Gee, Thanks New York

NYC seeded outbreaks nationwide

As I pointed out early on, people fleeing a plague take it with them.

While China was still encouraging international flights out of Wuhan, it forbade travel from Wuhan to other parts of China.

We should have done the same with travel from Greater NYC.

14 thoughts on “Gee, Thanks New York

  1. Probably should have restricted flight from NYC and banned flights in from Europe since that’s where most of the virus came in from.

    I bet THAT would have gone over well with trump’s #Liberate crowd….

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  2. Slightly misleading. How many of the NY area folks were just passing through as the majority of international flights to this country go into the 3 NY metro airports? Similar spreading from the West Coast through Seattle.

    Blaming residents who may or may not have been “fleeing the virus” being blamed for the spread is disingenuous. Not wrong, just not complete.

    And then there is HHS Director statements on meat packing plant employees:

    Instead of finding solutions, people are looking for scapegoats. It is human nature to want to blame someone. But in this instance saying things like “It’s New Yorkers’ fault” or “It’s low income people’s living conditions” to blame for everything does nothing to solve the problem. It just gives human beings a reason to feel better about themselves as individuals.

    Someone here recently said something about “respecting civilization”. That starts by ending the finger pointing.

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  3. A partial tongue in cheek of course.

    This pandemic will reach everyone eventually. The fact that it is in Sioux Falls, SD and has been for weeks, is an indication that nowhere is safe.

    NYC, Boston, Maryland and others are just the canaries that the rest of the country should be very, very thankful of. The practice, the science, the methods and the logistics have been worked out at a great human and financial cost by the urban dwellers and the governors who rose to the challenge.

    When this virus starts to hit the heartland harder, the fact that we have closed down more than a hundred rural hospitals and countless clinics in small town will be a very serious problem.

    Perhaps by then, the blue states can help (again) by sending season teams to assist. Assist because they are Americans, not “the enemy”, as Trump likes to call Democrats, or the media, or progressives, or RINO’s or any other critic of the regime.

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  4. @Tabor

    “As I pointed out early on, people fleeing a plague take it with them.”

    Truthy, but fleeing a plague had little to do with it. By the time anybody knew how bad it would get in New York leading people to flee, the damage was already done.

    Your headline should have been “Thanks Trump.” While he tried to restrict travel from China fairly early on, he did not take the same action with respect to Europe until – again – it was far too late.

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  5. @Tabor


    You are again playing the role of the eager parrot when you repeat Trump’s LIES about China “encouraging” international travel from Wuhan. Maybe you were duped, but I found that this claim did not pass the smell test – what the Wuhan airport was closed except for those flying internationally? Maybe, but NOT likely. Two minutes later I found this . . .

    Frankly, anyone spreading easily disproved but highly inflammatory lies ought to be ashamed of themselves. And should immediately apologize to the people who participate in this forum. Don’t you think?

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    1. Baloney.

      I provided a link a couple of days ago to a reference that relies on actual air traffic control records to track air travel. Travel from Wuhan to the rest of China dropped to 10% while international travel went o n as usual.

      Go back and read it. I’m going fishing.


      1. @Tabor


        Uh, no. You are just too eager to believe racist lies. And, maybe unwilling to risk looking at the evidence. The story that duped you was addressed and thoroughly debunked in the link I just provided.

        But don’t you dare go there and actually read it. You might find it disturbing. It does not fit what you are eager to believe – that those evil yellow people deliberately and knowingly spread death to innocent people all over the world.

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        1. Again, China is not a race. It is immaterial whether the people who live there are Asian, Black, or Native American, it is the action the government of China which is at issue, not the race of the people there.

          Fackcheck does not address the Tom Tom data at all. Wuhan was quarantined Jan 23rd, but China continued to encourage international flights from other cities until mid March

          China was still telling the world there was no evidence of human to human transmission while it was quietly buying up the PPEs all around the world.

          Not because they are Asian, but because they are totalitarian kleptocrats.

          You are the one obsessed with race.


          1. @Tabor

            I am not obsessed with race. But I am not blind as you are to the truth. As a reminder you are the fellow who claims that Trump’s birtherism was not a racist ploy, just politics.

            If it is not race-baiting, then why is Trump now demonizing China after openly praising their cooperation and efforts early on? Reminds me of 1984 and the Ministry of Truth. China good yesterday. China has always been bad today.

            Now Trump claims and you repeat that China kept the danger quiet while cleaning out world-wide stocks of PPEs. If there is a grain of truth in that, I cannot find it. It appears to be a gross exaggeration of what China was doing AFTER the nature of the threat was known. China knew on January 14th that human to human infection was going on. It made that information public on January 20th. Six days when they had better knowledge than the sellers they may have dealt with. The bulk of China’s extensive international purchases happened after January 20th. This is like the old Soviet maxim “The capitalist will sell you the rope you use to hang him with.”

            If I am wrong, please provide an actual cite and not just undocumented accusations from the Trump administration and conspiracy theory peddlers. It is not a fault that China reacted based on the evidence and we did not.


      2. I think “flight records” did not indicate that those flights after January 23 were in fact cancelled.

        It seems that the regime is again lying.

        Will it ever stop doing so?

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          1. @Tabor
            I am not surprised in the least that this obvious anti-Chinese propaganda story from India does NOT support the false claim that you started with. That claim was “China was still encouraging international flights out of Wuhan” after it stopped domestic travel out of Wuhan. Tom Tom data that you cite says nothing but that a few planes were moving. It does not say where. Those movements were addressed by Fact Checker.

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