Oh, crap! . . . Speak of the devil . . .

I notice he’s not mentioning Rory. Wonder why? Smile & chuckle. I read what Rory said about ‘djt’ and my opinion of RM went up even further than it already was.

OK, now someone needs to cut ‘djt’s’ mic.



2 thoughts on “Oh, crap! . . . Speak of the devil . . .

  1. Why is this post dated May 9th? I had to dig to find it after seeing the email that it had been posted.

    This had to be yesterday (May 17) during the amazing fund raising Skins Game. I had dozed off (as I often do on a Sunday watching golf) only to be awakened by the “dulcid” tones of Mr. Trump. After praying that Mike Tirico would say thank you for calling in much sooner then he did, I had to turn it off. He didn’t answer the question about HOW to bring back spectators to sporting events. He driveled on about only he knows what, and basically ruined a pleasant Sunday of golf on TV.


  2. @Adam Green

    Crazy, huh? I wrote that yesterday on my cell phone, which has been acting strange’ when the golf was interrupted by his majesty. I hit the ‘post’ button and it wouldn’t post. I kept trying and at some point I saw the date ‘May 9th’ too. Yep, I heard him “…driveling on…” and I was close to muting him, but didn’t because I wanted to see if he’d mentioned McIlroy, which he didn’t.

    The only way I could find that post today was by hitting the Search button in the rectangle to the right of the top screen. I shut the link down and logged OUT and then came back in. Hope that is the end of that. Very annoying.


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