21 thoughts on “Who says that Trump doesn’t pander to racial animus?

  1. Just a few days back, the Republican Senate re-election organization put out a 57 page memo for campaign talking points.

    It essentially advised the GOP to stop supporting Trump’s crisis efforts and focus on blaming China. This came out as Trump’s briefings were devolving into one miscue after another and it became increasingly difficult to defend the president’s words and actions.

    Of course the White House feigned fury but is now on a full court press tp blame, sue, sanction and otherwise punish China. Only a some weeks ago, Xi was getting hearty praises from Trump for the handling of the virus outbreak.

    Blaming Democrats, the media, Obama, US manufacturing were all weak defenses. Polls were down for Trump’s leadership.

    So up pops the new devil. The Chinese. They don’t even look like Americans, do they? They eat dogs, cats, monkeys and probably bats. Throw in the WHO, headed by a man who has a funny name and speaks with a heavy accent. Yeah, that’s the ticket. The damn Chinese.

    Never mind that Xi and Trump did essentially the same exact thing in the early stages of the contagion. Downplay the seriousness, go after the critics and play the “Coronavirus? What Coronavirus? No big deal?” game, which has turned deadlier than either was willing to face early on as the economic implications became apparent.

    So now what? Tariffs, sanctions, war? We are still dependent upon China for medical supplies and drug raw ingredients. So that won’t help us as much as hurt us.

    Face it, we are all in the same boat. The virus doesn’t care what nationality you are or what political philosophy yo have. Much better to work with the Chinese and the WHO to solve a very real crisis worldwide.

    Of course xenophobia gets votes among a certain base.

    The GOP is so desperate that the memo said it all. Forget Trump. Get the yellow man. Or we’ll lose Mitch, too.


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    1. When asked, NRSC executive director Kevin McLaughlin clarified that the memo did not advise the GOP to not defend the president’s response efforts against the Democrat attack strategy but to just refocus. Good advise to not allow yourself to be bogged down by pesky lap dogs nipping at your feet. And this doesn’t have squat to do with race either. Not even a nice try, Len.

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      1. I suppose the attacks on Asians are just good politics.

        “Note – don’t defend Trump, other than the China Travel Ban — attack China,” the memo, which was first reported by Politico, says on page 6.”

        “The senators are getting bad advice from Brett O’Donnell (who wrote the memo) and are well aware that President Trump has unprecedented support from Republicans nationwide. They will need that enthusiasm to be successful in November.” Tim Murtaugh, Trump campaign communications director

        In other words, defend Trump’s virus response.

        So why did the White House get all upset? If you have to explain what you said, you are generally screwed.

        Bottom line is that the attacks on China is a distraction from what needs to be done here. It just fits a conspiracy theory.

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    1. @Tabor

      And pushing Birtherism is not racist either.
      Aren’t you even a little bit embarrassed to keep making excuses for this race-baiting jackass?

      China is capitalism without effective regulations. So your last two words – dictatorship and kleptocracy – have got it just about right.

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    2. The owners of a popular Chinese restaurant in Chesapeake needs to know that. I’m sure it will soften the harassment and vandalism that couple has endured sine the “Chinese Virus” has taken hold.

      That was the reason Pelosi went the Chinatown. Not for parades, but just to remind folks that the restaurants were still there and they are owned by Americans for the most part.

      This kind of official China bashing will create problems. Just like a Muslims, and anyone with a turban even like Sikhs, were attacked after 9/11.

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      1. Read the article.

        In no place does Trump refer to Chinese people in the US, or even in China. His comments refer to the nation of China. China is not a `race.

        If you see racism here, look inward to your own obsession with seeking fault in Trump.

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        1. @Tabor

          You are making a distinction that most of your fellow travelers cannot and do not make. Trump is flailing and desperately going back to race-baiting playbook that got him into the White House. And that could not be more obvious except for the willfully blind.

          I see you did not answer the question posed.
          “Aren’t you even a little bit embarrassed to keep making excuses for this race-baiting jackass?”

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          1. @Tabor

            You are someone who claims that birtherism is not racist. You have zero bona fides on the subject. Not to mention your support for its champion who did his best to demonize Mexicans and Muslims to win political advantage.

            The contrast with George W. Bush could not be – as I said in another post – more stark. Bush could have had a field day bashing Muslims after 9-11. His party would have eaten it up. But he didn’t. Trump did the opposite with, for example, his bullshit claims about huge celebrations among American Muslims on 9-11.

            So,why does Trump insist on calling it the Chinese virus if not to deflect blame from himself by focusing attention on “the other?” H1N1 was a home grown American disease. Why was it not called the American virus?

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          2. You may want to do a little research on your claim that H1N1 was an homegrown American disease. And it was called swine flu for a reason.


          3. Your cite is more than a little lacking on what you’re trying to prove. It does not state where and how the H1N1 virus originated. Maybe this will help you a bit. : In April 2009, an outbreak of influenza-like illness (ILI) occurred in Mexico and then in the United States;[26] the CDC reported seven cases of novel A/H1N1 influenza and promptly shared the genetic sequences on the GISAID database.[27][28] With similar timely sharing of data for Mexican isolates,[29] by 24 April it became clear that the outbreak of ILI in Mexico and the confirmed cases of novel influenza A in the southwest US were related and WHO issued a health advisory on the outbreak of “influenza-like illness in the United States and Mexico”.[30] The disease then spread very rapidly, with the number of confirmed cases rising to 2,099 by 7 May, despite aggressive measures taken by the Mexican government to curb the spread of the disease.[31] The outbreak had been predicted a year earlier by noticing the increasing number of replikins, a type of peptide, found in the virus.[32]


          4. @Nivlac

            Nice try. But . . .

            “The swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) virus that appeared in 2009 and was first found in human beings in Mexico, is a reassortant with at least three parents. Six of the genes are closest in sequence to those of H1N2 ‘triple-reassortant’ influenza viruses isolated from pigs in North America around 1999-2000.”

            It is called “Swine Flu” because most of the new genes that make it up were first found in American pigs.


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        2. Don, please be real. Mexicans are not almost all rapists. Yet Trump said only “some” were not. Toss in biased born in America judges with Hispanic ancestry.

          The rest is history.

          Those marchers in Charlottesville were not fine people. They were Nazis chanting “Jews will not replace us”. Hundreds of them.

          The rest is history.

          People don’t harass Chinese people because of fine nuances. They listen to Trump excoriate China a few weeks after praising it for handling the virus.

          The rest will be history.

          Our president is a flat out racist, populist and always has been. He even, as president, retweets racist tweets from scum here and around the world.

          That should make you sick.

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          1. Thank Dr. Freud.

            The president retweets racist posts. I see racism in Trump because of he says and does. It is no delusion.

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          2. Or maybe I rely on evidence rather than mind reading, which is subject to projection.

            Oh, and, Kara Young, Trump’s girlfriend for 2 years prior to Melania was black. She has stated she never heard anything racist from him.


          3. The old “some of my best friends are black” defense? That’s all you got?

            There is NO projection. If you TRULY believe in the “evidence” then you would see the racism for what it is: The Truth. You may not want to admit that Trump is a racist because he doesn’t go around calling black people the n-word, or Jews the k-word, or Mexicans the s- or w- words, but his actions and SUPPORT of those who do is obvious to those who pay attention to what he DOES. How many times have you said about Trump to watch what he does, not what he says? Well, I have watched for 4 years and I have SEEN whit my own eyes and heard with my own ears those actions AND words that you and his other supporters say are not racist.

            Of course, never having been a true victim of racism or any other kind of bigotry, I understand how you would miss it.

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          4. @Tabor

            I have heard of the “I am not a racist because I have a black friend” defense.
            Now we have “the Trump is not a racist because he had black girl friend defense?”
            Racist slave owners had lots of black “girl friends.” It proves nothing.

            You claim to base your belief on evidence? What about this evidence. . .
            1. Trump spent years spreading racist lies about President Obama
            2. Trump took out ads calling for death for innocent black teenagers
            3. Trump’s properties discriminated against black tenants.
            4. Trump started his campaign with racist stereotyping of Mexicans
            5. Trump promised repeatedly to ban Muslims
            6. Trump opined that a judge with Mexican ancestors should not be allowed to judge him.
            7. Trump is trying to brand Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus”
            I could go on. The list is nearly endless. Vox hits more of the lowlights.


            Your claim to base you benign opinion on evidence is hollow.

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