4 thoughts on “War powers resolution fails to override Trump veto.

  1. Another stellar moment for the GOP controlled Senate.

    More ammo for the DEMs running to oust the sycophant Senators that have abdicated their responsibility to their constituents and violated their oaths of office.

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    1. We are 6 months out from the election. Two things are coming to light:

      1) Possibly as many as 6 GOP Senators are down or even in the polls.

      2) The Republicans and Trump’s PAC’s are spending megabucks to keep mail in balloting out of the states.

      But, as Wisconsin showed, GOP efforts to deny voting by any means necessary failed. Not just by a small margin either.

      I think there is a groundswell of voters that are tired of a Senate that is a rubber stamp for the regime’s chaotic, clueless and mendacious administration.

      Add in the revealed recommendation to forget about defending Trump and concentrate on blaming China. Trump did an “Oscar winning” performance of indignation about that memo, but now the focus has shifted.

      China is now officially responsible for our hapless preparations and denials about the pandemic.

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      1. So where was the faux outrage and calls to reign in presidential war powers while Obama was launching hundreds of Tomahawks against Libya or the 500+ drone strikes against whomever? This was a sad liberal political ploy sponsored by The Brow.


        1. That makes the War Powers Act right?

          That was an international deal, but Obama, to his credit, has said many times that he regrets the Libya attacks.

          Kaine has been trying for a long time to reign in the war powers and get them back to Congress as written in the Constitution.


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