19 thoughts on “China pushes back against Trump

    1. So true Dr. Tabor. I had to watch that fetid cesspool of a video twice to make sure I was not mistaken in my original thought about it. It is really getting disgusting when people, who claim themselves to be educated, post this kind of garbage. It’s scary what it has come to especially in the times in which we live.


      1. Gingrich created the roots for our partisan political and cultural divide. Trump perfected it.

        I would have thought that on a blog specifically designed for reasoned debate that tossing in viewpoints from our adversaries would be both logical and certainly acceptable.

        Knowledge about adversarial thinking is a lot stronger than ignorance.

        Think about this: there are probably billions of people that see China’s cartoon as reality. The question we should be considering is “why”. And are we telling the truth here at home? If not, why not?

        And what are we doing to dispel bad information?

        Those are issues, scary or not, that should be brought out and discussed.

        You wrote that you saw the cartoon twice. You must have some points rather than “garbage”.

        I saw it once and saw it as clever propaganda with some basis in truth and a generous dose of partisan thinking.



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    2. @Tabor

      I made no representations that it was the Gospel truth in every detail. I think it is useful to see ourselves as others see us. And this cartoon makes more sense than the garbage a Trump is spewing.

      The timeline is glaringly false? How so?

      And, in case you have forgotten, Trump was full of high praise for China until he decided he needed a scape goat.

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    3. Posting a sample of what our adversaries say about us is not “promoting”.

      Now that Trump has admitted, finally, that his intelligence folks told him about the virus way back In January, it puts a few things in perspective.

      He told us that he “knew” it was a pandemic all along. Now intelligence briefings corroborate this.

      His “defense”: they didn’t seem to excited about the information. Now this is a man who doesn’t like or trust his own intelligence people. But he trusted them in January.

      “Great news, no big deal. I’ll get FOX, et.al., to say it’s a common cold or no worse than the flu.”

      And so it went. 70,000 dead in about 8 weeks.

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        1. “President Donald Trump claimed Sunday that the US intelligence community “did NOT bring up the CoronaVirus subject matter until late into January” and that “they only spoke of the Virus in a very non-threatening, or matter of fact, manner.”

          CNN and other news outlets have reported that the President’s daily intelligence briefing included information about the coronavirus outbreak in China and its potential to spread to the United States as early as January 3. It is not clear whether Trump — who infrequently reads the President’s Daily Brief compiled by intelligence officials — read the information at the time or whether officials briefing the President in person raised the issue.
          The Washington Post also reported last week that US intelligence agencies included warnings about the coronavirus in more than a dozen classified briefings prepared for the President in January and February.“


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  1. Interesting post.

    Judging by the replies, heaven forbid we should even discuss what others in the world are told about the US.

    This cartoon is Chinese propaganda, no doubt. And perhaps fragile minds should not view it and maybe it will go away on its own. After all we “know” the Chinese lie about everything.

    Yet, we have a regime that touts propaganda through a virtual state run, not owned of course, media conglomerate like FOX and it’s affiliates. The pundits from that organization actually campaign for and on stage with the president.

    We also have a president who lies to us every single day about even the most mundane information. And tries to persecute media through lawsuits and calling them the “enemy of the people” like every communist dictator in history has done. And brags about confusing Americans so they won’t know who or what to believe.

    Xi downplayed the virus outbreak in China for political reasons.

    Trump and his propaganda machine did the same here. Trouble is we are not used to having an administration do that so we are paying a steep price. We generally had faith in what our leaders told us compared to other nations. Eventually the misdirection, misinformation and lying wore on our citizens. The Vietnam War was the catalyst. Other policies like Iran-Contra added to that. Then the Iraq invasion based totally on lies. And now the COVID crisis.

    We are, with great justification, becoming a cynical society. This administration is using that against us to bolster support.

    So who really is “the enemy”?

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    1. So who really is “the enemy”?

      I think Walt Kelly answered that a while back.

      Another, perhaps overarching, point is, besides political, what practical benefit can be obtained by picking a fight with China at this particular point in time.

      Regardless of blame (and there is plenty to go around) there is benefit to be had by cooperating NOT fighting.

      This is simply another example of shit for brains taking actions contrary to the good of the American people.

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      1. On the one hand, I hear drumbeats for the ultimate distraction for any regime when things go south: war.

        On the other, there seems to be a common denominator for the world to unite against some of. China’s actions and practices.

        Trump blew aside the TPP, which had a nice coalition of nations that could‘ve taken on China and it expansive moves as well as trade violations. perhaps this world crisis could do the same.

        I am not sure I can believe anything the regime says, so when Pompeo and Trump spout “evidence” of lab based origins, I am skeptical. Crying “wolf” over and over takes a toll on credibility.

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        1. Yeah, China should be held accountable at some point, but I’d embrace practicality at this point.

          The TPP was a missed bet that could have served as a unifying platform for action on many issues.

          “Crying “wolf” over and over takes a toll on credibility.“ Ya Think?

          The evidence suggests the lab had nothing to do with the outbreak, but even if it was the source rattling Sabers over it won’t fix ANYTHING in the short run.

          Distract and deflect in full….

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        2. “I am not sure I can believe anything the regime says, so when Pompeo and Trump spout “evidence” of lab based origins, I am skeptical. Crying “wolf” over and over takes a toll on credibility.

          Just to back your thought, the Five Eyes nations intel has stated that it is “highly unlikely” the virus came from the Wuhan lab, and “more than likely” originated in the wet market as initially reported.

          Trump’s (and Pompeo’s) attempts to scapegoat China for the virus itself is deflection from the fact the administration fumbled the US response. Did China delay information on the severity? I would opine yes, but for the same reasons Trump keeps up the cheerleading vice actual work to respond. Politics.

          We expect China to play politics with its information. We should expect better from our own government.

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  2. I wish I could remember the columnist’s name, but he explained his vote for Trump (rather than Hillary) as paraphrased, “I found him repulsive and despicable, but his policies aligned closely with mine.”

    Did it occur to you that maybe he is the creation of his policies? Time for a built-in self-check, Buddy.

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    1. I don’t see a whole lot of “self-checks” going on with those in the the cult. It always seems to be “those people” who are the problem.

      Watching a man publicly mock a disabled person and thinking “that’s my guy” really says it all….

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      1. Sadly, he still fails to realize that policies change and can be changed, but the damage the Pendejo has done may be irreversible.

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        1. I spent a summer, aged 14, in Mexico living with an aunt who had the most fascinating life of anybody I have ever met. Spanish Civil War. Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, orphan programs in Mexico, etc., a regular Auntie Mame on steroids, but that is another story.

          While there, I lived in an industrial area and working class neighborhood. I played with the local kids and learned a lot of cool vernacular in Spanish.

          One that you reminded me of when you wrote “pendejo” was this phrase, uttered to the same cadence as “shave and a haircut, 2 bits”:

          “Chinga tu madre, cabron.”

          I would not go into a Mexican hangout in Texas and yell that out unless you are practicing long distance sprinting and need incentives to pick up the pace.

          More trivia from the mind of a something or other…

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          1. PR Spanish of the Caribbean flavor uses a different phrase to express a similar thought.

            Of course pendejo is universal….

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