WH: Guidelines, Opening Up America Again

Link to source.

Personally, I wish the plan was more aggressive, but I don’t pretend to know how to make it so. As always in our times the science is insufficient to the task at hand.

As it is, the “slow-and-cautious” crowd should be very pleased. So should those who want a definitive sense of direction. I expect the compulsive anti-Trumpers will find something to complain about; Joe Biden, for example, has already expressed his disdain.

But all in all, we needed a plan and now we have one. Next pandemic, let’s start by dismantling the CDC and FDA.

23 thoughts on “WH: Guidelines, Opening Up America Again

  1. You have fully demonstrated that you are too dense to appreciate the work being done to protect you.

    Luckily for you they will do so regardless…

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        1. @Roberts
          What is objectionable in your post?

          1. Referring to legitimate criticism of a floundering Trump as “compulsive.” That’s baloney.
          2. Mis-characterizing what Biden said about the plan. Disdain is not evident. Disappointment would be more accurate.

          3. As Biden points out it is not actually a plan as you claim.


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          1. @JTR

            Your use of the phrase “you people” speaks volumes as to your obvious “issues”.

            You may want to get that looked at…

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      1. @JTR

        OK: the fact you wrote it Is irrelevant, however, since you asked:

        “the science is insufficient“ you state the truth of the matter and then express your wish that the actions taken be “more aggressive”.

        I have wants and desires as well but will not take “aggressive” actions with potentially deadly repercussions with insufficient knowledge.

        In addition, you suggest dismantling the CDC which is asinine in the extreme. Yes, it is flawed and needs to be improved upon (as do ALL bureaucracies) but such proclamations demonstrate a naive and limited understanding of the need for an overarching source for medical knowledge, advice and direction.

        Finally, you attack those who favor science over “gut” or greed as being anti-trumpers when doing so is simply a reflection of having a mature and rational approach to problem solving.

        Since you asked…

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          1. ???

            It IS irrelevant that you (or anyone) posts a comment.

            It is the COMMENT that is addressed, which I did.

            If you seek agreement on a more consistent a basis I’d recommend (again) that you broaden your exposure to various inputs.

            Deciding that the NYT and WAPO are unworthy of your attention is an example of the problem.

            Do FOX, PJM and others, but try to find a balance to find true(er) realities.

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          2. @Roberts

            “What do you object to in the post, just the fact that I wrote it?”

            This is typical of the persecution complex that is common among Trump supporters. That is because that is how Trump sells. YOU are a victim. People are out to get you, steal from you, take advantage of you and ridicule you. It is very powerful stuff. That is how our lizard brain works.

            The reality is that it is what you post that generates negativity. Try sharing useful information from reliable sources, refrain from spreading “alternative facts” and think about what you are tempted to post before posting it. You may find quite a bit better response than you are accustomed to.

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          3. RE: “Try sharing useful information from reliable sources…”

            In this case I shared current federal policy from the White House. Do you mean to suggest that isn’t useful or a reliable source?


          4. RE: “It is the COMMENT that is addressed, which I did.”

            Right: “You have fully demonstrated that you are too dense to appreciate the work being done to protect you.”

            RE: “If you seek agreement on a more consistent a basis I’d recommend (again) that you broaden your exposure to various inputs.”

            I don’t seek agreement. If I did, nothing would be easier than to join your bubble. In that world, people seem to judge the value of information based on where it comes from, but I regard that as a common fallacy.


          5. @Roberts

            Re: “Sharing useful information from reliable sources”

            It would be far too easy to mock the current White House as a reliable source, so I will not do that. Even though it states that federal government policy is to stand back and let states take the lead while the leader of that federal government encourages #LIBERATE jackasses to run riot in those same states.

            But note, that you teed up this information with an insult. Nobody in your audience is “compulsive.” By any reasonable standard Trump invites strong criticism every day. How do you react to insults? And, as pointed out above, you included a inaccurate mis-characterization of the position taken by Vice President Biden. That too demeans your post.

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  2. Yes, better for you to be unarmed and unshielded. Unshielded by not having smart people protect you. Unarmed by not being smart enough to protect yourself.

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    1. Bayer, Labcorp, Giliead, Quest and Merck can protect me much better if the FDA simply got out of the way and the CDC stayed in its lane(which is NOT manufacture)


      1. You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll bet there’s less than 60 days of food left. Niece works for a major seed producer. They’re bought out. Their large corporate customers just bought it all. She’s got the greenhouses going full tilt boogie and as fast as they harvest the seeds, they’re gone. This can’t be good.

        Spam, none to be had.

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  3. While I don’t advocate for dismantling the CDC or FDA, they probably need a major process improvement. You are totally correct that left will incessantly complain no matter what. They claim it is Trumps fault the economy is in shambles but in the same breathe complain the shutdowns didn’t start soon enough. The shutdowns is what is killing the economy, duh.

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