The lying never stops.

Many of the favorite Trump-created lies repeated regularly by die-hard Trump apologists are debunked in this wide ranging article.

That we are being lead through this disaster by such a petty, ignorant self-aggrandizing and dishonest charlatan will play large in the history books. Teapot Dome, Watergate, Iran-Contra will all be forgotten but the reign of this TV Clown will be famous for centuries to come. For all the wrong reasons.

40 thoughts on “The lying never stops.

  1. It’s a real shame that under the worst crisis we have seen for 90 years we cannot rely on an honest president.

    Every one of those fact checks were so easy to verify. Does Trump think we are terminally stupid?

    I am so weary of his total lack of respect for our nation and its citizens. I guess his supporters think that these are good qualities.

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    1. The man lies about the lies he lied about…

      Trying to defend his lies or suggest they are not when they are so easily verified is an exercise in delusional thinking.

      I appreciate the fact I can hear him (as opposed to second hand information) state a bald faced lie and then hear him lie about the lie.

      Technology is a wonderful thing.

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      1. The lame defense from Trump supporters has been to not pay attention to what he says, but rather what he does.

        Of course, during a pandemic, this kills people.

        Both his words and actions.

        So now what are we supposed to do? Ignore him completely.

        We should. And have the media just do a single pool video and play it back between ads.

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  2. Indeed, the lying really doesn’t stop. A little context

    “On Jan. 30, the CDC confirmed publicly for the first time the person-to-person spread of Wuhan virus and applauded WHO’s decision. That day, the president created the White House Coronavirus Task Force to coordinate efforts regarding this new disease.

    The next day, Jan. 31, the president declared coronavirus a U.S. public health emergency and issued the ban on travel between the United States and China. On that same day, the Senate voted on the production of additional documents in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Campaigning in Iowa that day, Biden criticized President Trump’s China travel ban, saying during an Iowa campaign event, “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia.””

    As long as you keep grading Trump through the benefit of hindsight, you will always find fault.

    In hindsight, Trump should have banned travel from Europe and Canada the same day he did from China.

    But I will admit that I didn’t think that at the time. Applying hindsight to real time decisions is inherently dishonest.

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    1. Per your link:

      “ It is impossible to overestimate the number of American lives saved by that momentous decision by President Trump on January 31. ”

      Maybe if the “restriction” didn’t still allow 40,000 more travelers in from China with minimal screening we might have a point. Or the “European restriction” had included U.K., one the most infected nations.

      I would say overestimation is a given.

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        1. @Tabor

          “Again, you judge with 20/20 hindsight.”

          Baloney. It does not take hindsight to judge past decisions now that we know what Trump knew and when he knew it. I am certain that no scientific adviser told him that Chinese citizens carry the virus but citizens of other countries do not.

          We would not be discussing this if Trump were not polluting the airwaves with repeated fantastical LIES of how many hundreds of thousands of lives he saved with his porous China travel ban. Trump has turned the daily virus briefings into political events full of bragging, lies, ugly attacks and self-aggrandizement. The appropriate response to political lies is to push back with the truth.

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          1. Trump didn’t ban Chinese citizens, he banned travel from China. China is a place, not a nationality or a race, and it was where the virus was endemic.


          2. @Tabor

            “Trump didn’t ban Chinese citizens.”

            That is simply false.

            He did NOT ban travel from China. He banned travel from China by “aliens” from ALL of China (not just the Wuhan area). He carved out exceptions for American citizens and 11 exceptions for aliens that very few Chinese citizens could meet but which were broad enough to allow 40,000 possibly infected travelers into the country. This was a de facto ban on Chinese citizens. And too little too late.


            As he does on every subject, Trump has repeatedly lied about this so-called travel ban. Over and over again.


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    2. @Tabor

      You do not get to lecture anyone about being “dishonest.” If I had a dime for every “alternative fact” you have spread, I would have very nice little nest egg. Just in the last few days you have told us the Kennedy Center funneled stimulus money to the DNC and that Nancy Pelosi called Trump a racist over his pandemic policy. Neither was true. And now you give a partial quote out of context to spread the falsehood that Biden called the absolutely ineffective Chinese travel ban xenophobic when he was CLEARLY referring to Trump’s overall record and his public stance during the Ebola threat. Trump IS a Xenophobe and he has proved it in countless ways. Most recently with his middle of the night tweet about banning ALL immigration.

      Hindsight is not needed when he lies and lies every single day. About matters of life and death. And since we now know what Trump knew and when he knew it, we know that his policy was to lie and mislead the public.

      You and Trump and the Federalist keep pretending that he could not know how serious it was going to be. And yet Biden saw it clearly by January 27th and wrote about it in USA Today. And he did not have the advantage of regular virus briefings starting on January 3.

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  3. The AP Fact Checks a lot of things Trump never said.

    For example, Trump never said Obama messed up the testing for a virus that didn’t exist, he said he inherited a messed up FDA and CDC bureaucracy, which is most certainly true, though it is also true that the FDA and CDC were messed up when Obama inherited them.

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    1. “We inherited a lot of garbage,” Trump said. “We took, ah, they had tests that were no good, they had, all the stuff was no good. It came from somewhere, so whoever came up with it.”

      “Our stockpiles were empty,” he added. “We had horrible stockpiles, we had horrible ventilators, we had very few of them too … CDC had obsolete tests, old tests, broken tests, and a mess.”

      This is totally nonsensical. The CDC couldn’t have bad tests left over from the Obama administration, because the coronavirus test didn’t exist until this year. And the stockpile was far from empty — its problem was that it was poorly maintained, an issue that rests on the Trump administration’s shoulders.”

      “They had tests that were no good.” Pretty clear, don’t you think?

      I don’t think Trump was referring to STD tests. Or SAT tests. Or “test tickles” (Stormy said that…)

      I would say AP was on the money.

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      1. Actually, Trump’s comment is correct.

        While tests for corona virus did not exist during Obama’s term, the supporting items, like transport media and collection swabs which are the same for all virus samples, in the stockpile had aged out.


        1. Ok so the administration never bothered to check over 3 years.

          There is an entire Department, HHS, under which someone is responsible.

          There is more to being president than just flying to rallies and golf courses. Running the administration is part of that. Maintaining stockpiles. Understanding responsibility. You know, the simple stuff that just a phone call or a quick meeting could handle.

          I want it to be remembered that this administration didn’t bother to even check on our preparedness for the biggest threat we faced. A threat that has been known for decades.

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          1. @Tabor

            You keep saying Obama did nothing about the national stockpile. That, too is false. His budgets proposed increases. He could not get those budgets past the government and Obama haters controlling the Congress.

            Trump on the other hand, had a friendly Congress for his first two years and still did nothing. Even when the problem was surfaced by Democrats trying to increase the funding.

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        2. “… But it was OK that Obama…”

          Never said it was. I think we’ve had this discussion. He had requested funding but it was shot down in Congress.

          You bought a boat. Three years later it catches fire and the fire extinguishers were non-functional because they were old. Do you take responsibility or do you blame the guy who sold you the boat three years ago?

          So many times you blame median and low wage Americans for not taking responsibility and saving money first, then investing wisely, family later, etc. Planning and foresight. Like a good Libertarian.

          Yet you give a pass to a man who shirks his responsibilities to us and our nation.

          Well, it so happens that our “boat” caught fire when Trump was captain. Calling on Obama is not helping. Blaming WHO where we had lots of Americans on the board getting real time info is not helping. Blaming and insulting governors, attacking 3M or GM or Xi or my deceased mother is not solving the problem.

          As a nation we were not prepared. Trump has been our president for 3 years. He has out-tweeted, out-golfed, out-rallied, out-insulted anyone by a large margin.

          All well and good until we needed a real president in a real crisis.

          The value of this “hindsight” is to make sure that Americans know what really happened and is this man the right person to have as president when the poop hits the fan.

          I think most Americans know the answer. And so does the GOP. That is why it and it’s propaganda machine are fighting to rewrite history every single day.

          It is important to make sure they cannot.

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          1. Your analogy would be more accurate if you included that the previous owner of the boat had used the extinguishers and then put them back in their brackets so the new owner would not know they had been used on casual inspection.

            And no, there was no separate request for funds to replenish the stockpile from Obama. The funds were part of a budget busting omnibus bill that was subject to sequestration and across the board cuts by department. It was Obama who decided there was enough money remaining for free cell phones and other direct goodies but not for replacing the supplies he depleted.


          2. Your continued Obama bashing does absolutely nothing to support your defense of Trump. It is petty. It is childish. And it is O-L-D! If you wold look at Trump through the same lens at which you peer back not-so-lovingly at Obama, maybe, JUST maybe, you would see how baseless your continued defense of all things Trump is.

            But you won’t because Trump is doing everything in his power to do your bidding of destroying our governmental systems.

            Democracy and our democratic republic dies and the Libertarians cheer.

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          3. …”the previous owner of the boat had used the extinguishers and then put them back in their brackets so the new owner would not know they had been used on casual inspection.”

            Reality check! Even a casual observance of a fire extinguisher will indicate that it has been used or depleted. All you need to see is the gauge.


          4. Holding Obama responsible continues to provide a laugh and head shake.

            Since you’re using a silly boat analogy I suggest you apply the “Captain of the Ship” concept to the current situation.

            Something trump has zero concept of…

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          5. “Captain of the Ship”? That is too hard of analogy to understand. How about something a little closer to the resolute desk. “The Buck Stops Here”.

            Or has that changed to “The buck stops wherever I say it does, but NEVER here.”

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          6. @Tabor

            Is it really so hard to admit the obvious truth? Trump is an utter failure. There is simply no excuse for his incompetence and dishonesty. What is kind of sad is that you know that as well as any of his critics.

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          7. Len,

            I have been trying to email you on a forum issue, but I get failure to deliver messages.

            If your email has changed please email me with the new address


      2. @Tabor

        Actually Trump was correct?

        Okay, why did he not do anything about it? He has had THREE years not to mention two months of warnings that a pandemic was looming.

        You almost suffered head explosions every time President Obama mentioned the problems he inherited. Why so calm now?

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    1. @Jim

      Thanks for noticing.

      Anyone who is not disgusted by this jackass is a pretty sorry excuse for an American and even worse excuse for a human being. And I mean that most sincerely.

      Are you not disgusted with the constant lying, bragging, attacking, blame-shifting and pettiness that our President puts on display every day while people are dying by the thousands around us?

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        1. @Jim

          And it’s working?
          To accomplish what?

          To minimize the damage from the pandemic? No way to connect those dots.

          Get him a lot of negative press, maybe?
          His celebrity career and political success have been built on free publicity. Is that what he is accomplishing?

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        2. How is it working?

          Honestly, I can’t think of anything productive except the intimidation of his already ardent supporters in the political world.

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