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Today’s Rorschach test. Will it happen? How could it? What would it mean if it does?

6 thoughts on “Twitter: @Maria Bartiromo

  1. Flynn was the victim of a common government ploy.

    ‘Confess or we will bankrupt you, your family, and your business associates with legal fees. Even if you are eventually found not guilty, you and everyone you care about will have been destroyed.’


    1. @Tabor
      So, this tough general was intimidated into a false confession by the threat of legal fees?

      Nonsense. If he had not broken any laws he would not need a small army of lawyers to defend him. With his crimes caught on tape he knew that he would lose in court. Period.

      The real question around Flynn is what made him change his tune? Threats by Russian gangsters? The promise of a Presidential pardon if he clammed up?

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    2. “However, a federal judge rebutted such claims in 2019, ruling that Flynn “cannot overcome the hurdle [of] showing a reasonable probability of a different outcome.””

      From story 4/24/20

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