Press freedom is an anathema to many, including this administration.

“Lamestream Media is totally CORRUPT, the Enemy of the People!” President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday, repeating a phrase honed by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to label supposed ideological enemies who should be eliminated”

“China (No. 177 of 180 on RSF’s World Press Freedom Index) is promoting its authoritarian model worldwide as an alternative to liberal democracy — including a “new world media order” in which journalism is tightly controlled.“

“The pandemic shows the danger of such a model: China was able to hide the outbreak by suppressing the remaining small space for investigative journalism that existed before the crisis. Even still, independent bloggers tried to report it, and the free press of Hong Kong and Taiwan were able to report about it. Imagine if they disappeared.“

It has never been easier to cover the spectrum of political and cultural beliefs than today. Let’s make sure we keep it that way regardless of the present regime’s threats and posturing.


42 thoughts on “Press freedom is an anathema to many, including this administration.

  1. If you want a free press, then take care that it is a responsible press, and call them out on bias and falsehood EVEN WHEN IT IS YOUR PARTY that benefits.

    President Trumps criticisms of the press resonate because they are clearly true.

    If the people trusted the press more than they do Trump, his criticisms would fall on deaf ears, but the mass of the people outside the left wing bubble can recognize bias when they see it, and at best don’t trust the press or Trump, and many distrust the press so much that they would believe Trump if he said the sky was orange.

    The press did this to themselves with decades of hypocrisy and clearly visible bias.


    1. I think the press gets called out a lot. You just did so here. There is an entire industry of right wing media. Including the most popular, FOX and talk radio.

      Does the right call them out in their bias and lies? Do you?

      Decades you say?

      How about centuries? From day one, newspapers have been really biased one way or the other. Yellow journalism did not get that moniker in this century.

      The editorial was about press freedom. That means taking the good with the bad. Just like the 2nd Amendment.

      You dismiss the Stalin threat of “enemy of the people” that Trump harps on like a broken record. Terrorist are the enemy.

      I think the number of time the media has been right about the administration outweighs the falsehoods by a huge margin.

      And he said: ‘You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.’” D. Trump to L. Stahl, 2016.

      The agenda is to confuse his fellow citizens.

      By golly, he has succeeded.

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        1. Let’s talk about balance for just one second; I pulled the Verizon HD channel line up for verification and this is what was found:
          Channel 600 is CNN, 602 is CNBC, 603 is MSNBC. CNBC is business driven and is quite center aligned.

          Channel 615 Newsmax, 616 OAN, 617 Fox Business, 618 FOX News. Fox Business leans heavily right and conservative.

          So on balance, the right and Trump aligned news stations have greater visibility than those accused of being too liberal (I’ll give you MSNBC on that call). Please don’t ask me include the Sinclair Broadcast group. They control well over half of the local broadcast media outlets in the country.

          The bias is there. But it NOT one-sided.


          1. ‘NBC was just caught in deceptive editing,”

            Yes and unlike ANY right wing media source, they took responsibility. Let me know when one of the Fox heads does the same thing for the disinformation they spread on a regular basis.

            As far as calling all of the major networks propaganda organs (liberal leaning yes. propaganda, I disagree) without saying the same thing about Fix is disingenuous and hypocritical.


          2. Come on Don.

            Obama’s words were edited and taken out of context for 8 years.

            “Transform America”, “Joe the Plumber”, the “apology tour”, “you didn’t make that”, ….etc. ad Infinitum.

            Yes, Todd screwed up and because they are an organization that is generally ethical, he apologized and corrected it.

            We are still hearing the Obama quotes to this day. No apologies from the propaganda meisters on the right like NewsCorp, Limbaugh, Savage. Just more of the same.

            Trump and his machine will always find some errors, some bias. Rocket science not necessary to agree that the media is not perfect. In fact Trump still attacks them for truth just to show his supporters how tough he is.

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      1. Herr Doctor is clearly delusional.

        It is truly sad to see a reasonably capable intellect succumb to disinformation’s siren song….

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    2. RE: “The press did this to themselves with decades of hypocrisy and clearly visible bias.”

      That’s the way I see it, too. MSM have become so distorted and unreliable that droves of people have flocked to alternative sources, but there the censorship is growing extreme.

      Ms. Rubin’s commentary actually illustrates the problem. Read one way, its just another fatuous anti-Trump hate piece. Read a different way, it is rallying call for the active suppression of unapproved speech, complete with scapegoats.

      Ms. Rubin apparently believes that her speech represents the approved variety, meaning fact-based media. Her propagandistic sleight of hand is to imply that the world of speech itself is divided between good and bad versions.


      1. Wow, you really saw all that?

        I’d say the opinion was about the importance of free press versus one you, or Trump, or Don, or Hannity, or the GOP approve of.

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          1. Whew!

            That probably helped since I have been accused of having a dirty mind.

            Bottom line is that I get the impression that you and Don and probably a ton of others on the right would like to remove the 1st Amendment freedoms.

            After all, better to have government censorship than free speech that might not be to your liking. And maybe you guys can get a job approving or disapproving speech and press stories.

            Wouldn’t that be special?

            I get it.

            Sadly, neither you or Don do. The First Amendment, warts and all, is the only bulwark we have against the loss of freedoms and autocratic governance. The only one.

            Forget the 2nd. If we get to that, the grand experiment is over.

            But that’s ok. You still have my permission to say whatever you want. Until your jobs as censors become available.

            Does that help?

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      1. It’s always amusing to see how much it annoys you guys that one cable news organization doesn’t follow the party line.

        You have all the rest, the major print media, and even entertainment TV parroting Democrat propaganda, but a single voice in opposition drives you to rage.


        1. Oh my, the hyperbole. FOX is huge with a big audience so please drop the victim card.

          Only FOX goes on stage and campaigns with the president. So I am not even sure it qualifies as media, but rather Brad Parscale’s lackeys.

          So in that case the right may not have anyone in cable.

          But NEWSCORP, Sinclair, and others have plenty of other options.

          I am curious about something, however. For both you and Roberts.

          You both brag about not reading or accessing WAPO, NYT, MSNBC, or other center, center left and left media.

          How do you know so much about it?

          Is it what Limbaugh and FOX tell you?

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          1. WAPO, NYT and especially MSNBC are nowhere near center anything. They are nothing but far left BS.


          2. And Bob Smith is BS.

            Initials, of course.

            From where you sit, center is far left.

            Relativity, my dear BS, relativity.

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        2. “you guys”

          I noticed you increasingly do the “your side” thing.

          For clarity: I am not on a side or part of “you guys”.

          I agree, or not with comments and perspectives. I have, for example, “liked” numerous comments you have made when I agreed.

          Perhaps I’m actually part of your “you guys”???

          It gets so confusing. Maybe you could stop looking for the Easy Button when it comes to differences of opinion…..

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    3. Wonder when Trump will criticize this :

      The One America News Network segment [Available on YouTube] was titled “Deep State, China use COVID-19 for population control: Soros, Clintons, Gates suspected of Beijing-WHO cover-up to seize COVID-19 cure, undo U.S. Constitution.”

      “YouTube told Axios it has reviewed the video and deemed it “borderline content” that doesn’t meet the bar for outright removal but won’t appear in search or recommendations.”

      You can find OAN on Verizon FIOS @ CH 616. Not sure where other providers are carryiing it, or if.


        1. Trump has fallen in love with them and thanks them for the BS softball questions they lob at him. He has even taken to promoting them on his Twitter feed. He is trying to GIVE them credibility, even though you say the are undeserving.

          At least THE ATLANTIC is truthful vice truthy. You may not like their version of the truth, but it is much more fact based than anything OAN does, outside of buying news feed stories from The AP and Reuters. There is no comparison between the 2.


  2. And once again, opinions are like what? All MSM appears to single source then hypes and reports the same sensationalized BS. Some is fact based but hyped so much and left wing slanted right now, it isn’t funny. I had to laugh today on the bee experts in the paper. They said the murder hornet is not a problem and that media hype on them is turbo-charged. So MSM can’t even be trusted to just factually report on anything now? I take all news with a grain of salt, especially political anti-Trump BS.


    1. “All MSM appears to single source then hypes and reports the same sensationalized BS.”

      That is what the right wing echo chamber does.

      MSM have many sources, but truth is truth. BS from this, or any administration for that matter, will vary and be found out eventually.

      Not by you or me, but by organizations that are big enough, funded enough and experienced enough to have contacts, knowledge and the patience to expose government excesses.

      Every president has been the target of media. No exceptions. You might have been happier to see Obama taken to task over “if you like your doc…” than Trump over “everyone who wants a test can get one…”.

      But that is a fact of life, particularly in a divided country. That Trump is a consistent whiner, “unfair, unfair..”, is just his thin skin and ego. His problem, certainly not mine or the media. Plus he praises himself as a counterpuncher so he actually loves being criticized.

      Forget the hype. That has been going on since Jefferson’s day. It sells. And just in case you forgot, the media are businesses. Free market capitalism with 1st Amendment guarantees.

      If you believe all media, you are ignorant. However, if you believe none of it, you are a Trump stooge because that is exactly what he told Leslie Stahl he wanted to do to Americans in 2016:

      ‘You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.’”

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      1. Your comment would have held more credibility if the Trump blah, blah, blah had been left out. Next time, just stick to the point and sit up straight. Unlike Paul and druggie Jimmie, I know you can, Len.


        1. Shoot, Bob. You know Trump is lying almost all the time. Like the scorpion killing the frog who gets him across the water, it’s his nature.

          So on a post about credibility, it helps to provide a contrast. Makes it easier for some people to see the point.

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          1. Remember those mechanical singing fish wall decorations.

            Push the button and you get some entertainment.

            Same song and gyrations, but we still pushed that button.

            BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…
            BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…

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        2. “Your comment would have held more credibility if the Trump blah, blah, blah had been left out.”

          Seriously? What part of quoting Mr. Trump takes away from the credibility of Len’s post? It is a verbatim quote and absolutely in context. It actually solidified the point he was making.


  3. There is no so-called free press in the US. The mainstream media is the Goebellsesque propaganda arm of the DNC and the swamp-state.

    Seriously, these people pushed the Russian collusion hoax 24/7 for three plus yrs — and they are still pushing it!


      1. A tale of a billy goat named Gruff,
        It turns out that he is quite tough.
        He kicked a troll’s ass
        When he blocked his pass,
        All because the troll didn’t know his stuff.

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