A Message from a President who had real class

Call for unity by W


28 thoughts on “A Message from a President who had real class

  1. W had a lot more class that Trump. and a lot more than Obama. but in the end, he could not stand up to the establishment.

    Trump is tearing that down, making the way for the next W to succeed. But at this time, we need someone who will kick over the tables and root out the deep state.

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    1. After 9/11 Bush made a point to remind us that the Americans who were Muslim were Americans first.

      If he only hadn’t caved to Cheney and the neo-cons about invading Iraq. That was weakness.

      The “deep state”. Yeah, if we had one. But that is another story.

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          1. So a judge, who did not have access to the newly released documents, ruled against Flynn

            The documents make it clear that prior to interviewing Flynn, FBI agents decided to puch him into perjury so they would have leverage to compel him to make up incrimination statements about Trump.

            This is unacceptable in a free society and clear evidence that Civil Service employees used their positions to obstruct an elected President’s selection of his cabinet.

            IF you are comfortable with that, you missed your chance to emigrate the the USSR where such things were accepted.


          2. @Tabor

            “The documents make it clear that prior to interviewing Flynn, FBI agents decided to push him into perjury so they would have leverage to compel him to make up incrimination statements about Trump.”

            Bullshit. They were preparing for the interview and discussing what the goal of the interview would be. They already knew they were dealing with a criminal from their efforts to keep tab on the Russians. Giving the perp a chance to lie is SOP. And, getting a known Russian asset removed from a high and sensitive office was a goal to be considered.

            I notice you did not even try to answer the question. The CNN summary is factual and makes it clear that Flynn is a slippery scofflaw at best and a Russian asset at worse. The FBI mission is to protect us from such people.

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          3. RE: “The documents make it clear that prior to interviewing Flynn, FBI agents decided to puch him into perjury so they would have leverage to compel him to make up incrimination statements about Trump.”

            They make something else clear, as well. The rank-and-file agents investigating Flynn opted to close the investigation with a finding of no derogatory information on Flynn. Peter Strock intervened to keep it open, claiming that senior leadership (the “7th Floor”) had an interest in it.


          4. Spin it any way you like, but the fact is that Flynn put himself in a position to where he knew he had perjured himself.

            The people asking questions were doing their job.

            A smarter fellow might have been paying better attention and watched his words and answers more. But then, when you’re telling one lie after another, it’s probably not all that hard to get caught by professionals.

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        1. So why did a hardened Marine General with a reputation of irascible behavior decide to lie about his Russian connections and conversations. Why didn’t he register as a foreign agent when lobbying for Turkey?

          “Perjury traps” only work when people lie.

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          1. Because his son’s life savings were being depleted by legal fees. That’s how the government pressures people into false confessions. They use their bottomless resources to run up your bills until submitting becomes the only way to preserve your life and that of your loved ones.


          2. False confessions to what? If he had told the truth from the beginning, what else could they do to him?

            Admit his contacts and illegal lobbying, take the heat and move on.

            You forget that beyond what might be sloppy or even egregious police work, there was a lot of evidence of Russian contacts, business relationships, big money. So much so that one of the Trump sons it thought it might be too much around 2007 or so.

            And Russia was essentially a gangster run haven of oligarchs, organized crime syndicates and, of course, Putin.

            Toss in Manafort and his lies, deceits and outright thievery plus tax evasion on behalf of Putin to bring a Ukraine back to Russia.

            Finally all the sketchy deals, bankruptcies and money laundering suspicions surrounding Trump, no investigation would have been gross malfeasance.

            And it didn’t help to have Trump telling our intelligence service to go to hell, slathered in insults and outright disrespect for even the fallen operatives in that infamous speech to the CIA.

            People are human. Many patriotic people saw Trump as a threat to our security.

            Flynn? He made his bed when he thought he could game the system and snub his nose at the FBI.

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          3. @Tabor
            Legal fees?

            More baloney.

            A man who has not committed any crimes and is willingly cooperating with an important national security investigation does not need to run up huge legal fees. Or any.

            Further, the character of someone who can so easily be coerced into a false confession is not the sort of person that should be appointed to high office. Obama tried to warn Trump about this loser of questionable ethics and loyalty and was ignored. He was known to be a wheeling dealing scumbag. Exactly the kind of person Trump admires and wanted in his inner circle.

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    2. I never saw President Obama act non-classy, nor anyone in his family. Probably because I don’t judge people by their color.

      Oh, darn! Did I really write that!! Yep, I did. Sometimes the shoe fits way too well.

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        1. Funny. A while ago you wrote that “my hatred” of Trump was making me want him to be a racist.

          I would say your hatred of Obama is making you see his “arrogance”.

          You’re the only person I know who has commented on his arrogance. Confidence, maybe, which is kind of a requirement just get elected.

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  2. Bush? Class?

    Jun 18, 2001 · Molly Ivins — ‘Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.

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    1. @NN
      Compared to Trump almost anybody might look classy and to his credit Bush tried to set the right tone after the 9-11 attack vis a vis blaming Muslims for that tragedy. And his wife, Laura, really was a class act throughout.

      But W himself (leaving aside his policy disasters) behaved like a not too bright superannuated frat boy and his signature moments – clambering to the top of a smoldering pile of corpses with a bullhorn and his “Mission Accomplished” stunt – were the opposite of classy.

      This is what true class looks like . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN05jVNBs64
      And this . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijFPMrptrwE

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      1. Those two clips of President Obama touch me every time I see and hear them. Yes, they are true examples of what real empathy and class look and sound like. As for Bush2, he may not have been the most intellectual of presidents, but I truly do not believe he would be handling the Covid-19 country-wide situation as ‘djt’ is.

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        1. @Roberts

          “Trump, in his way, makes the same point by emphasizing that he wants the government response to help the American people directly.”

          If that is what Trump truly wants then it is a mark of his abilities and indifference that the lion’s share of the help is NOT going to the “American people directly.” It is going to the bosses who may or may not use it for the purpose intended. Compare our clusterfuck with what Canada is doing for its people – the “Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

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        2. You have a point.

          Cheney and his neo-con wing nuts would have called for the invasion of China, however.

          The conjured up some WMD BS. Not bothering to wonder why China would want to destroy its markets around the world.

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  3. I appreciate W’s message. It is certainly eloquent.

    Trump, in his way, makes the same point by emphasizing that he wants the government response to help the American people directly. Interesting that W chose to borrow Trump’s phrase invisible enemy to describe the challenge we all face.


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