ZH: Twitter Suspends Account Of Biotech Company Testing UV Light To Treat Coronavirus


This story reminded me of a comment Dr. Tabor posted recently suggesting that UV light might be introduced into the lungs to treat respiratory infection. Aytu BioScience appears to be a real company that is developing that very concept.

Separately, I was fascinated to come across a Wikipedia article on blood irradiation therapy. Apparently, intravenous irradiation is a real thing. The procedure, however, is not proved and remains controversial.

17 thoughts on “ZH: Twitter Suspends Account Of Biotech Company Testing UV Light To Treat Coronavirus

  1. Looks like YouTube and Twitter don’t allow people to push snake oil on their service? It is, after all, irresponsible for a legitimate company to tout the effectiveness of a treatment without even the beginnings of a clinical trial.

    If that is not the reason, what is? The ZH article did not seem to say.

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    1. RE: “If that is not the reason, what is?”

      You might try doing a little research before making wild accusations.

      Before posting the story I checked out the company’s web site. Aytu BioScience makes no health claims for its device, which it appears to be developing in collaboration with Cedars Sinai Medical Center, a reputable research hospital.

      A badly behaved New York Times reporter appears to be the cause of YouTube removing Aytu’s video, which also makes no health claims:



      1. @Roberts

        I made no “wild accusations.”

        I raised a question that should have been covered in the article if it was actually supposed to be journalism and not just throwing out another victim card for “conservatives” to complain about.

        That you think this AT article is anything other than propaganda explains a lot. It is a completely ad hominem hit piece that provides no information on the issue. Whatever motives the reporter had, the question is what was the basis of the decision to pull the video.

        I saw the video. It suggested that UV light inside the body was a legitimate COVID-19 treatment. That suggestion is without any scientific merit so it amounts to misinformation. Until I see a legitimate story in a legitimate journal with a different explanation I will apply Occam’s Razor and assume YouTube and Twitter acted according to their policy.


    2. Whether this idea ever pans out or not, shame on Youtube and Twitter for kowtowing to a bully like this, Cedars Sinai is a respected institution and censoring a project they are involved to placate a hack reporter is weak and dishonest.


      1. I have searched on the internet for anything about the story from any source and all I get is that Alba complained to Youtube.

        Here is a link that might clear up the research, but nothing about the pulling of the video which is still a puzzle.


        The light research, which has been going on for years, requires a patient that has been already intubated, which is the ventilator stage.

        Social media is under a lot of pressure to cleanse disinformation, particularly political, that is suspected to come from foreign sources, mainly Russia and China. The right is claiming infringements on free speech, the left is complaining about fringe groups sowing lies and discontent.

        There may be validity to both arguments, except free speech doesn’t apply to private enterprises. What does apply is market, advertising and profits.

        Fret not, however, if Trump is vindicated, we will hear about it from now until November.

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          1. I doubt that in this case. But at this stage, it is up to Trump to reign in his agency. If he can’t manage that by now after all this crisis damage, delays, and other issues, he is useless.

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          2. He has bragged about his plethora of XO’s. He could fire them out on CDC and FDA and get taken to court. He has done that his whole presidency.

            Or put it another way, he has emasculated the EPA with no problem. Mr. Deregulation himself.

            I think because there is no direct beneficiary like coal execs or Big Agra or hot button vote getters like immigration he won’t act with HHS and its agencies.

            Has he even looked into the logjams at the FDA?

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        1. RE: “Here is a link that might clear up the research, but nothing about the pulling of the video which is still a puzzle.”

          The Aytu BioScience web site provides background on the research. The American Thinker link I already provided explains the NYT’s irresponsible involvement in having YouTube pull the company’s video.


          1. Was it NYT’s editorial position or was it a tweet by Alba that started the controversy?

            I think that the publicity created by this has probably brought more attention to the research into UVA light than before.

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    1. Motive is not an essential part of any story, an is usually unknowable. Now, maybe twitter has reason to believe that the company is providing cover to trump.

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          1. The Virginia Beach shooting was an administrative failure (and cover-up?)–not a journalistic one. Comparing the two is ludicrous.

            There should be an objective and reportable reason for the Twitter account being suspended.


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