Cause for concern

Two questions come to mind: 1) How accurate was the testing used on TR? 2) If you have the disease, are your truly immune from getting it again?

Keep in mind, these tend to be younger people who we keep getting told have little to worry about from COVID-19. Unless of course it is running thorough the CPO Mess or Wardroom. The you get into that older demographic of 30-40 year olds.

2 thoughts on “Cause for concern

  1. There is a lot we have learned about this virus, but new “surprises” are popping up regularly.

    The openings in some states seems to have gone on with little or no actual cautions by the public. Witness crowded bars, etc.

    I think we’ll know in a week if this was premature or if we are just knocking off old folks as those who will be “affected badly”.

    (What a euphemism for dying. “The bomb went off in a crowded market and 12 people were affected badly.”)

    Most of the people who will be pressured to return are the lower wage “essentials”. They will be the canaries for the rest of us. And we can ascertain whether “anybody who wants a test can get one” mantra from the regime for the last month or more, has any truth to it. So far it hasn’t. Last I saw we are 38th or 39th in the world for testing per capita.

    Of course we heard the other day that fewer tests mean fewer cases. Otherwise known among some as the Egyptian River Model. Or the Ostrich Postulate.

    OK, back to Flynn or Biden or pizza parlors.

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    1. …”back to Flynn or Biden or pizza parlors.”

      It’s good that we are discussing less about COVID, but it does not mean we should ignore the news, good or bad.

      Yes, we don’t want to spook the markets by conducting more testing because more testing means more cases. G-d forbid! The roller coaster known as the stock market is not the economy though. Too bad the power that is thinks otherwise.

      I do find it a nice outlet here to discuss the goings on outside of the pandemic.

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