NOW the debt is an issue?

It wasn’t an issue in 2017 when times were good. Now the GOP is complaining? SMH!

One thought on “NOW the debt is an issue?

  1. The conservative agenda is so full of hypocrisy it truly boggles the mind.

    For decades it has been borrow and spend with the supposed “disguised” agenda of destroying the safety nets of SS and Medicare. Trouble is, they never cut spending. Just keep borrowing.

    Obama inherited an almost destroyed economy, then was crucified for spending to rescue it. He ,passed on a steadily growing economy with reduced deficits (as he promised) and record employment gains. Trump and his cohorts in Congress screwed that all up in misguided efforts to pump the DOW. Sure it worked for a short while. But our economic status deteriorated because the deficit skyrocketed since the false projections about a “great GDP” never happened. Growth was better during Obama in most cases. The Republicans were just tossing bread to the “mob” and lining pockets of their wealthy donors.

    So now we are even worse off in handling an economic crisis. So, as is so predictable, the debt must be addressed. Strip the social safety nets. Never mind that they are the main reason we don’t have mass poverty among seniors.

    And jobs? Sure unemployment continued on the same Obama trend line. But wage growth was negligible. And the sad fact was that 42% of jobs still paid at or less than $15/hour. That is the new minimum wage in many blue states, most not effective for several more years.

    The virus is not the Republicans fault. (Its a plot by China…or some other looney crap among the right wing conspiracies.) But our economy was so focused on the DOW that we never looked at the weak foundation of low wage jobs and gig economics supporting it all. Not to mention the incredible reliance on illegal immigrant labor.

    Capitalism may be at risk. But not from the left. Rather the capitalists themselves.


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