YouTube: Tucker: Are coronavirus lockdowns working?

Regretably omitted from this clip is Carlson’s follow on segment with John Ioannidis of Stanford, who also expressed the view that our coronavirus public policy is substantially time-lagged behind our reliable scientific knowledge concerning the disease. That is to say, we are making public policy on the basis of bad data, guesswork and political opportunism (my words).

If you care about civil liberties and constitutional rights, this should be concerning to you. If you care about social justice, it should be concerning to you, as well (after all, real fascism has a disparate impact on the weakest among us).

One thought on “YouTube: Tucker: Are coronavirus lockdowns working?

  1. Announcements of support by the president of the United States for an armed resistance movement in certain states with Democratic governors may be construed by the impressionable as White House approval and policy. #LIBERATE

    It is based in incomplete data, guesswork and certainly blatant political opportunism.

    So I can confidently grant you a vote of approval for that observation.

    (I wonder if Trump meant to tweet #LIBERACE. Another COFEVE moment, perhaps?)

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