27 thoughts on “Trump goes for a new level of insane?

    1. Some of the tweets were a bit unhinged.

      He is increasingly acting like a petulant child and his inability to control his emotions is shocking for even a young adult.

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      1. I do agree that President Trump is showing the strain, but considering what he has to put up with it is understandable.

        He always has been thin skinned and vain, no doubt, but we’re used to that. Consider that he was coasting to a certain reelection riding on a great economy and, through no fault of his own, that was snatched out from under him.

        So, yes, he is acting out.

        But on his worst day, he isn’t Hillary.

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        1. Closing in on 60,000 deaths from a contagion we know little about, people losing their assets and incomes at a clip not seen for 90 years, businesses collapsing and our government is printing trillions of dollars adding to an insurmountable debt.

          The last thing we need is a man in the Oval Office whose only concern is himself and ranting in isolation against windmills.

          There is an America that needs a president and we have a cry baby who has not a clue what adversity or pressure is.

          Maybe compare him to a healthcare worker fighting to stay sane while watching people die by the dozens or a family with no job or insurance and some members get sick. Or immigrant labor with no recourse, no money and fear of a deadly disease.

          That tweet storm was pathetic. The actions of a loser.

          Compare his actions and words to Pelosi during this crisis. Or Cuomo. Or Whitmer. Or Hogan.

          This crisis is not his undoing. It is his unveiling. The curtain has been pulled aside by Toto and we have a little boy who can’t handle the job.


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          1. Yes, we have close to 60,000 deaths and a huge economic blow, but I would say that the last thing we need are ankle biters sabotaging the policies established by the best experts we have simply because making things worse improves their chances in the fall elections.

            Yes, President Trumps rants and whining are weak, but the behavior of the Democrats to exploit the nation’s suffering is outright evil.


          2. What exploiting by Democrats are you talking about?

            Best I could tell is that the House has done all the heavy lifting in negotiations with the White House. The House has initiated the bills with little input from McConnell except to criticize.

            Biden has let Trump be Trump.

            But Trump was using the daily briefings to campaign because he bragged about his ratings as better than NFL and “The Bachelor” TV show. I would call that shameless, vulgar exploitation of the suffering from pandemic ravages. People tune in for information as their lives are turned upside down and instead they got a hour of rants, insults and political grandstanding in order to get 10 minutes of factual updates.

            I think you have it totally backwards.

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          3. @Len

            I agree with your perspective on this 100%. I see serious people, on both sides of the aisle, doing the best they can IN SPITE of the lack of leadership at the top.

            The DEMs have NOT taken the opportunity to undermine or “sabotage” any effective efforts being taken to mitigate the outbreak’s ramifications.

            The delusional cult is desperate to find scapegoats to blame for trump’s flailing and failing and inconvenient facts to the contrary will not stop them…

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          4. If you don’t see sabotage and obstruction by the Democrats, and especially, their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, you are willfully blind.

            Consider this timeline.


            Note that on Jan 30, Senate Democrats and Schummer were still trying to change the rule of the Senate Impeachment trial to drag it out for months calling new witnesses and starting the investigation over from scratch. Great time for needless distractions.

            It was in the first week of February that Trump and the CDC transitioned from quarantine and containment to public health measures to slow the spread.

            Seriously, criticizing the Pandemic Task Force because of a lack of racial diversity? Do we need affirmative action virologists?

            Note Pelosi and DeBlasio encouraging people to go to Chinatown to celebrate the new year at the same time President Trump and the CDC were urging caution about public gatherings.

            Note that CNN was actively downplaying the virus as a threat up to the beginning of March.

            Even today, Schiff is trying to restart the House impeachment inquiry to tie up the administration’s health experts with testimony instead of doing their jobs. There is more interest in using the pandemic as a campaign issue than solving the problem. What useful policy measures have been advanced by House or Senate Democrats?

            Even trials of possibly useful drugs are politicized while the trials are in progress.

            So yes, I see nothing from the Democrats other than partisan exploitation and ankle biting.


          5. PPP was not a Democrat initiative, though spending does have to initiate in the House. What Pelosi did was to use the necessary rescue of small businesses to advance a number of Democrat wish list items that would not have passed the Senate unless the stimulus was held hostage. Not something to be proud of.

            And though your article disputes the exact wording of Trump’s claims about Pelosi invitation for people to come to Chinatown in SF, it concedes that she DID encourage people to come down to the restaurants and theaters there.


          6. And the Republicans snuck in a retroactive tax break that will cost $90 billion.

            Not something to be proud of, that is for damn sure. And you can bet that was a sticking point holding PPP ransom.

            “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done,” Trump said.”

            That was Feb 26, days after Pelosi was in Chinatown. If the official news is 15 infections why not try to tone down the anti-Chinese-American hysteria?

            In today’s Pilotonline there is an article about a local Chinese restaurant getting attacked in Chesapeake. Pelosi was trying to dissuade such mindless behavior early on.

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          7. @Tabor

            Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word “sabotage?” None of this litany of cherry-picked and distorted talking points comes close.

            Most ridiculous of all is trying to paint the impeachment – which Trump fully brought on himself with his criminal misbehavior – and the effort to have an actual trial instead of a farce as “sabotage” of the pandemic response. That nonsense shows where your head is. Not in the real world.

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  1. @Tabor

    “Coasting to re-election”

    “The policies established by the best experts we have simply because making things worse improves their chances in the fall elections.”

    “Pure evil”

    Unusually ridiculous, even for you.
    I find it mind boggling to think that maybe you actually believe the stuff you write.

    Especially bizarre is that you can write ” through no fault of his own” with respect to the way the country under his lead has responded to the pandemic. You seem to have accepted his statement “I take no responsibility” at face value. Sad.

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      1. @Roberts

        Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if nobody was around to challenge your bizarre world view.

        But, you know what, you failed to notice that our host chose to lie about what the role of Democrats has been. We have “sabotaged” nothing. That IS unusually ridiculous. Even for him. You have also failed to notice that our host attack all of us with a different view of Trump as “pure evil.” That is not just an ad hominem attack. It is malicious.

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      2. Pointing out the statements of our esteemed host and calling them ridiculous, and then backing up why he thinks they are ridiculous is not an attack. Just a viewpoint from outside your’s and Don’s bubble. And pretty damned accurate. IMO.

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    1. At the risk of piling-on I’ve noticed a more radical shift in some of the comments in support of trump as well.

      There was a piece a week ago on the psychological effects of being shut in and the exponential increase of conformation bias if people don’t “turn the channel” and balance their consumption of various information sources.

      Coupled with a lack of active verification of information by the consumer, feelings of “rightness” and/or “persecution” became amplified to levels that made it increasingly difficult to see alternative points of view.

      The result, regardless of the clear cut facts of the matter, was that individuals became wed to the reality that made them feel better without regard for truth of the matter.

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    2. The worldwide economic turndown due to the Chinese virus was certainly beyond President Trump’s control.

      Would you have preferred he prioritize keeping the economy going at the expense of social distancing and containment?


      1. @Tabor

        The point is that the severity of the pandemic in this country and the resultant severity of the economic impacts were not beyond his control. As I have made clear countless times, I would have preferred that he addressed the threat immediately and honestly. Instead he delayed and lied.

        You constantly say he followed the advice of experts. He did not. Leave aside his reluctance to promote social distancing for fear of economic consequences and his re-election prospects, from the beginning the experts were clear on the vital role of testing if we were to control the pandemic with a minimum of economic damage. What has the President done? Virtually nothing but pass the buck to the governors or to the “market.” As a result we sit here four months in from the first warnings with a completely inadequate test regime.

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        1. More like “delayed and lied” “delayed and lied” “delayed and lied” “delayed and lied” “delayed and lied” “delayed and lied” To be accurate….

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          1. @Tabor

            I have seen Dr. Fauci speaking on that date. You are mis-characterizing what he said. He said that people need not practice social distancing WHERE they live UNTIL their was evidence of community spread.

            Thanks for using the word “restrictions.” Tens of thousands of people arrived from China with very little screening after they went into effect.


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