Was the Obama presidency perfect? Name one that was.

            Trump, on the other hand lies, and in my opinion, commits treason.

            But that’s just me and 60% of the country.

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          4. From your cite:

            “Finding government abuse and doing nothing about it is worse than not finding any at all.”

            Getting fired just as you are about to report findings of abuse is much worse. Also getting fired for doing one’s job (Horowitz I believe) is also not good.

            And stonewalling is worse than firing? Interesting thought process there.


          5. Obama administration fired one IG. Maybe two if you believe the “forced retirement”.


            The rest of Malkin commentary is innuendo, interpretations and guesses mixed with some truths.

            “Obamagate” is a unicorn to deflect attention from Trump’s issues with the crisis. Trump can’t even define the “crimes”, because there aren’t any.

            Yes, the FBI, et.al., may have had some issues and there may have been some non-fans of Trump like 60% of the country.

            On the other hand, we have never had a candidate begging the Russians for help (big joke, I know). Or his son literally gleeful about getting help from the Russians. Or a campaign manager who both worked for Putin’s pals in Ukraine and turned over polling data to Russian intelligence. Or appointed a DNI who worked for foreign governments secretly and lied about his contacts with Russian intelligence.

            You see, if a Democrat had done all that he would be in prison for treason. And you’d be thrilled.

            “Obamagate” is total fabrication by Trump. Again, he can’t even define what it means.

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    1. You (DT) say . . .

      “Makes you gag when you hear Former President Obama spout off about the Rule of Law.”

      I say . . .

      “Nope. Makes me yearn for the good ole days; the OBAMA days.

      When I feel the need for relief that only gagging will cure, I flip through the channels till I find ‘djt’ belching up some new lies. Works every time, even better than the Pepto.

      Just saying.

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