Trump virus lies about Biden.

One of Trump’s current lies in defense of his desultory leadership during the pandemic is that Joe Biden did not take the threat seriously either. The link above is to an opinion piece published by Joe Biden IN JANUARY where he made it very clear the threat was real and that Trump was not the leader we would need. If Trump was a competent politician – let alone President – he would have reacted to that piece with strong action. But, of course, he did not because he is not.

9 thoughts on “Trump virus lies about Biden.

  1. Each day that Shit for Brains has a campaign rally at the WH he says something that goes into the Biden campaign mix.

    Today he informed the American people it was a good time to invest in oil.

    Fifty percent of American are worried about paying their rent and have enough food and this asshole is providing stock tips.

    What a complete fucking asshole….

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  2. RE: “Today he informed the American people it was a good time to invest in oil.”

    I heard him say it was a good time to top off the strategic reserves, which is true. Not sure where you got the impression he was giving investment advice.


      1. It is a good time to buy oil, if you are an oil buyer. But I can see how you ran into confusion, buying oil being indistinguishable from buying stocks, and all.


        1. Perhaps the oil buying comment was not an oil stock buying reference (unconvinced) but I’ll stick with the “Shit for Brains” and helping the Biden campaign on a daily basis.

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          1. Buying commodities (like oil) is not the same thing as buying stocks.

            That said, yesterday was perhaps the best time ever to buy oil, given that the price per barrel was negative. 😂


        2. Who are the “oil buyers” that Trump is addressing?

          When the advice is to “buy gold”, do people run out and get Krugerrands and stick them in a bag.

          No, they buy shares in the market.

          So when Trump suggests buying oil I don’t think he is suggesting you buy a few hundred gallons and store them in the garage.

          I know you regard Trumps words like the Oracle at Delphi and they are only understandable by a select priesthood that will explain the to the great unwashed.

          But sometimes a train going through a tunnel is just that.

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