22 thoughts on “NRO: Obamagate Is Not a Conspiracy Theory

  1. An opinion.

    Spying on Americans? A time honored tradition that has been going on since Hoover. So nothing new or startling except as it fits a regime narrative.

    Flynn is a crook and a liar. You know the details. He even planned to kidnap a Turk residing legally in the US for $500,000 to bypass extradition proceedings.

    Yes, lo and behold, there were people in the administration of President Obama who disliked Mr. Trump before and after the election. That fits about 3/5ths of the country from day one of the escalator extravaganza.

    Obama kept the investigation quiet so as not to appear influencing the election. Then gave Trump the dossier, and info about Russian interference. And Republican Comey screwed the Clinton campaign with his deliberate disclosure of reopening the email investigation for no reason.

    This “Obamagate” obfuscation is just.another in a long line of Trump diverting attention in a desperate misinformation gambit with Stalinesque qualities.

    So there you have it. The unvarnished truth of my opinion.

    And those who peddle the revisionist history according to the regime don’t like that. And I understand it is hard to give up juicy conspiracies. Trump is the perfect example via his racist retweets, murder accusations, pizza lovers support groups, and otherwise useless, but inflammatory drivel. Armed protestors are now threatening state houses with full support of Trump and his ignorance with #LIBERATE. That is treasonous in my book.

    But you will defend your man to the bitter end, I am sure.

    IMHO lest some of the blog wannabes are so offended they just can’t bear to comment.

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    1. A man is entitled to his opinions, even when there are no facts to support them.

      You call Gen. Flynn a “crook and a liar,” but the fact remains the full investigative resources of the both the FBI and the Special Council’s office were unable to produce any evidence of criminal behavior with which to charge Flynn. The best they could do was to catch him in a dubious false statements offense.

      You can assert that Flynn is a “crook and a liar” all you want, but you can’t substantiate the assertion. Under the circumstance, you, too, may be guilty of indulging in conspiracy theories.


      1. Flynn broke laws by lobbying for a foreign government and not disclosing that as the nominee for the most se unity sensitive position in the White House. He was plotting a kidnapping. He lied in court under oath.

        Seems pretty obvious to me that you are wrong.

        Our president ran a fraudulent school, stole from his “charitable foundation”, paid hush money with probable campaign money, bragged about overt sexual assault…and that is just for starters.

        So I can see how Flynn was a good fit.

        But that does not make Flynn not a liar or a crook.

        I suppose some might admire “honor among thieves”, but most ethical thinking doesn’t buy into that.

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          1. He can’t. Just keeps saying your claims are “baseless” and “fact free” when all you do is back up everything you say with facts.

            Facts are anathema to the Trump era lovers.

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          2. RE: “Correct me.”

            I already have, but just to be clear:

            • Flynn’s pleas in his legal case cannot be construed as “lies,” because pleas are neither true nor false.
            • Flynn was alleged to have participated in a kidnapping plot and the allegation was investigated by both the FBI and the special council. Neither found evidence sufficient to charge him.

            Thus, you call Flynn a liar without any factual basis and you call him a crook without any factual basis.

            Pretty seedy.


          3. Twisted logic is still twisted. Nice defense, but any judge worth his salt would toss it on the grounds that it is, to put it mildly, horse manure. IMO


          4. “I already have, but just to be clear:“

            I already gave you a quote and a link that guilty pleas in federal courts are under oath.

            He lied under oath if he later said he was innocent. Period. You are wrong.

            Just because he wasn’t charged, he was offering his services to a foreign government to sidestep the laws of our land.

            He is still a crook and a liar and your defense of that man is…indefensible.

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    2. “Yes, lo and behold, there were people in the administration of President Obama who disliked Mr. Trump before and after the election. That fits about 3/5ths of the country from day one of the escalator extravaganza.

      Obama kept the investigation quiet so as not to appear influencing the election. Then gave Trump the dossier, and info about Russian interference. And Republican Comey screwed the Clinton campaign with his deliberate disclosure of reopening the email investigation for no reason.”

      Re: your above thoughts:

      Who’s going to believe that there were people in Obama’s administration who disliked Trump? Ha, ha. Of course they didn’t like the slime ball. Who did?!

      And, who ‘would’ like him after watching him ask Russia for help on live TV, mock a physically challenged person, talk about grabbing women’s lady parts so crassly, mocking and slamming a gold star family and a ginormous assortment of other stupid, vile things. No surprise there, that the Obama administration found ‘djt’ unlikeable, sadly unfit and unqualified and way too nasty to be a leader of anything.

      And, of course Obama didn’t want to step in the middle of that s-storm weeks before the election – he knew he’d be be accused of trying to influence the election. In hindsight, he should have been screaming at the top of his lungs that ‘djt’ needed to go back to school (starting with the 3rd grade) before even assuming he was more qualified for the presidency than Hillary Rodham Clinton or even my male beagle, Rufus.

      Conspiracy theories among the conservatives to support little ‘djt’ only make them appear to be as loopy as he is.

      Just My Most Humble Opinion, folks; but, hey, I got to do something till 2 PM today when the ‘TaylorMade Driving Relief charity event’ comes on.

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      1. 2 pm tee off as far as I’m concerned. It’s going to look like the new version of Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf. No spectators, few cameras, single match.

        I’m rootin’ for Ricky. Will he wear orange pants?

        That is one of the myriad of proposition bets online.

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        1. Watching them play in shorts and carrying their own bags was a touch mind blowing. Not even carts to drive? Amazing stuff to see pros play in the same fashion hackers like us do. They just tend to hit the ball a lot further and, more often than not, straighter.

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        2. Without the gallery it was a little lackluster and hard to get used to, but just seeing some live golf was good, and I love them all. They were all a little off-their-games, but that’s to be expected. Thought Rickie and his sound effects were funny. No orange pants, but he did have the orange shirt which kind’a looked like his stomach had rejected his last pizza. URP! Ha. Enjoyed all 4 of them, and I have to laugh every single time Wolff does that ‘start-off’ move.

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      2. SO, you’re happy with the party on power using the full force, and bottomless resources, of the Dept of Justice to railroad a private citizen?

        Will it be OK when it is a Democrat being coerced into a false confession to save his family?

        From the abuses of power of Fast and Furious to Obamagate, Obama has left Nixon’s ghost standing in awe.


        1. Oh please. We are dealing with the here and now, and I don’t give a flying farkle about what may or may not happen in the future at the hands of the Republicans. Who saw the scum bag in the Senate not allowing a president with a year to go in his presidency to bring a nominee for the Supreme Court to the floor for a vote. After 4 years of the know-nothing, corrupt trump administration I don’t see how the future could dump anything worse than that on America. You picked the wrong gal to spout your line of silliness to..

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        2. Flynn is NOT a private citizen. He did NOT get railroaded and he did NOT get coerced. Saying those thing over and over and over again does NOT make them truth.

          Truth: He failed to register as a foreign agent. He lied to the FBI and/or the court. He was FIRED from the Obama administration (probably why Trump wanted him in the first place.)

          Your attempt to spin Obama’s time in office is as misled as your attempts to call Trump satisfactory in any way, shape or form.

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        3. So YOU are happy with the President in power using his DOJ to punish his political rivals? Or to circumvent the rule of law?

          Nixon’s ghost is jealous of Trump. Because he is getting away with it.

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  2. You’re right! It’s not a theory! It’s an outright lie just like the 16,000 others Trump has told to take advantage of those who vote for him.

    You do realize that he despises you. He hates the people of whom he can take advantage; those who believe his every word, who adore and idolize him. He considers them losers, and he despises losers.

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  3. “Former FBI counterintelligence agent Asha Rangappa posits that to the contrary of the Trumpian line, the volume of unmasking requests related to Flynn’s behavior, is a bad look for him—not the Obama administration. “This does not help Flynn,” she told me. “This is a long list of names of people across disparate areas of government who independently felt that the intelligence reports they were reading were so alarming that they needed to know—without knowing, by the way, who it was beforehand—[who] the person was that was engaging in that communication or activity.” Driving this point home, Rangappa asked of Grenell, “Why not go ahead and disclose the underlying intelligence report?” In other words, if the Trumpian line of attack is that these Obama officials were acting inappropriately and without cause, make that case. Of course, conspiracy theories don’t thrive in context. And transparency has never been the currency of Trumpworld; details be damned.”


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