27 thoughts on “Info on UV light for decontamination.

  1. Talk about the “cure” being worse than the disease…..

    I wonder what the snake oil salesman in Chief Is going to shill out to his cult next?

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      1. Actually, the intent of the post is to educate how UV is being used and how home remedies sold via ads and catalogs are pretty useless. Plus, they can damage the eyes if misused.

        I don’t give credence to Trump’s musings, but a lot of people do. That is why disinfectant manufacturers were so quick to warn about the life threatening dangers of their products for cures.

        All this is why I wish FOX would be more helpful than hurtful with good information and caveats.


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          1. RE: “Even your Wikipedia source makes it pretty clear that this technology and the claims made about it are pretty sketchy.”

            In what way is the technology “sketchy”?


          2. RE: “Why is the CNN article wrong?”

            I don’t say the article is wrong, but it is clearly biased to make UV germicidal applications seem outlandish. As I said, if the intent was to educate, a more informative source would have been a better choice.


          3. @Roberts

            What is sketchy?

            Re-read the section on “Effectiveness” and note the many ways the process can fail.
            And note this sentence . . . “Sterilization” is often misquoted as being achievable.

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          4. RE: “Re-read the section on ‘Effectiveness’ and note the many ways the process can fail. And note this sentence…’Sterilization’ is often misquoted as being achievable.”

            No need. Your cherry pick doesn’t support your statement that the technology is “sketchy.” That would certainly be a surprise to HVAC engineers and technicians who can read about it in their ASHRAE manuals, or to the citizens of New York whose drinking water is purified by the Catskill-Delaware Water Ultraviolet Disinfection Facility (2.2 billion gallons per day) — also mentioned in the Wikipedia article.


          5. @Roberts

            “Sketchy” is a subjective word.
            You do not find it “sketchy” that the products are frequently mislabeled with respect to what they do or that there are many conditions that cause them to fail? Fine. That’s you.

            I still believe the article you linked to confirms the point of Len’s post which was that “home remedies sold via ads and catalogs are pretty useless.” Or sketchy.

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        1. If someone heard Trump’s question to his health experts(it was a question) and based on that ran out and drank disinfectants, would that necessarily be a bad thing?

          “Think of it as evolution in action.”


        2. The way I heard the statement was he was wondering if something could be developed that worked in the blood that would work like a disinfectant works on surfaces. No where did he say inject yourself with disinfectants. That said, it may not have been a good comparison and, frankly, there are many Darwin award candidates so it was prudent to ensure people didn’t make crazy assumptions while in panic mode. I think the press made it far worse. IMHO.


          1. I agree. And the press is not going to let something like that go too quickly.

            Not to get too historical, or hysterical for that matter, we still hear about Obama’s flub that “if you like your doctor…”, and that’s been about 8 years ago. That was the intent of ACA, but insurance companies were still running the show and they said “no. we decide who is in network or not”.

            So it goes with statements from the presidents.

            And naturally, political cartoonists, satirists, comedians and pundits are going to milk it for all its worth, Ratings, ratings, ratings. Just ask Trump how important he thinks they are.

            Presidents have been attacked since the founding of this country. It goes with the territory.

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          2. @Bobr

            You are correct. Trump did not tell anybody to inject themselves with disinfectant. Instead, after hearing that disinfectant can destroy a virus on a surface in a minute, he asked a question – could an injection of disinfectant cure the disease? And he tasked the doctors to find out.

            The entire point of the criticism and ridicule is that it was a very, very stupid question. Does he really think that there is a magic bullet just waiting for his stable genius to point it out to medical science which has been fighting viruses for centuries? This is a serious crisis. We don’t need STUPID at the helm.

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      2. @Tabor


        So, the evidence is that your scratching around to somehow defend the babbling idiot was in vain so you pretend that the reaction to Trump is, What? Not rational? Just haters gotta hate?

        Well, you are wrong. Trump has earned every bit of opprobrium and ridicule coming his way and, along with him, his enablers have earned a historic shellacking in November.

        Competent leadership instead of the never-ending clown show would have made a very important difference in how this has gone. IMHO. Feel free to pretend to disagree.

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          1. @Tabor

            “Yes, that is what it is, Haters gotta hate.”

            I figured that you would pretend to disagree about the damage done by this odious clown. You always do, no matter who gets hurt or killed.

            I will state this as a fact. I “hate” Trump far, far less than you hate President Obama even though I have far more rational reasons to find him hateful.

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          2. Possibly true that I hate former President Obama as much as you hate President Trump, but you have never seen me descend into the childish insults you spew about Trump every day.

            If the Pilot had archived its comments you could go back and check and you would see that in every post, my first reference to him was by title and name, and only as Obama following that, and you never saw me call him juvenile names.

            Your hatred has driven any civility you might once have had away.

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          3. @Tabor

            Nice high horse you got there!

            Personally, I find spreading lies and slanders at every opportunity – as you have been doing vis a vis President Obama for ten years – far more uncivil than ANYTHING I have ever done to express my disdain for this odious jackass who is dragging our country down and killing people by the thousands. (Whoops, there I go again). I would add that any incivility that any of Trumps critics may indulge in pales in comparison to the incivility of what Trump uses his bully pulpit for just about every day.

            You frequently spread debunked “alternative facts.” I frequently call you out for that. Now really, which of us is being uncivil? Think about it.

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          4. Wow Murphy, I’d like to respond but I don’t know how. You attack Dr. Tabor for something he doesn’t do and then proceed accuse him of something of which you’re guilty. Seems to me you’re are a bit of a narcissist. What you accuse folks of are the same traits that you exhibit. I remember you from the Pilot days. You the man, ” I know what’s right and if anybody disagrees with me they are either wrong or stupid.”


      3. So far as I’m concerned you’re totally correct re: Trump cures.

        He shouldn’t be suggesting ANY cures ANY illnesses any more than you, me or any of the rest of the gang here.

        Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of his rambling, goofy nonsensical talks during the Covid-19 briefings. He needs to take his nap around the 5 PM hour each day and let the professional grown ups talk important stuff.

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