Not surprised one bit

Mr. Trump tells the governors here is a framework to open back up and you can do it on your schedule. And less than 24 hours later, he undercuts the governors by appearing to agree with a minority of individuals who think they are immune to the virus. SMH.

Listen to the science. Look for the best way forward. Not every state has the same issues. But then again, cases are starting to spike in rural areas. You provided a plan and said go forth and execute it. But let the governors decide the best way forward for their respective state. (Or if they are coordinating regionally, as some are, states/regions.) Good Gravy, let the governors do their jobs. And support them as needed.

11 thoughts on “Not surprised one bit

  1. I’m not sure who Trump was referring to, but people who actually are immune, having had the disease and recovered, do not need to engage in social distancing.

    They do, however, need some way to prove they are immune. They could be very useful to the rest of us.


    1. You mean like serology testing that appears not to be happening anywhere yet?

      You really need to read a little bit of what is actually said. The #LIBERATE has nothing to do with actual immunity. It has to do with idiots who think they are immune to the virus without actual testing.

      The first NBAer who tested positive played with microphones at a press conference. Then he came down with the virus. 10 foot tall and bullet proof doesn’t exist unless you have been tested, either for the virus itself, or the serology tests showing immunity. And based on reports out of South Korea, having it once does not necessarily make you immune. (That is as anecdotal as hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for the symptoms of the disease. But lots of folks are hanging their hats on the anecdotes as antidote.)


      1. From what I have read, some people in South Korea have tested positive after recovering, but they have not become ill again and it is not known if they can spread it.

        In fact, one of the ways vaccines used to be made was to weaken a virus by passing it through an immune subject(usually a horse)

        But yes, many of those chaffing at the inconvenience of restrictions are simply confident that they are healthy enough that theirs will be one of the mild cases and if they kill a few people like me to avoid the inconvenience that’s OK.

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        1. Common ground for a change, I think.

          Other reports have shown that people are most likely to pass the virus on before becoming symptomatic. That is one of the problems with some of the criteria that has been used in determining who gets tested.

          And I will continue to do all in my power to keep you alive and kicking. I really don’t want Todd to be Administrator. 😉😈🦅


    2. @tabor

      Certainly what you say is true about being “actually immune” being useful (perhaps critical).

      The sooner we can both test and confirm such Individuals is extremely important.

      Maybe the Federal Government could come up with and implement a plan?

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    3. @Tabor

      You are not sure who Trump is referring to with his #LIBERATE tweets aimed at Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia? Why do I not believe that? Here is a hint. It aimed at protesting Tea Party jackasses in states where Democratic Governors are following the advice he issued YESTERDAY.

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      1. Personally, I cannot imagine a better way to restart the economy or to test the end of social distancing measures than tea party protests. Kinda like marching POWs through the minefield first.

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        1. It will be interesting to see if there is a spike in those states that citizens are holding “let me out” rallies, and if the data ties those spikes to those rallies. But will they believe it? Probably not. Science and data are anathema to Trumpettes.

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